Marriable Serana
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SMoG_WS Nov 24 @ 12:00am 
I did everything in the check list and i got the message saying i can propose, but when i go to ask her to marry me i get the same three options. I am wearing the amulet and I tried talking to maramel or however you spell his name, and still nothing. Please help, thanks
xBeAsThUnTeRx Nov 19 @ 12:14pm 
i caqnt download the mod it say file error 16
Shy Guy(5) Nov 19 @ 9:14am 
Or heard of anyone saying the same thing?
Shy Guy(5) Nov 19 @ 9:14am 
Is there going to be problems where Serana doesnt wanna follow you anymore?
Halit Nov 13 @ 12:19am 
well, i m still trying to move from solitude to honeyside but i cant.
ksepulchre Nov 12 @ 12:56am 
It takes a lot of work (read: great adventuring!) to finish Dawnguard and get her Mom back to the castle. But when you do and then ask her what's on her mind she makes it all worthwhile (even if it had not beed so much fun... but it was) when she says, "Tell me you love me, Honey!" instead of the usual lines you get in the courting exchange. She's strong, she has realistic feelings, she's funny at times, has a sharp wit and can be sassy and to me she never sounds like an automaton.
Whoever worked on this character - Bravo! And thanks a miliion to CoderMonkey for making her marriagable. Yes, it takes some time and effort to get there. But hey, if it didn't do that you'd want your money back!
CoderMonkey  [author] Nov 9 @ 1:34pm 
How did you set her home? Did you use the dialogue in my mod or another mod?
My mod uses the Dawnguard scripts that are used to set Serana's home at the various points in the Dawnguard questline. Serana is not like other NPC's and if you used another mod then you would have two home markers for Serana, the Dawnguard one and the one from an external 3rd party mod which is fine for almost an other NPC but just confuses Serana. This makes Serana wander back and forwards between the two markers and sometimes she will vanish completely.
anpuhotep Nov 9 @ 8:48am 
Excuse me, but is there a reason Serana never stays at home? I don't know if she's going off to Fort Dawnguard or whatever, but everytime I try to have Lydia as my follower, she leaves. It's very distressing.
mshithead Nov 7 @ 6:04am 
Still works great though. I can talk to my new wife during the reception and she still asks me where we are going to live. Then i wait about an hour or 8 and everybody is gone imcluding her (in the home i pointed for us). But indeed the expanded stuff he wanted to add indeed doesn't work. A shame though. btw there's another one but that doesn't really fit in the lore tbh.
pwn1ng n00bz Oct 29 @ 9:46pm 
Works perfectly. Thank you! Now I'm a happy lesbian vampire.
For everyone having issues, you have to make sure you've gone back to the Soul Cairn and talked to Valerica, and once she is back home, you can speak with Serana about marriage.
Boomer Oct 25 @ 1:15pm 
Uh, for me the door I need to go to is blocked by fallen rubble?
usafirefly Oct 23 @ 8:42am 
Didn't offer marriage so unsubscribing.
hhyuk Oct 21 @ 2:07pm 
Is this compatible with "Better vampires by Brehanin"?
Kelena Oct 21 @ 2:08am 
I have completed downguard (aka killed Harkon) and everything, Serana follows me, but every time I talk to her I can just get the blood arrows, no such thing as interested :/. help please?
Lizzi'sBow Oct 20 @ 6:46pm 
i subscribed to both this and hearthfires.
Lizzi'sBow Oct 20 @ 6:45pm 
After she says, tell me that you love me the upper left hand corner says she is amenable to a proposal but no dialogue appears to propose to her. just the same three options as always
