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tu7650x 2016年8月31日下午4:40 
Really nice puzzle, especially the first part.
Spaceminnow 2015年7月17日下午8:47 
I gained some experience with one portal on these two puzzles. Thanks :)
vioray 2014年10月17日上午10:51 
was stuck in the first room for quite a while, then when I figured it out I was kicking myself. which is not a good idea by the way! very nicely done
Petutski 2014年9月11日下午5:30 
This was excellent! Was stumped for a while but then all was well! The trick is to move sideways when flinging! Also, in the first chamber, leave the cube down next to the orange portal. When you get to the top ledge near the exit, pop a blue portal and just reach in and grab the cube! I can't believe some of the folks complaining about this map. I loved it.
RagingR2 2014年1月9日上午9:45 
I am stuck in the first room of this map for 20 minutes now, and after having played 100+ custom maps, I seriously don't have a single clue what you want me to accomplish here to reach the exit. I suppose you call it "hard difficulty".
EDIT: Ok, I just watched the video, and yeah, it seems simple when you see it, but not in a week of trial and error would I have figured out that solution. Good effort, but not a fun puzzle to solve. Sorry, thumbs down.

Also, even after having watched the video, I found it pretty tedious to grab the cube. Standing in front of the portal the cube kept 'falling' right through me, so I had to stand next to the portal, seeing nothing, and button bashing 'grab' until I had it, which seemed kinda weird to me.
kimist108 2013年12月13日下午2:57 
Super! Really nice puzzle maps.
wildgoosespeeder 2013年12月12日下午2:40 
Read my profile before reading the rest of my comment!

Listen to mood3rd. I had similar problems.

First room: I kept thinking I had to do something fancy with the cube. Looked at solution video. Cube had nothing to do with it. First thing I would do is remove the cube altogether. Have the door be open automatically so that way it forces test subjects to focus on the more important thing; to be able to exit. Second, never thought to use air control because of Killing Machine Part 5.

Second room: Much easier.

Try my SP map?
Try my COOP map?
mood3rd 2013年12月11日下午2:52 
the problem I had with the 1st chamber, was it looked like I could get over the fizzlers,
if I could figure out how to get enough hieght.
this caused me to waste loads of time, in vain.
the solution itself is good.
most players are used to controling 2 portals.
so the solution is harder, because of this.
which is fine, if it was obvious, that we can't get over the fizzlers.
the 2nd chamber, I missed where the portal moves to.
even after completing it.
so I did it just by trying what was there & hoping for the best.
though it was a quick result.
I would like to see the fizzlers going to a solid cieling, in the 1st chamber.
the 2nd, perhaps the 2nd portal was clearly marked ?
if not, rectify please. (I may have just missed it ?)
good single portal puzzles. (which is rare)
lots of work went into it.
thumbs up
BasturkPT 2013年11月6日下午7:02 
Thumbs up! Very good job! thx you!
Tmast98  [作者] 2013年9月4日下午10:43 
@p0rtalmaster, I would fix this if I still had the vmf file to edit it. Unfortunently, I don't though :/. Sorry about this asthetic error.
p0rtalmaster 2013年9月4日下午10:27 
My only complaint is the fizzlers: they should all be separate (i.e. multiple brushes instead of one big brush; looks better).

I love the decayed theme, and this pair of tests is well-made.
Tim Allen 2013年8月31日下午5:08 
Nerdy Nerd 2013年8月5日下午1:14 
Ah, I've always wanted more single-portal puzzles, it's interesting, I LOVE IT :D
Le Petit Mort 2013年7月20日下午3:33 
• Single-portal levels! Woohoo!
• Clean design;
• Good attention to detail;
• Generally clever puzzles;

