Portal 2
THE CORE: RELOADED 4 - Deadly Intermezzo
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SkinnyBowser 2015年12月7日下午12:56 
Petutski 2014年5月24日上午8:50 
Cool concepts!
oldguy 2014年4月19日下午5:01 
That was a lot of fun Keep up the good work
Nox Deleo 2013年8月22日上午9:36 
The turret bowling was a bit hit and miss , but otherwise fantastic.
Metzger Ben | GER 2013年8月21日上午11:01 
Ravenscaur 2013年7月28日下午5:47 
I loved it! The maze bit was great!
Truffleh0g 2013年7月10日下午10:08 
Great test, but what did the sphere say?
dualeye 2013年6月4日上午6:11 
I Got it, I thought the workshop probably had the trouble, I would ask steam support about this. Thanks.
CosmicD  [作者] 2013年6月3日上午8:50 
i've got no problems with it... I will have to investigate if there's anything I can do to verify it. But i'm getting a steady stream of votes on the item so....
dualeye 2013年6月3日上午8:05 
I subscribe this, but shown "An error occured while downloading this map", can't play. Uploaded file is right, not broken?
Stric_Matic 2013年3月10日上午10:10 
Only the second time I've seen this sort of maze element used in P2... good idea
ebaleytherogue 2013年2月25日下午7:03 
The end game was clever, and the rest of it was fun. Very nice.
mikemoody 2013年2月1日下午3:59 
Wow that was so different, I've never saw a map like that. It was fun and exciting to bowl the turrents down, and to do the maze with the ball. Keep up the different work. Thumbs up...
DrFauli 2013年1月18日上午9:21 
haha, awesome map - great idea! love it!!
Svallo 2013年1月15日下午2:06 
Wow....! You are a Boss... :-D

Would somebody try mine...?
BabyCharmander 2013年1月13日下午4:54 
Took a second to figure out how to bowl over the turrets, but that was actually pretty cool! I liked the maze and GLaDOS's lines. "Nononono, this test isn't dangerous at all..."
Mr Fraggle (UK) 2013年1月13日上午4:47 
Impressive,not sure I liked it but it certainly looked good.
Chirpy 2013年1月13日上午4:02 
Very original.
Pilchardo 2013年1月13日上午3:19 
Undeniably cool.
tocguy 2013年1月12日下午9:53 
Ingenius designs. Lovin the series!
mobbr 2013年1月12日下午9:11 
Turret bowling FTW
JudgeRobot 2013年1月12日下午5:26 
Grandmaster Adobe Flash trade.tf 2013年1月12日上午5:24 
the danger in the maze isnt an illusion, i died multiple times that part due to the floor moving to slowly, still a great map though.
daloboy 2013年1月11日下午10:31 
Wow! What a look! Nice bowling too!
Please try one of mine and comment! Thanks.
Cassbloop 2013年1月11日下午8:32 
i couldnt get past the first part :|
CosmicD  [作者] 2013年1月11日上午1:35 
try the bonus map that's coming today :) :P
Shazayum 2013年1月10日下午4:13 
Meh, thought it was too easy.
My_Dog 2013年1月10日下午1:45 
epic map! thank you!
CosmicD  [作者] 2013年1月10日上午10:28 
correct, it wouldn't be possible to do the maze stuff and other interactive stuff with the ball like the diversity vent, although you have a mod for the puzzle editor to add diversity vents but it's not standard anyway.
Gartral the Mystic Kitsune 2013年1月10日上午4:04 
very nicely done. I assume you had to use Hammer for this?
Fiiniishh 2013年1月10日上午2:08 
Very very nice. Pan's Labyrinth even smiled
polarpal99 2013年1月9日下午5:36 
Moderately difficult, but highly creative. At first, I didn't understand that the SPHERE traverses the maze (and that drove me NUTS). "Drag the core" verbiage messed me up. No Wheatly ball here! :-)
'Cyberization' 2013年1月9日下午5:22 
Whoa, how do you get an in-game screenshot like that for the picture?
EvilHeavy™ 2013年1月9日下午5:03 
Loved it!
Akion 2013年1月9日上午10:08 
Part4 is very good, this is I think the best one from the 4 yet.
AwEsOmE BeAr 2013年1月9日上午1:27 
very very interesting and quike difficult
CosmicD  [作者] 2013年1月9日上午12:01 
Great that you had liked it all. This was an (unexpected) triumph
sadubone 2013年1月8日下午11:56 
Had a ball playing that one. thanks!
Fallugaloog 2013年1月8日下午7:00 
I loved the initial turret elimination method, and the whol concept of the ball-underneath-maze-thing. Well done!
TAS 2013年1月8日上午8:07 
Карта с уклоном на TRON круто!
Raziel The Corpse 2013年1月8日上午1:29 
That was interesting, I really enjoyed that. Something soothing about turrets going through the emancipation fields, screaming....
Mc Rib 2013年1月7日下午9:09 
ur pretty
Phrendon 2013年1月7日下午2:39 
took me all day to get this, but finally figured how to beat the turrets
CosmicD  [作者] 2013年1月7日下午2:07 
There's a whole trigger mechanic going on behind the scenes to make this happen. The physics of the panels are sometimes messy if you run too fast. Maybe I should add some playerclip func_brushes into the mix to make it totally solid. I'll see about that when I finish all the maps and do a polish phase.
Lolsama 2013年1月7日下午1:22 
good map , however: the maze with the glass plates moving is a bit slow/buggy had a number of times that it opend to slow or closed on me, making me fall down in the water
ZiggZagg 2013年1月7日下午12:39 
Great work so far! I wouldn't put too many more hints in. The challenge is the fun part. :)
MR_R3TR0MAN 2013年1月7日上午8:59 
Cool test man please can you GUYS try mine and another from my collection http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=118741921
CosmicD  [作者] 2013年1月7日上午5:56 
The signage should make it clear what to do, but there always can be more hints. More glados lines isn't that simple though. There's a small chance that I ask my team's voice actress who did "GLaDOS" for a few more lines to make things clear (in a gladossian way), but if that's going to happen it's going to be in the final "polish" stage of the campaign.
ZAEROS 2013年1月7日上午5:15 
New uses for items? Took me a while to understand but good fun. Thank you.
CosmicD  [作者] 2013年1月7日上午2:24 
Yeah I need to see if I can cure the physics problem there. I think i'm gonna replace that glass with the "modern" brushwork we use in the intrio, hopefully that will solve the left turret stumbling and being in a half fallen state.