GoldenDragon Oct 18 @ 2:40pm 
Help, the wedding cermony wont work, every time i enter the tempel everyone acts like theres an enemy nearby and the marriage quest fails, what do i do!?
GoldenDragon Oct 17 @ 11:10pm 
Awesome, got Dawnguard yesterday (i live in Sweden, damn frozen wasteland, but the chicks are nice) so i´m totally downloading this!
icewall Oct 12 @ 9:10am 
hm dont works for me :/ modded a lot and dont know if it just kolides with another mod or if i made something wrong. I killed Harkon and her mother is also already back in her Lab. I made the mara quest, equipped her amulet and already found alot who wants to marry me. But the new dialog with serana is not shown. i can choose between the Arrows, to trade with her and to get rid of her. Any idear how to fix it?
Lakorette Oct 8 @ 3:22am 
And also, can I translate text of dialogue for myself, without publishing anywhere? I know how to do this, and if you allows to do this, I'll be happy)). I think that I can't edit HF version because of miltiple master-files? I'm sorry if I'm too tired.
Lakorette Oct 8 @ 3:09am 
Ok, I understand. Thanks again.
CoderMonkey  [author] Oct 8 @ 2:25am 
@Polinka:3 - Sorry, the dialogue audio was created from sampling bits of her existing voice together and I only have access to the engilsh voice files.
Lakorette Oct 7 @ 8:37am 
Hi, I just want to ask you one thing. Is it possible to make her sound on game's language, or you anyway must create file with english sounds? I asked about that because she talk one thing on two different languges. I can understand all she said but it is a little annoying. Sorry for me english pls... Also thanks for this mod.
Zargala Oct 6 @ 12:14am 
FishBoneZ™ Oct 4 @ 8:30am 
I`ve the problem that after the question "do you have something on your mind serana" .. nothing happens .. help me pls :/ ( I waer the amulet of Mara and brought her mother back to skyrim )
.::ParДsitE::. Sep 30 @ 2:54am 
Thank you. Eventhough she wont live with me at Windstad Manor, im just happy with the fact that she is mine. 99% of the male players fell in love with this character and that is probably the reason why all of the people who played Dawnguard feel that they could have done more with the NPC's. Would have been awesome if you had to get the Mother-in-law's Blessing with some sort of quest and fix up the Castle together.
p.sobczak86 Sep 26 @ 5:18pm 
Thanks man, I really appreciate the helpful response.
just to be clear though, I was not trying to hate on the mod in any way, i have just ever encountered this bug before and therefor assumed it would be connected to the mod.
Anyway, thanks again for the advice and of course for the great mod.
CoderMonkey  [author] Sep 26 @ 5:21am 
@OnlineVirus - Yes, providng you don't run into generic Dawnguard AI bugs. Serana's AI is different from other NPC's designed specifically for the Dawnguard questline using forced follow and dismiss functions that tends to get stuck sometimes after the storyline has ended.
CoderMonkey  [author] Sep 26 @ 5:15am 
@p.sobczak86 - That's a know bug with Serana and is unrelated to the mod. It's caused by her follower AI getting stuck in follow even though she has been dismissed. I'm looking at ways to create a work around automatically. Here's a link to manually resolve using console If you can't work out the fix it's simply a matter of opening console and typing:
sqv DLC1NPCMentalModel
Then checking CanFollow_var = True / IsFollowing_var = True / IsWaiting_var = True / TurnOffComeWithMe_var = False / LockedIn_var = False

