Marriable Serana
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webmasterblast Apr 28 @ 10:48am 
Would same gender marriage work? with this?
NeroSama Apr 26 @ 9:33pm 
i get the first set of dialogue but thats it. can anyone please help?
xX☠_Dealmaker_☠Xx Apr 26 @ 10:01am 
Nice mod, I kinda had to hold in my laughter when she said "Tell me ya love me honey"
sethtyleroquinn Apr 10 @ 6:26pm 
does this require hearthfire?
3mcboysaz Apr 10 @ 4:53pm 
is there any dialogue problems?
The Living Shadow Apr 7 @ 1:31pm 
valerica wont leave the soul cairn can some one help me out?
lordmandrake2000 Apr 7 @ 10:48am 
Worked perfectly for me, occasionaly have to use the summon for her when she gets "lost" but that is no big deal
TheDoctorWho2015 Apr 1 @ 2:59pm 
I'm not able to even get her mother out of the soul cairn... any suggestions?
yoruguacomics Mar 18 @ 5:28pm 
buen mod pero hay alguna traduccion al español???
HUSTLE HARD FLAVA Mar 16 @ 7:44am 
translated into Russian please
DrTomT18 Mar 15 @ 10:47pm 
Is this mod no longer being updated?
dom.firenice.rob Mar 15 @ 12:59pm 
i completed the whole quest line aaand brought her mother home already.....why doesnt the mod work? i got both but her dialoge still hasnt changed, i talked to the guy about marrage, got the amulet, put it on and everything, but nothing is changed
masonalex86 Mar 11 @ 6:11pm 
i have a problem everytime that i kill harkon and the tell serna's mother she never goes back to the castle idk what to do
Little Kid Lover Mar 10 @ 3:49pm 
I also did had some problems when after "tell me ya love me" nothing happens, but i visited temple of Mara in riften, talked with Marmal there about marriage, then bought amulet of mara, equiped it, and everything went well, i got married, and i chose to live in solitude everything is good, Great mod 10/10
CptFox Mar 9 @ 2:11pm 
Down-Voted and reported as broken. It hasn't been updated in ages and wont work for almost everyone I know who plays Skyrim. To me, it glitches/bugs at the part after the ceremony where you have to talk to Serana about a place to live in (no matter what you choose she does nothing) so I lost Serana as a follower entirely. She just stays at the Mara temple forever, without following me even if I ask her to. I am lucky I managed to get to the wedding part, others can't even make her pop-up the dialogue of marriage. Don't download!
BattleCry1233 Mar 5 @ 9:03pm 
didnt work i asked "do you have something on your mind" and that was it nothin eles happend no new dialoge or anything. it made me really sad bcuz she is like the most desirable girl in the game :(
Reaper Mar 5 @ 4:55am 
my just said "tell me you love me" and nothing after. what do i do? it's it bugged/broken? how do i fix this?
apreneta0708 Mar 4 @ 1:00pm 
So i married serana, and after the wedding i talk to her and say "i want to live with you" or something of that nature, and then she says "ill meet you back home" does this mean my home (which is a mod) is now her home? or is there something else I need to do? and if it is her home now, how do i get her to stay there and not follow me all the time?
coma-toast Mar 1 @ 10:48am 
Everything is fine up to the point of the ceremony. I can get Marmal to perform the ceremony but when it comes time to get married Marmal and Serana just stand at the alter. The little cutscene for Marmal talking does not start.
billnopus Feb 28 @ 12:55pm 
Any timetable on implementing children moving to new home with serana? Mod is great but kinda kills any fun in adopting children if they won't move with serana.
Anonymous Feb 22 @ 12:00pm 
Can she be in the self made houses yet ?
Corosi Feb 18 @ 8:25pm 
talked to maramal and valerica is in the castle. still not getting the prompt
LowFatMilk Feb 16 @ 9:39am 

