Dette spillet har fått grønt lys av Steam-samfunnet!

Samfunnet har vist sin interesse for dette spillet. Valve har kontaktet utvikleren for å kunne jobbe mot å en lansering på Steam.

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Yaman 28. sep @ 6:22am 
Now the new 30 bucks alpha is out they removed the 1.06 demo, but some other websites still have it.
Also no updated demo fro pre-orders(bronze)
Angluca 27. sep @ 10:14pm 
Want play!
THE_NOODLE_9000! 27. sep @ 6:16pm 
TAKE MY $$$$!!!!!
rotopenguin 27. sep @ 5:36pm 
Meier, nobody's begging for Chasm to be a freemium phone app with $199.99 for a bucket of gems. There are a lot of quality "big indie" titles hitting about the $15 mark right now, so yeah the first impression at $30 is a bit outta line.

The real story is that the dev has a pre-order anti-discount, which is something that should mostly be between him and his Kickstarter backers. The final game will come out at $15. It's a shame that a lot of people are going to see the big $30 Humble banner, get their first impression with that discordant price, and just forget about Chasm right there.

I recommend that the complainers just click the little Follow heart up top, and wait for release. There will be plenty of reviews to tell you whether Chasm is worth your $15 or not. In the meantime, how about a nice game of Steamworld Dig?
StealthMomo 27. sep @ 12:00pm 
Nah too expensive. I'll wait.
EnigmA 27. sep @ 7:43am 
I cannot wait for this game looks absolutely gorgeous but $30 is a hefty price, especially after i burned my hands with Shovel Knight which i only got for $15. I will buy it once its much cheaper.
Mik 27. sep @ 12:56am 
Good game!!
Meier 26. sep @ 6:08pm 
So many sad nerds nagging about the price point. Stick with your 99 cents iOS and Android games. Or maybe don't play those crap games for a month and then buy a game of quality. You can't expect a developer to just give their game away for free. And especially don't expect that you the consumer determines what the developers own game is worth.
Ahongz 26. sep @ 5:13pm 
$30 on humble store, too expensive
rotopenguin 26. sep @ 2:04pm 
Oh, it's $15, or $30 to get the Deluxe Edition. When I saw $30 on the front page of Humble, my first reaction was "these guys think they're worth TWO whole Shovel Knights?".

I will definitely check out some reviews once Chasm is released.
DeV 26. sep @ 1:31pm 
Excuse me!!??? How is this game NOT ON STEAM?
Any shit, pure and utter shit slips right it, but this hi-quality product CAN'T??? Talk about double-standards!
Solarsaturn9 26. sep @ 12:19pm 
Way too expensive
lollapopsbetterthanyou< 26. sep @ 12:15pm 
30$ on humle store, way too expensive...
robotbees 18. sep @ 3:28pm 
Hold tight, anyone not in on the early access, i can't stop playing this, its the best metroidvania style game since metroid and castlevania symphony of the night, these guys fuckin did it right!!!!! if this was the days of SNES this would be on a top 5 list of greatest SNES games or PS games ever.
its worth the wait guys, just hold tight
Discord Games  [skaper] 31. aug @ 11:35am 
I just posted a new update, hopefully clarifying our Early Access plans:
JimZiii 31. aug @ 12:32am 
so only private early access? no public early access at all?
Yaman 30. aug @ 7:14am 
From Kickstarter:

Early Access

We know everyone is anxious to get their hands on the game, and trust me, we feel the same way! We've been crunching all summer to get the game to a place where we're ready for people's feedback, and we're just about there! The plan is to launch a private Early Access on Steam for just our Kickstarter and Humble folk around the end of August or beginning of September with the Mines and Catacombs areas. We'll then push to get out a new area to you every 3-4 weeks until we complete the game. This may push release a bit beyond our Fall target, but hopefully you will agree that the time it's spent gestating has been well worth it.
redondo 27. aug @ 8:51pm 
al viejo estilo, interesante.
must have!
abiT 31. jul @ 12:40pm 
Oh this game
Jazm 5. jul @ 1:42pm 
Thanks for answering, in any case I will be getting it here on steam. Keep up the good work!
Discord Games  [skaper] 5. jul @ 1:37pm 
We've looked into 3ds, but the problem is the game would have to be rewritten for the hardware. Not to say it's impossible, but just unlikely unless the game does really well.
Jazm 5. jul @ 1:28pm 
Will be getting this day one! Have you guys considered eventually porting to the 3DS? Would be nice to play this on the go also, like it's Metroidvania predecessors!
JimZiii 2. jul @ 1:58pm 
great, the game looks awesome, can't wait to play it, pretty sure i'll give in and get the early access when its released :)
Discord Games  [skaper] 2. jul @ 1:28pm 
Yea, it will be somewhere in the range of 2-3 months most likely. It really depends on how much work needs done past the early access point, and how much money we're able to raise to keep production going.
JimZiii 2. jul @ 12:55pm 
ok and do you know how long after early access is released that the full version is released? i think i read somewhere before that you were planning to release early access something like 2months before full release, but i might have confused it with another game
Discord Games  [skaper] 2. jul @ 11:20am 
It's looking like we'll launch with the first three areas of the game (first half of the game), then add the remaining three as we go.
JimZiii 2. jul @ 10:54am 
ok nice, and what will be in the early access version? i've stopped assuming that the early access version will contain the most part of the game even though most games do just that
Discord Games  [skaper] 2. jul @ 10:51am 
We're shooting for early fall if everything goes well.
JimZiii 2. jul @ 3:27am 
any news on when the early access will be avaliable?
Kikeplay 30. jun @ 3:00pm 
Ok, great news. :D
Discord Games  [skaper] 30. jun @ 10:11am 
We will be supporting fan translations ;)
Kikeplay 30. jun @ 7:32am 
Great game, later to vote. More languajes?
Discord Games  [skaper] 26. jun @ 12:10pm 
Thanks, pal.
Cap'n Wykstrom 25. jun @ 10:50pm 
Might want to change your May release date there, bud.
Discord Games  [skaper] 21. jun @ 10:07am 
@Jav Thanks, shooting for Late Fall release!
Jav 21. jun @ 2:19am 
This looks so fantastic. When can I get my hands on this?
Purple Fiction 17. jun @ 8:19pm 
Oh my this looks like it has vastly improved since I played the demo last year. If I hadn't already planned on buying it I definately would now.
RiGON 24. mai @ 12:14pm 
This game looks very nice :)
JimZiii 20. mai @ 3:35am 
ok great, yea even though i'd like to get the early access for $15 too its only fair to match the humble and kickstarter price
Discord Games  [skaper] 19. mai @ 11:08pm 
@JimZiii No problem :) It will be $15 on launch day for sure.
JimZiii 18. mai @ 3:20am 
ok nice, but i meant will it be the same as release price or what? so i know if its cheaper to buy it in the early access or more expensive :) so you could say that now when i know the early access price i'm wondering what the full release price will be? if you've set a price yet.

sorry if i'm asking stupid questions :)
Discord Games  [skaper] 18. mai @ 12:22am 
@Aion Thanks! Not final yet, but most likely a dual-core processor and OpenGL 2.0+

@JimZiii I think we'll shoot for $25 to match our Humble Early Access and Kickstarter tiers.
Aion Zashi 13. mai @ 3:30pm 
The game looks great! looking forward to this one.
Any idea on the system requirements yet?
JimZiii 11. mai @ 6:18am 
what will the early access price be? the same as full release? more? less? i've seen all three done before thats why i'm asking
Discord Games  [skaper] 3. mai @ 2:50pm 
We will support fan translations if no official one is made!
Dea1993 3. mai @ 5:05am 
italian language please
Sherlock 20. apr @ 4:57pm 
ant wait looks like it will be worth the $15
Discord Games  [skaper] 19. apr @ 9:46am 
@Yaman We're delayed until fall, but Early Access for August is looking likely :)
Yaman 19. apr @ 6:01am 
Hoping it still comes as early acces in may, I don't mind if the game is incomplete I highly enjoyed the 1 year old demo.