The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Divine Punishment for Mention of Arrows in the Knee
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/(Weber)\ Floyd 8. marras 0.21 
This is important, so I'm subscribing.
Yato 24. loka 7.15 
k thx
Turn_on_a_Dime  [tekijä] 21. loka 19.46 
Most mods will be compatible, especially simple ones like these
Yato 21. loka 15.51 
Just curious, i just purchased DG and going through all my mods to see if they're compatible or have a DG version.
Turn_on_a_Dime  [tekijä] 21. loka 15.48 
Why wouldn't it be?
Yato 21. loka 15.46 
DG compatible?
Best mod ever.

Seriously, it amazes me to this day that people found this generic expository dialogue remotely funny. Retards tend to congregate on the dumbest shit though and I cringe since I associate the phrase with them.
Lucky Doodles 20. syys 7.05 
I used to be an adventurer like you.. then i took an arrow to the kn- STFU NOBODY CARES!
Power King 9. syys 9.51 
This is hilarious.
A Mallard 1. syys 22.14 
my adventure with this mod
1. download dragonborn castle
2. spam talk to the guards
3. get ebony stuff at level 2
4. sell extra armor and swords for $$$
RutilusFalx 30. elo 17.22 
Arrow to the knee eh? Whelp... Ya get the Thunderbolt!
[F3AR]Ayumi 30. elo 6.04 
Kahjiit used to be adventurer like you. Then Kahjiit found a ball of yarn and stopped adventuring. To this day, Kahjiit does not know what is so appealing in that ball of yarn...

-Moonpath to Elsweyr
Fennikk 24. elo 16.56 
I useto be a knee like you, then I got an adventurer to the arrow
Ryan -RT- 11. elo 22.10 
i used to be an advenurer like you, but then i shot some asshat with an arrow in the knee. i think he has ptsd or something....
๖ۣۜZxa The Sadistic 9. elo 14.56 
I used to be an adventurer like you, but then I took a lightning bolt to the knee...

Gets sniped with an arrow to the elbow*
Yeazzel 9. elo 13.05 
I used to be an adventurer like you, then i was hit with an arrow. As a matter of fact my knee was the one hit.
Lurtle 23. heinä 13.01 
Very useful for fulfilling that temptation to have the guards killed without bounty
Mr. Worldwide 18. heinä 10.11 
Would subscribe to this, but I took an Arrow to the... *Zap*
pheonixwolfgirl 6. heinä 6.45 
So exactly which divine is punishing them for the "arrow to the knee" comment?
jkatwood117 30. kesä 14.14 
EOTeal [Scrapbanking!] 17. kesä 7.12 
This is the best mod in existance
putnamehere 13. kesä 9.55 
xD great mod
Scoutzi [Mettaton] 22. touko 19.14 
We need one based on Sanguine. But I don't know how this would work...
Maybe when they say something like "What is it? Dragons?" Sanguine gets tired of their shit and sets them on fire.
(Which has nothing to do with Sanguine but he's tired of those guards being stupid.)
veelckoo 21. touko 10.48 
Mwhahahahahha. Best idea for Skyrim mod. The divines should get tired of Fus Ro Dah too :-D
Dragon! 12. touko 21.12 
make a mod that makes guards get slayn by talos when they say "I NEED TO ASK YOU TO STOP! That shouting... Is making people nervous!"
Ø76923 12. touko 5.53 
Ah, most excellent.
6. touko 11.44 
this is damn awesome, i cleaned up windhelm by talking to all the guards, hahaha
Turn_on_a_Dime  [tekijä] 24. huhti 16.38 
GreenChoc 24. huhti 6.17 
Looking through mods I'm using - can you tell me if this mod and your other ones will remain free?
hill.john45 19. huhti 23.52 
the best mod LOL
Mayonaka Indou 15. huhti 14.50 
and yet it is still a better love story then twilight untill i take a arrow to the knee :3
Mayonaka Indou 15. huhti 14.47 
one deadly arrow o-o
A Freaking Cookie 10. maalis 2.08 
Hahaha i keep spamming the guards and when they say it,other guards get hit too muahahaha
arrow knee. Am i dead? No
GruntySpartan 27. helmi 18.04 
i used to like this joke until i took an arrow to the k-FFFKKLKLKLKSSQSQQUUUUUAHGG
Adam Jensen 25. helmi 21.59 
Bout time someone made this mod. lmao
Potato Priorities 24. helmi 19.36 
Those arrows in their knees must be pretty great lighting rods
Vulcan2 16. helmi 8.49 
Jamma77 6. helmi 11.24 
"I used to be alive like you, then I tried to talk about an arrow in the knee"
The Joker 5. helmi 13.54 
this joke used to be funny then i took an arrow in the knee
Uzumati 19. tammi 16.39 
This was Awsome !
right after hhe said the line ZAP! dead guard LOL love it
thumbs up dont ya know.
Dollop 19. tammi 14.20 
There is a god.
Turn_on_a_Dime  [tekijä] 15. joulu, 2014 13.42 
I'm not sure, possibly up to 10 days (which is when cells reset) but according to this:
you should make sure to have the unofficial skyrim patch installed.

You should make sure to have it installed regardless!!
Makos_kos 15. joulu, 2014 8.07 
how many time do i have to wait to respawn them?
Noctura 3. joulu, 2014 22.20 
The only thing I had to do was read what it did and I couldn't stop laughing. Amazing idea, thanks for this lol!!
Pentagrille 15. marras, 2014 8.17 
reading the desciption of this mod really brightened my day...
DancinMuffin™ 20. loka, 2014 15.48 
I need a mod that if a guard says did someone steal your sweetroll an army of tiny sweetrolls stab him to death OR you or a follower says shut the f--- up :D
Brother-Redemptor 15. loka, 2014 15.57 
GarethDeux 12. loka, 2014 15.02 
Simply splendid.