The Maklai Myth
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-WuD 17 août à 13h28 
Valve needs to add this. I want one.
=[o.W.n]=cheezymilker 16 août à 23h54 
=[o.W.n]=cheezymilker 16 août à 23h54 
valave add plz
WeedFarmer 1 août à 8h47 
I want this fish!!!!
パトリックmrbossk 29 juil à 0h03 
add this now valve
giu743 7 juil à 18h40 
This one must smell very bad
Trakais 11 juin à 12h37 
Valve please add this, i need it! :D
Little Foxxy 3 mai à 17h04 
weapons use or misc? :o which one is better :O
Little Foxxy 3 mai à 17h03 
add this pls ;-;
StrawberryTuba 9 avr à 8h15 
I really like this. I hope it one day makes it into the game. One of the few items on the workshop that truly deserves to make it into the game.
cadeinater 27 mar à 19h20 
i love it .i want one... no five, i want 5 of them
XgcRampage 11 mar à 19h17 
It would be awesome if when you got backstabbed it would turn there knife into a Holy Mackeral but they didn't do any damage! I think that would be a awesome edition to the game.
I really want this, any chance of doing a v2 to try and get it noticed again?
Amishgonewild 2 fév à 14h06 
I hope this is in a Strongbox!
Chibi:Redgrave 12 jan à 0h57 
I want this is the game so bad, I wouldn't even care if it was just a reskin for Darwin's Danger Shield, I just want it :<
Nienkiepinkie ✖‿✖ 6 déc 2013 à 10h00 
I LOVE THIS, it has a actual concept/story behind it! brilliant
valve please add this :D
yucks 9 nov 2013 à 17h18 
DAT BASS (i know its not a bass)
Mida$ 6 oct 2013 à 12h20 
▓▓▓▓▓▓█░░░░ Valve Add This░░░█
▓▓▓▓▓▓█░░░░ Please!░░░░░░█
Chainsaw Joe's discount surgery 14 sept 2013 à 12h42 
@ starballer make it a reskin! problem solved
BaNNshEy 11 sept 2013 à 17h42 
...its a fishy
Bcsaldi18 21 août 2013 à 6h19 
valve pls add this
Reminisce 16 août 2013 à 18h53 
▓▓▓▓▓▓█░░░░ Valve Add This░░░█
▓▓▓▓▓▓█░░░░ Please!░░░░░░█
Savage Source 15 août 2013 à 17h28 
Won't be added into the game because of Darwin's Danger Shield's placement.
Maki-Maki 10 août 2013 à 7h00 
KJ 8 août 2013 à 4h03 
This should really be added.
NammerGamer 18 juil 2013 à 23h16 
Is the bobber team colored or paintable?
Frosted 9 juil 2013 à 18h25 
This has to be my favorite sniper, if not overall, workshop item. Fantastic job, this NEEDs to be added
Game On 95 (gone for the week) 20 juin 2013 à 22h25 
this goes great with snipers ONE fishing hat ut;s about time someone made something like this, great job !
|Baiters| Falcon Punch! 27 avr 2013 à 15h07 
The link is restricted =/ please upload mod somewhere else

This is Really Cool though!!! i dig it!
Crystal Cyborg 10 avr 2013 à 10h11 
Love it! Want it in the game!
Somebody 9 avr 2013 à 15h59 
▓▓▓▓▓▓█░░░░░ Valve should░█
▓▓▓▓▓▓█░░░░░░Add this░░░█
Limey 6 avr 2013 à 11h43 
i luv dat fish
TRIPLEFLAPPINGDICKS 5 avr 2013 à 20h27 
SquidBox 4 avr 2013 à 14h33 
so would it be like the razorback, or would it be a mic?
[NSA] Ąššăşşĭń |Sushi] 3 avr 2013 à 17h51 
Nah misc,this is aweasom mate
Warden 25 mar 2013 à 6h36 
If not a Misc...would be an interesting Razorback style for Sniper...
santa aids 21 fév 2013 à 17h19 
This is amazing. You are a wonderful person.
DrinkingSpace60 13 fév 2013 à 15h06 
Chibi:Redgrave 26 jan 2013 à 17h43 
Yes... ye, oh God, so much yessss.
ZombieMonkey7 21 jan 2013 à 11h34 
Not a hacker 18 jan 2013 à 14h05 
It seems this is kind of... FISHY!
Albin1997536 17 jan 2013 à 0h11 
+ moving speed in water
Spinnymcdervic 14 jan 2013 à 23h50 
Except it should be a fucking misc not a secondary weapon lol. Nice job, hope it also has availability for unusual effects like the coffin kit.
Quack 14 jan 2013 à 17h46 
Very Nice. Hope this gets added. :3
Jawsfan64 14 jan 2013 à 15h04 
how do i get it?
Portal Boy <Reddit Rescue> 14 jan 2013 à 13h46 
I love it!
Champion_of_Idiocy 13 jan 2013 à 17h56 
It should be in the secondary slot and do absolutely nothing. And then evolve into a Gyarados after killing X number of players. RAWR
The Avian Agenda 13 jan 2013 à 15h48 
you should add paintablility
The Avian Agenda 13 jan 2013 à 15h48 
i fucking love this

Houndoom 13 jan 2013 à 12h16 
is it like the danger shield or is it a misc? but cool either way