• Spending the better part of 30 minutes in the first chamber because you didn't think of that one little thing ;
Kolgork 2013年6月5日下午8:46 
it took me like 40 minutes to figure out the first room! i was about to lose my patience and give up, and then... fuck, so obvious! the second room is neither easy, but quite easier than the first one. almost an hour spent on solving this test chamber, but now i'm happy. Excellent job, thumbs up!
buckfuts1 2013年6月2日上午7:02 
Oof! I guess I made that a lot harder than it needed to be! I guess I tried to make it more ninja than it really was.
In 2200+ hours of this game, I don't think I have ever seen that particular technique, interesting! Once I actually got to the platform, I didn't have much of a problem.
Thumbs down averted! Good job!
buckfuts1 2013年6月2日上午1:01 
Sorry, I guess I didn't notice the arrow in the middle of the preview picture (DUH!). I will try to get a hint and see if I can actually finish it.
Tmast98  [作者] 2013年6月2日上午12:02 
@buckfuts1, there is a video, it is the first image near the top of this apge, with the play button. As for why was this one made first, it was the first puzzle that was challenging using the single portal mechanic I could come up with. I respect the dislike for this technique, when you solve it, and have thus, never used it since. All the other maps are much fairer to the player. Sorry bout that, but goodluck!
buckfuts1 2013年6月1日下午10:35 
I agree! I have spent almost an hour trying to walk in midair back into the orange portal to get more height (which is kind of a pain to accomplish anyways), but I don't seem to be able to find the "sweet spot" on the floor where I don't bounce off the ceiling before I get high enough to get to anything! (even when it appears open above me). I would love to see how this was supposed to be done, but your FAQ lied and there is no walkthrough. This seems totally ninja, and I hate that (my coordination sucks)!
When I saw chamber 5 in my queue and realized I hadn't played 1 & 2 (I played and liked 3 & 4) you suggested to play them in order, so I tried to start from 1. Why would you do that!! When you knew 1 might be the most difficult. I think I will give up on this for now.
I don't generally vote something down if I can't figure it out, but I seem to have done that and yet can't seem to execute it. I haven't downed it yet, we'll see.
I will try 2 & 5 though.
Thor's Hammer 2013年5月29日下午7:21 
The biggest problem with this map is not the mechanic itself, but the fact that it's completely frustrating that you finally figure out how to get high enough that you'd normally be able to get over the fizzlers, only to be slammed back down by all the random crap up there. If someone figures out the trick they should at least be rewarded with a smooth transition instead of all that junk bumping you around.
stormsend 2013年4月28日上午12:07 
Great looking chambers and an excellent puzzle. I admit I needed a little hint on the first chamber but I don't feel bad. I got the second one and it seems everyone is struggling with the first one. Looking forward to the rest of the series.
Attaboy20 2013年4月25日下午3:53 
awesome! :D
mikemoody 2013年3月24日下午10:41 
Oh Hello: Well I made it after about 1&1/2 hours. I got my Migraine trying to get past the 2 side by side emanicapation panels. Wow who would have ever thought of that trick except (yea you guessed it) "tmast98". :) Very clever you are.... Thanks for the play time it was a Great map. <<< I may file charges in court for hair replacement >>>
E1craZ4life 2013年3月16日上午6:13 
Nada yo hago está trabajando.
Skylines 2013年3月3日下午12:52 
Looks hard but it is not. Only requaire patients.
kerning 2013年3月3日上午9:30 
Sorry for the thumb down. I never expected to use THAT technique while getting through those two blue fields.

It's quite brilliant, even for a technique that not many uses (for good reason though).

Thumb up now.
Tmast98  [作者] 2013年2月28日下午3:32 
@jbiggs2, thanks! Some people do enjoy hard maps requiring ninja tricks (like this map for example), however the majority don't. As a designer you want to make alot of people enjoy your game/map rather then a minotrity, so I will be staying away from them from now on. It doesn't mean, however, that the maps still won't be hard :).
jbiggs2 2013年2月28日下午3:29 
Yeah, I have to disagree with Jay on this one. So long as you mark it as Hard difficulty, you are covered. And the "obscure" mechanics involved here are totally within the bounds of what I've seen in other monoportal maps (I assume you've played Gig's monoportal maps, if not you should). It's not like you have to do any ninja skilled moves or bunny hops. Fantastic map.
Tmast98  [作者] 2013年2月28日下午3:20 
@Jay, yes I see exactly what you mean, like I said earlier. This was the first puzzle I came up with using the single portal mechanic, and therefore, was obviously not the best. I tried to come up with challenging, while fun, single portal puzzles, and hope goal is achived in the 3 maps released so far. Rest assured, I do not plan on returning on using obscure mechanics, as it does, for the most part, detract to the map.
Jay 2013年2月28日上午7:17 
I did like them as a whole, but stand by my previous comment.

How to make great maps.

"Don't make solutions *too* obscure."