Usually the value that's wrong after she's been dismissed and not showing the follow me again dialogue is LockedIn_var and it can be fixed with:
setpqv DLC1NPCMentalModel LockedIn_var False
OnlineVirus Sep 25 @ 3:32pm 
Hi I just want to ask that if I marry Serana can I still take her with me as follower?
p.sobczak86 Sep 25 @ 8:11am 
the "do you have something on your mind, serana" option is, however, available...i have just not used it yet. thought this to be also important
p.sobczak86 Sep 25 @ 8:09am 
Continued from post below:
help" option was not available any longer.
- I have reloade a save prior to releasing her in fort dawnguard, released her and tried to make her follow me again, only to discover the option to be unaivailable (same goes for "wait here", once ordered, she can not be ordered to follow me again)

I have NOT yet initiated the "do you have something on your mind serana" dialogue. i only freed valerica and that was it.

i read through various comments here and on nexus and so far nobody seems to have a fix for this problem. help would be really appreciated.

sorry for my english, it is not my native tongue.
p.sobczak86 Sep 25 @ 8:07am 
It seems I came across a problem other do not have, mainly because everyone already proposed to her before they encountered it.
So here's my problem:
- I have finished the dawnguard questline and sided with the dawnguard
- I have dismissed serana for a time and picked her back up at fort dawnguard at a liter time
- I have travelled back to the soul cairn (with serana as follower) and freed valerica
- valerica is back at the castle and has told me to feel free to take any potions i needed
- I have traveled and have done some quests with serana before returning to fort dawnguard.
- I have once again dismissed her to do some quests, i felt she would feel out of place in
- I have returned to Fort Dawnguard to pick serana up again, but the "follow me, i need your

Professor Wumbo Sep 21 @ 4:58pm 
Ok. Everything works, but when i go to my ceremony, some vampire attacks me, and the quest says Failed. Then Serana won't talk to me. Why is this happening?
O Carinha que mora logo ali Sep 21 @ 9:59am 
e said to Valerica return but she still on Soul Cairn,i have AFT installed,they are compatible?
May05 Sep 21 @ 6:41am 
ozz The Marriage prompt requires wearing the 'Amulet of Mara' after talking to Marmal about marriage and you can't already be married

Thx, it works.
ozz Sep 18 @ 6:36pm 
i have mod she says tell me you love em but not marry options come up
TheDestroyer Sep 18 @ 7:27am 
Lol,bethesda wanted to tease us with the fact that we cant marry her. That scene in the main dawnguard quest when we fall over? "Come on,I know we can do this" *wiggles eyebrows* I've been waiting for this. and then she pulls us up and we beat up that loser. And then.... I try to marry her and she's like....I don't think that's us. GUN MOUTH BAM!
Pulchin the Dragonborn Sep 18 @ 3:51am 
Hi , I have problem . I installed this mod and it worked fine . But then I uninstalled it and I am still somehow married with Serana. I used every comand for divorce but it doesnt work. When I have equiped amulet of Mara people tell me something like that : ,, Wow , you are not married , blablabla ,, but i dont have option to marry them. Help please. (Sorry for my terrible English)
Ethan .S. Sep 17 @ 8:31pm 
uh, make it so that she DOESNT give you a home cooked meal, i mean come on, when do vampires cook? the just bloodily eat. ANDget rid of the merchant thing, vampires sill SELDOME EVER start doing that, being a bloody merchant
Metalcrusher 258 Sep 14 @ 1:52pm 
So, I married her but for some reason I can't tell her to go to breezehome. The mod works fine and all (thank you for this by the way) but I have to tell her to wait so she will stay at breezehome. If I tell her that I want to part ways she goes and wanders off somewhere else. Did I do something wrong? Please tell me.
Janus Sep 14 @ 9:12am 
What's the outfit Serana's wearing in the screenshot??
dmsscottivo Sep 14 @ 2:24am 
i ask serana to marry me, we are at the church but the game won't let us get marrried. I did get the summon serana spell but why won't it marry us?
Blazedoom Sep 8 @ 5:42pm 
I have an issue. The ceremony went well and all but, all get after the ceremony from her is: "After all we've been trough and now this ?" Or something like that, please help!
Taken8 Sep 1 @ 9:33pm 
@CoderMonkey What do I do if Valerica doesnt leave after i tell her Harkon is dead?
I lost Track Of Serana when I sent her to live at Jorrvaskr
CoderMonkey  [author] Aug 22 @ 6:11am 
@Nikolai - Ensure you have covered the section in the description under Important. A lot of people forget to speak to Maramal in Riften about Mara and how marriage works in Skyrim. The line you are not getting is the Vanilla marriage dialogue.
Rallen Aug 20 @ 10:31pm 
@Nikolai, I have the same problem, hopefully somebody knows what to do
Nikolai Aug 20 @ 6:50am 
i have a problem: after talking to serana (wearing the mara amulet), i can't do anything else. in the left corner of my screen appears "serena amiable to a proposal" but then i can't talk her about the marriage anymore. what can i do?
carlislecullenfan Aug 14 @ 10:47am 
I killed Harkon, I spoke to Valerica about him dead and she is not leaving. I did it before with another character and it worked out fine. I tried again on 2 other characters and the dialogue will not appear and Valerica won't move from her place... What can I do?