Marriable Serana
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CoderMonkey  [author] Aug 22 @ 6:11am 
@Nikolai - Ensure you have covered the section in the description under Important. A lot of people forget to speak to Maramal in Riften about Mara and how marriage works in Skyrim. The line you are not getting is the Vanilla marriage dialogue.
Rallen Aug 20 @ 10:31pm 
@Nikolai, I have the same problem, hopefully somebody knows what to do
Nikolai Aug 20 @ 6:50am 
i have a problem: after talking to serana (wearing the mara amulet), i can't do anything else. in the left corner of my screen appears "serena amiable to a proposal" but then i can't talk her about the marriage anymore. what can i do?
carlislecullenfan Aug 14 @ 10:47am 
I killed Harkon, I spoke to Valerica about him dead and she is not leaving. I did it before with another character and it worked out fine. I tried again on 2 other characters and the dialogue will not appear and Valerica won't move from her place... What can I do?
cycloner23 Aug 11 @ 3:05pm 
I altready beat the quest before downloading this mod the new diologe does not pop up what do I do
Rammsestein Aug 10 @ 8:16am 
Or share that mod in here :D
Rammsestein Aug 10 @ 8:16am 
Make this mod!!!!!
(The mod you should make is in the end of that video) XD So funny
I'm having a problem where the Wedding ceremony never commences. Yet People in the temple congrulate me on it and I get the summon serana Spell. something is going on.
sromshek Aug 8 @ 9:14pm 
I love this. anyway you could work on increasing random dialogue with her aswell to keep it feeling more real?
CoderMonkey  [author] Aug 5 @ 6:29am 
@eowilliams2 - Yeah I thought about doing it for when your a vampire regardless of side then thought what about if Serana is cured or not. Then though I'm spending way too much time screwing with this crap and moved on.
eowilliams2 Aug 5 @ 4:08am 
I know this is probably annoying to account for, but what if you're a vampire that went Dawnguard?
CoderMonkey  [author] Aug 5 @ 2:59am 
@eowilliams2 - That's already been implemented in the update i've been working on slowly over the last year. She provides the meal dependant on the faction side choosen, blood potion on the volkihar side and normal home cooked on the dawnguard side.
Saint777 Aug 4 @ 7:11pm 
Haha thanks buddy
CoderMonkey  [author] Aug 4 @ 7:09pm 
@Saint777 - It's clearly has more to do with the undead. :)
Saint777 Aug 4 @ 2:46pm 
Is this mod dead or are you still working on it? Great mod by the way.
athesentinal Aug 3 @ 11:19am 
It always bugged me that you could not marry her, especially as her interatctions with the Dragonborn border on romantic. Thanks for this mod.

Kurt Rhinehart.
mrjmaster Jul 31 @ 2:35am 
I'm trying to figure out how to marry Serana. I found this mod, but this was well after I beat the quest and defeated Harkon. Can I still marry Serana?
DiGiTaL CLeaNeR Jul 30 @ 12:13pm 
By the way codermonkey, I love this mod! Great work.
DiGiTaL CLeaNeR Jul 30 @ 11:57am 
Marriable Serana mod does indeed work fine with Castle Volkihar Redux mod simply by putting Marriable Serana mod last in the load list. You can read the full description here and even see pictures of it working with my own test:

Note the following:
In the "Directions" section above it says "(you must leave the soul cairn via the proper exit after talking to her else she will not return)".

