Scribblenauts Unlimited
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Rachel♥ 10 май 2016 в 17:53 
miller5123 28 януари 2014 в 9:30 
I feel like i am in Adventure Time right now!!!
hoyakim 8 ноември 2013 в 23:46 
neoman4426 5 ноември 2013 в 20:41 
Should bring the people eating back, after all human is a delicacy for rainicorns. Pretty sure it was implied they at least contributed to the extinction of humans
Daedalus 4 октомври 2013 в 16:04 
NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thancks Dani!
CupKitts ♥  [автор] 26 септември 2013 в 15:45 
Okay, I looked at her stuff and I guess she had a weapon-bullet-gun thing as her weapon. It's fixed. She no longer goes on eating rampages unless it's fruit.
CupKitts ♥  [автор] 26 септември 2013 в 15:32 
...are you sure it was her?
Parzival 22 септември 2013 в 8:02 
why does she shoot out bullets?
Scouse 17 август 2013 в 20:41 
Adventure TIME!!!
Fey🥀 16 август 2013 в 9:34 
that's hilarious.. I've never seen that happen. I might have to reinstall this game just to observe the illusive rainicorn binge-eating spree. (Also, I have no idea how I got subscribed to this thread, but meh, I just keep on showing back up)
CupKitts ♥  [автор] 16 август 2013 в 8:53 
Oh, maybe it's because of the base body I used for her! I forget what it was, maybe a dragon or something? Or a water serpent? Something long.. That's probably it..
CupKitts ♥  [автор] 16 август 2013 в 8:51 
o.O I have noooooo idea! lol
Jupiter_Five 11 август 2013 в 4:47 
Why does she eat everyone in sight every once in a while?!
Aliceeeee 22 юли 2013 в 6:32 
Amazing I can't wait to fly this thing!!!
Fey🥀 18 юли 2013 в 6:07 
pictures not needed, here's a tutorial!
CupKitts ♥  [автор] 17 юли 2013 в 18:46 
It's Lady Rainicorn, ya noob. You do know that you can literally find anything you wanna know by typing it in Google, right? :P It'll even show you pictures!
Rainbow Dash 17 юли 2013 в 2:00 
what the hell is that
CupKitts ♥  [автор] 3 юли 2013 в 20:21 
Hey, np. :)
Fey🥀 28 юни 2013 в 7:55 
omg, thanks for including how to download stuff in the info. The last several things I tried totally didn't work. yay!
Mr. Sushi 5 юни 2013 в 19:40 
It's so fun riding on her back! Congrats!
adN 3 юни 2013 в 14:39 
we know it is from adventure time
CupKitts ♥  [автор] 31 май 2013 в 13:19 
o.O She does?.. lol Maybe it's the voice I used for her. I never noticed that! Weirdness.
Mr. PineCone 31 май 2013 в 12:35 
Why does she say "ouch" when you ride her?
Mr. PineCone 31 май 2013 в 12:33 
islam 22 май 2013 в 8:45 
how do you download this
bkl2505 13 май 2013 в 15:54 
to use this, can you use a mac?
mysterygaminggal 9 май 2013 в 15:45 
i lieks it
danutp09 4 май 2013 в 9:06 
Dani when i try to write in this blue button named Steam Workshop i cant qrite and i cant search why i cant?
danutp09 4 май 2013 в 7:45 
how can i share my creation?
Valkyrie 27 април 2013 в 23:16 
This is really well done!! :D
CupKitts ♥  [автор] 27 април 2013 в 9:30 
When you go into your game, there's a little icon in the top right that has like, glue and scissors, or something. It's called the object editor. Go into that, click the downloads tab, and there's a huge blue button in the bottom right, which takes you to the Steam Workshop (here). Type in Lady Rainicorn, and download it. You have to do this all in game.
Merry_Cupcake 22 април 2013 в 17:40 
how do you add "workshop stuff" in game? someone plz respond ASAP
LittleBlu 13 април 2013 в 15:42 
idk how to use it D:
clarkey2825 11 февруари 2013 в 17:31 
titogameguru 31 януари 2013 в 9:50 
@MarioFan ints not spanish its Korean
❄⛄~snowman~⛄❄ 17 януари 2013 в 16:34 
Rainicorn: *spanish speaking*
Jake: Huh?
Rainicorn: I'm pregnate!
CupKitts ♥  [автор] 15 януари 2013 в 19:25 
@Johnny: I edited all my descriptions so that they tell ya'll how to get them in your game. :D
Chellie 15 януари 2013 в 0:47 
This is so adorable. o__o WANT.
ZVEZDOLIS 13 януари 2013 в 1:03 
snoof 12 януари 2013 в 19:32 
How do I download it for my game? It looks AWESOME!
Illegalize Thots 12 януари 2013 в 18:03 
Burgecutt 12 януари 2013 в 17:59 
@Brit Thanks! I've been trying to figure it out without any sucess. I thought it was the same as with Skyrim where all you do is subscribe.
ZMan9001 12 януари 2013 в 13:12 
im amazed lady rainacorn isn't a mod on skyrim
HeTooSwanky 12 януари 2013 в 11:52 
ok thank you @Brit
CupKitts ♥  [автор] 12 януари 2013 в 10:36 
@spiked_merchops: You gotta access the Steam Workshop in-game too, and also subscribe to it while you're in-game.
DehSexyCorgi 12 януари 2013 в 9:00 
Credexen 12 януари 2013 в 7:47 
How can you get this,it would be amazing to fly Lady Rainicorn!
HeTooSwanky 12 януари 2013 в 7:07 
how do i get it, i clicked the + and went in game and typed lady rainicorn and nothing happened. so it would be really helpful if someone would tell me how to make it work.
PartyRocka232 12 януари 2013 в 6:03 
lady rainicorn that what im talking about
CupKitts ♥  [автор] 12 януари 2013 в 5:45 
I'm so glad you guys like it! Thanks for all the comments and subscriptions! :D