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A közösség kimutatta érdeklődését e játék iránt. A Valve kapcsolatba lépett ezzel a fejlesztővel, hogy megkezdjék a Steames megjelenés irányába terelni a dolgokat.

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=^_^=RIVik=^_^= nov. 22. @ de. 11:23 
Игре дан зеленый свет, где же релиз?
vasf200 nov. 13. @ de. 5:14 
Director Bright would appreciated... heh
Tiffy nov. 10. @ du. 8:54 
Wolfen Shadow nov. 10. @ du. 4:27 
Man, this looked amazing. I was so excited about this. An RPG horror game, with furries, and the soundtrack was made by Fox Amoore! But the last comment or anything from them was all the way back in march... I do believe that this project is dead. F***!
Greed nov. 7. @ du. 6:16 
The simple fact that this may never come out makes me so damn sad. I was hoping that I'd be able to experience this seemingly brilliant piece of work, but at the rate they're at... The progress and updates are disheartening to say the least. They give updates so far apart that when they do say what they are doing, it feels like a bloody miracle. This was one game I was actually looking forward to. For the love of all of us, at least update us every month or so.
Kravv okt. 31. @ du. 6:38 
goddamit i wanna play this game so much...
dmwalker okt. 28. @ du. 1:51 
I want to play it so bad
monster cock okt. 27. @ du. 10:48 
i give it a 10/10
monster cock okt. 27. @ du. 10:48 
what an absolutely WICKED loooking game!!
Grim Peeper okt. 25. @ du. 4:23 
@Litagano Motspooks. Starfox was done well, and during a time when fables (or antropomorphic personifications/animals/whatever) were commonplace in games, because developers reasoned most games were for kids, not adults. Besides, I am no fan of Starfox either. Because, furries. I wouldn't mind if they actually had the features of the animal, like werewolves for instance, instead of just having dog ears and a dog tail and covered in fur, but otherwise has the body build and facial features of a human. It just looks creepy, and not in the good, scary way. Just. Ew.
[Furfagging Intensifies] okt. 25. @ du. 1:34 
>Furfag game
>rpg graphics
y u do dis
FireKid112 okt. 23. @ du. 6:02 
@CrackShot Maybe they all died.
Schmuddel okt. 10. @ du. 12:44 
How the fuck did this garbage get greenlit in the first place?
CrackShot okt. 5. @ du. 12:01 
I tried contacting two of the guys that are making this, and no reply. At all.

It may be that it simply never got recieved, or they are ignoring our pleas for some straight answers here.

Someone prove me wrong here.
12 more days and it is a year.
Lime wizard szept. 23. @ de. 9:46 
It'd be nice if devs could say a word about the state of the project. No videos, no huge announcements, just a few words. If they can't finish it or need to put it on hold for a while, it's fine. They didn't get much funds, so can't really blame them for that.
It's the complete silence that's the problem.
Vortex The Fox szept. 21. @ du. 3:40 
*****fox888pl44 szept. 17. @ de. 9:38 
I love what I've seen so far: great story idea, interesting graphics, music of my favorite composer... I'm so gonna buy it once it will be released. Please keep working on it!
Kirusa szept. 7. @ du. 4:14 
Would've been awesome.
milshare aug. 23. @ du. 4:18 
Darn, I really wanted this to get out there too.
Fox Eternal #'TisCold aug. 14. @ du. 10:05 
Looks dead alright
ThatRatGuy aug. 13. @ du. 2:53 
[TAW] Cocoa Krad júl. 14. @ de. 11:33 
So back in Feburary you siad you would be posting a update on how progress was going and such, its now five months later and we have yet to see anything. The community that made it possible for you to make the game by greenlighting it , is being let down by a developer that cant send update out in over 5 months...
Salveon júl. 13. @ du. 7:28 
I think this game is dead.
x24sonic júl. 13. @ du. 12:42 
This game looks unique and interesting, and I can't wait to see its release. Keep it up guys!
LG_Jargon júl. 1. @ de. 12:11 
Please keep working at it, guys. The game looks great and I'd love to buy it someday. Good luck!
Varenik ♂ jún. 30. @ de. 11:23 
русский перевод будет?
Kravv jún. 22. @ du. 5:24 
I like it, i would buy it.
[LLJK]Kotaru jún. 20. @ du. 4:04 
Why did I let you into my heart.. seriously not even an "Sorry we've been busy" sort of update... Really poor PR.
Fidchell jún. 8. @ du. 7:00 
You get greenlit and you don't give any updates for months? If I were greenlit I would be inspired to focus all my efforts instead of constantly making excuses for bad work ethic. Shame.
Tyrin-Glitch jún. 6. @ du. 7:44 
I think the main problem is most of us are just greenlighting an no one really donated, if you see the indigogo page you'll see what I mean
THE ASS MAN (maxerddbb) jún. 6. @ du. 1:33 
Salveon jún. 4. @ du. 1:59 
I'm thinking this looks pretty dead :(
That One Green Guy máj. 8. @ du. 8:22 
The Main Cat character looks like Milo from the "Prodigal Angel" comic. (Great Comic BTW.)

Looking forward to the games devolpment and the next Steam annoucement.
Ulvi Yuitza máj. 5. @ de. 9:30 
I really want this game
Katia ápr. 18. @ du. 11:20 
Looks promising enough, bout time that those RPG style games get me interested.
Ace Fawx ápr. 11. @ du. 10:32 
Another update would be appreciated.
Gilamex ápr. 10. @ de. 9:51 
Not quite a furry but i like these types of games. ^^
milshare ápr. 10. @ de. 1:40 
I wish this would come out already...
Cardinal Lord Holland ápr. 9. @ de. 10:15 
voted Thanks
★Bani = バニ☢ ápr. 3. @ de. 5:31 
i whant to play dis game =D
NoName márc. 31. @ du. 9:05 
I wish id be able to donate,. but idk how and it looks like the campaign ended, any other way i can donate?
Twilight Fallen márc. 31. @ de. 10:00 
I love cats too :3 nekos yum
NoName márc. 29. @ de. 8:21 
ArrickZane márc. 28. @ du. 11:04 
dont even care what its about, its going on my wishlist lol
(Elite)Viper_The_Wolf márc. 28. @ du. 10:22 
im actually creating a new book about scifi with furries, i think they really fit for together once u make an interesting story, but i soon wish to make this book go true and make a game of it myself
(Elite)Viper_The_Wolf márc. 28. @ du. 10:19 
NoName márc. 28. @ du. 9:49 
Yay furries <3
♫AtípicoAgente♫ márc. 19. @ de. 8:56 
Very good!!!
dotydude89 márc. 5. @ du. 8:03 
An actual good looking Furry game MADE by furries. This looks VERY promising