Wolf Companions
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Nicholas 6. huhti, 2012 15.45 
SourWolf and I have the same problem, my dog goes wolf, then sometimes turns invisible. That is very inconvenient, especially if I'm in a house.
SourWolf 5. maalis, 2012 21.13 
ps my dog was a wolf but then he turned invisible??
SourWolf 5. maalis, 2012 21.12 
you should make the eyes red
Blade4952 21. helmi, 2012 16.05 
uh all possible dog companions are invisible when i play with this mod... did i do something wrong?
Matoosie 20. helmi, 2012 18.14 
could you do this with foxes as well?
Beartracks 16. helmi, 2012 7.57 
I 2nd Diabolus...1000%
xıʌ ɐlıǝɥs 15. helmi, 2012 23.49 
are the eyes going to be fixed? can you add really black eyes instead?
MadMan☣ 15. helmi, 2012 17.10 
Wolves, sweet.
Diabolus Ursus 15. helmi, 2012 15.06 
Awesome! Not to be bigoted or anything, but I never really liked the original dog model much... This should be incredible.
BrunoZhy 15. helmi, 2012 11.54 
Vou testar e reporto