"Avoid forcing the player to use moves or techniques which don't fit with what Aperture would really be trying to test."

I can see this map frustrating a lot of people, and the average player is not likely to think of the solution for quite some time.

I've played almost 2,000 maps and it took me a good amount of looking around and trial and error before I got the solution, simply because I didn't think that's how it was intentionally designed; I actually thought I had broke the map and only found out that I had not broken it when I came here to the comment section.

Still, good work overall. And I look forward to more of your maps in the future.
Tmast98  [作者] 2013年2月28日上午6:45 
@Jay, you'll probably like the others then, if you haven't tried them, as they do not. In heinsight this should have been saved as the final puzzle, but, oh well, you live and learn.
Jay 2013年2月28日上午3:05 
If the solution is too obscure, or relies on a gimmick, it's not a good puzzle.
Tmast98  [作者] 2013年2月26日下午2:31 
@lunatix, it is possible. Just look at all portal surfaces....including the floor....
Tmast98  [作者] 2013年2月26日上午7:03 
@THE, almost forgot to respond to the two fizzlers. The reason there are two (fizzlers) is for two reasons, first, to hopefully get the idea across that you cannot fling yourself over there, as the double fields added a more compact and secured feeling i found, when testers tried to use flinging techniques (which inevitably failed), the other reason was to make the puzzle slightly more challenging, as it required more mastery of this rareley used technique.
Tmast98  [作者] 2013年2月26日上午6:59 
@THE, to be honest, the air strafing method, as you call it, is what I wanted players to do. There is a very limited amount of things avalaible to puzzle designers when working with only using one portal (and only physics and fizzlers in my case). Hopefully, people will figure it out after a while. As for the cluttered art, that is the style of these maps, though I hope it isn't to terribly distracting :)
Derpmind 2013年2月26日上午5:15 
There is no reason for there to be two blue fields. It makes reaching the ledge an exercise in tedium after one figures out the solution. I spend far too much time trying to the other side and then land on the ledge, which you could have made much more accessable. A pannel angled to fling the player onto the ledge would still leave the solution a mystery. Not everyone knows how to airstrafe. In my opinion, also, the cluttered art made it very difficult to figure out the solution.
Wolf bytes 2013年2月25日下午4:45 
Wow... that first chamber I was thinking "hmm... this will be tricky to navigate with a cube" =Then realizes= Oh wow... that was such a simple portal technique to solve....
Very nicely done. Definitely a favorite.
Requiemsoul 2013年2月25日上午3:22 
Fantastic Chamber!. Gracias.
Risare 2013年2月25日上午2:30 
In one's way graceful chamber. :)
Tmast98  [作者] 2013年2月24日下午2:44 
@cplgagnom, oh I thought it would always land due to some hammer stuff, will look into that soon, thanks!
cplgagnonm 2013年2月24日下午2:34 
Dear god, difficult you say. I loved it. It took me a good 45 min to solved it but it is very clever. Altho I didn't like the second part as much because the bloc doesn't always stay on the button.
Tmast98  [作者] 2013年2月24日下午1:54 
@kerning, not ganna lie, this test chamber is very difficult, probably the most difficult of the bunch. As for the no walkthrough video, that is due to no guide being made on youtube that has not used an exploit method yet, sorry bout that. If you want a hint though, I suggest you think about why I placed the portal in a pit...
kerning 2013年2月24日下午1:22 
There's no helpful hints as to how to solve the chamber and i been stuck for 30 minutes trying to find a solution on my own. No walkthrough video, either.

Thumb down.
Tmast98  [作者] 2013年1月31日上午11:51 
@Stimich, I am completly aware of this solution, but thanks for showing it to me! I plan on fixing it relativley soon, just when I get the time. As for the solution in the 2nd chamber, I've never seen that one before.....I'll work on fixing that as well. Either way, thanks for letting me know!
Stimich 2013年1月31日上午11:33 
Unintended solution: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2ie62r4n04&feature=youtu.be
Hint: it's broken.
Tmast98  [作者] 2013年1月30日下午2:25 
@homerdug, It is! This just goes to show people you can make a hard test chamber using one portal! If you want a hint reply back and ill post one with a spoiler over it.
ᶆᶏᶁ ᶆᶏᶍ 2013年1月30日上午11:36 
I did not think it was possible to solve this.