Also worth noting that it takes Valerica 7 - 14 days to return to Castle Volkihar. Directions on how to speed up time are included in the above link.
CF Jul 30 @ 7:05am 
Nope did not work.
CF Jul 30 @ 6:31am 
Thanks I will try that.
CoderMonkey  [author] Jul 30 @ 12:16am 
@CF - If you have left the soul cairn after telling Valerica that Harkon is dead and she hasn't popped up in her lab then open console and type "setstage DLC1VQ05Post 20" then exit the cell and re-enter and she should appear along with the prompt when talking to Serana.
CF Jul 30 @ 12:06am 
My issue is that Valerica wont leave the soul cairn. I have killed Harkon, after I talk to her she just stands there. It is frustrating because that is what triggers this mod. I am unsure if it is the Castle Valkihar Redux mod or this one. Any answers?
The Boss Jul 29 @ 12:42pm 
wait never mind I didnt have the main mod i will try again with it
The Boss Jul 29 @ 12:41pm 
hey I fixed the sanctum problem from last year and now when I ask her "do you have something on your mind Serana?" she says "tell me ya love me honey" then the coversation ends and I don't know what could be causing it
Jacop#Isack"" Jul 27 @ 7:33am 
why after i installed this mod she alway wearing hood whether indoor or outdoor
I'm really not sure why this wasn't in the vanilla DLC. The bond between Serana and The Dragonborn was incredibly close and Bethesda should of summed it up by letting you marry her. That being said, I'm glad you made this mod.
kurtiswazz Jul 25 @ 9:59pm 
so i brought back valerica and shes in the castle then i talked to serana and asked if theres anything on her mind and she said "tell me you love me honey" and after that in the top left it said she is suitable for marriage but then there is no dialaugue option for marrying her and im wearing the mara amulet and im single so i dont know whats wrong can someone please help me fix this problem
gc. zero557 Jul 25 @ 9:07pm 
I own LAkeview Manor and live there, but the option to move there with ehr doesn't come up in the dialouge. Is this a bug or just not a feature yet?
Telemachus Jul 25 @ 6:46pm 
my game keeps crashing when i start it because of this mod any ideas on how to fix?
Senpai the Black Science Man Jul 25 @ 10:05am 
I have the amulet of Mara on and I did the something on your mind speech option and she just says tell me you love me honey then it tells me I can propose to her but after that there's nothing else.
kayli1106 Jul 24 @ 10:23pm 
i need some help on this. when i ask serana "do you have something on your mind" she says "tell me you love me honey" and i didnt have the amulet of mara on, and when i did it wouldnt let me arrange a marriage at the temple. idk if i did something wrong but will you please help me
[5AMG]Fangz Jul 24 @ 8:35am 
For some reason, Serana isn't bringing up the option to give me the daily money. Any ideas?
hollowmask2012 Jul 23 @ 10:47am 
i know i got it sorted out.. turns out it wasnt appearing cuz my character was still married to a chick available only through a mod i deactivated so i had to reactivate and divorce her for it to work
CoderMonkey  [author] Jul 23 @ 12:44am 
@hollowmask2012 - If you aren't sure how to check the order. You click on Data files when at the launcher or use a mod manager to adjust the plugin order. Utilities like LOOT are good for checking you load order as well.
CoderMonkey  [author] Jul 23 @ 12:42am 
@hollowmask2012 - Ensure that the HF addon plugin is loaded after the main mod. The hearthfire home dialogue options get glitchy when the main mod loads after the addon.
hollowmask2012 Jul 23 @ 12:23am 
however i live at lakeview manor with 4 kids (via mod) but i cant have her live at lakeview and i subscribed to both your marry serana mods
hollowmask2012 Jul 23 @ 12:21am 
i did.. turns out when i deactivated and un subscribed from a mod that added a follower whom i married.. deactivating and unsubscribing doesnt not count as being single.. turns out i needed to reactivate it and divorce the chick
CoderMonkey  [author] Jul 23 @ 12:17am 
@hollowmask2012 - Did you read and follow the directions in bold at the top of the directions. ie. Start the marriage quest as you do to marry any other NPC in Skyrim by talking to Maramal in Riften.
hollowmask2012 Jul 22 @ 11:24pm 
okay once i choose the "do you have somethign in mind "option it says she is amiable to a proposal but nothign happens after that there is no marriage dialogue option and valerica HAS returned
Marceline Jul 22 @ 1:29pm 
Ok. Thanks
CoderMonkey  [author] Jul 22 @ 1:23pm 
@Marceline - Yes
Marceline Jul 22 @ 8:28am 
Does it work with Skyrim -Legendary Edition ?
火 Hika 火 Jul 20 @ 10:27pm 
all she says is tell me "tell me ya love me honey" thats it
Philip Wilson Jul 20 @ 4:41pm 
Where is her mother in the carvern? Cant find here
Reigning Pain Jul 15 @ 12:04am 
This is great as I found there were basically no good looking females in the game that have the marriage option.
Toasty Jul 14 @ 8:48pm 
ah, didnt see it. Apologies.
CoderMonkey  [author] Jul 14 @ 8:12pm 
There is in both cases, I sometimes wonder what the point is of writing a description if nobody reads it.
Toasty Jul 14 @ 6:17pm 
It would be nice when if you dismissed her, she waited at the selected house. or there was a moving option.
JonLilly Jul 8 @ 12:27pm 
Accidentally clicked "Wait here" in Serana dialog. No option to get her to follow me again.