See the section of this page labelled 'curing Serana's vampirism'
Anonymous Feb 14 @ 5:18pm 
after she says say u love me honey wat do u do
ChAoTic_MaYhEm Feb 6 @ 10:17pm 
@lewis. Well in my opinion it's one of those unexpected moments that Serana does given her nature.
lewis Feb 3 @ 9:47am 
why does she only say say u love me honey
thewrongbrother2 Feb 2 @ 8:23pm 
You have to talk to the wizard in Morthal, he is the guy everyone complains about. If that did't help I'm sorry I'm not exactly an amazing describer.
Brother_Hank Feb 2 @ 8:49am 
Not that this is related to the mod nut any idea how to cure her of vampirism? It won't let me.
Jim Lahey Feb 1 @ 10:42pm 
nice, sounds awesome. just getting back into it myself and realized i needed to find a way to marry serana lol. sweet mod dude
CoderMonkey  [author] Feb 1 @ 10:35pm 
I'm just getting back into playing skyrim now and starting to set it properly. Once I've done that I will look to finishing the next update I was doing last year which combines hearthfires into the main mod and resolves that issue and along with a few others.
CoderMonkey  [author] Feb 1 @ 10:33pm 
At end of the wedding it won't come up. But if you talk to her again and discuss where you will live after that it should.
Jim Lahey Feb 1 @ 10:32pm 
one thing, how can we live in lakeview manor? theres no option for that
Jim Lahey Feb 1 @ 10:26pm 
i got it. nvm. i walked passed seranas mother on the steps out of the cairn without talking to her. my bad. thanks
Jim Lahey Feb 1 @ 10:18pm 
yes. i had already done this, then installed the mod.
CoderMonkey  [author] Feb 1 @ 9:55pm 
Have you killed Harkon and finished Dawnguard then returned to the Soul Cairn and talked to Serana's Mother and told her that it's safe to return? That's the trigger to allow you to marry.
Jim Lahey Feb 1 @ 9:34pm 
this doesnt work for me. i was married to aela the huntress, divorced via cosole commands. i can proceed to marry the other characters in the game as normal but not serana. there is no dialouge options with her other than to trade things, part ways and one other one i cant think of. why is this happeneing? help wpuld be appreciated
thewrongbrother2 Jan 30 @ 6:31pm 
.D. my hopes and dreams are now complete. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Calaeron Jan 29 @ 7:45am 
i don't have new dialogue option..
Nreggs Jan 27 @ 7:53am 
It worked just fine for me
[BᴱTA] Dude™ Jan 20 @ 7:57am 
can she be a follower
Tilian. Jan 16 @ 7:31pm 
Does this still work?
Khan Jan 7 @ 8:44pm 
Already talked to Maramal and told Valerica she could return. Not getting that dialogue option. [2]
Shayde Praxis Jan 7 @ 2:41am 
If i wanted to unmarry Serana, do I simply remove the mod? I want to marry someone else, as Serana is being a pain in my ass.

-note- I did try to remove the mod and ask someone else to marry me and it didnt work.

Tips/ Ideas? Answers?
MIC Jan 6 @ 3:57am 
No, it doesn´t work if you turn Serana human before, i´ve tried it as well. But you can turn her human after you married her in her vampire state.
Just type the followin into the console: setstage DLC1SeranaCureSelfQuest 10

Ater 2-3 days, she shows up in her human form, depending on which home location you´ve chosed before, i have choosen Fort Dawnguard.
FожTнёHцптєґ Jan 5 @ 9:30am 
Got the dialouge but after asking nothing happens
[FIGMO]GeneralJulinator Jan 5 @ 5:53am 
Got a real Problem EVERY time i made the Marriage the ceremony won't start then at 10:00PM at the weddingday the Quest failed i wear the amulet and made a perfect vanilla wedding but it won't work pls help
beatlelover1017 Jan 4 @ 2:21pm 
Already talked to Maramal and told Valerica she could return. Not getting that dialogue option.
Molag Bal Jan 2 @ 8:49pm 
Bae-kin Jan 2 @ 5:59pm 
subbed to this faster than the four fundamental forces were released from the big bang
Lena Jan 2 @ 3:53am 
can I marry her after she is turned into human? becuase I tried and nothing happens. I know this mod works because I did dawnguard AND Harkon's route and in both cases I was able to marry serana, but now I asked her to turned human and can't