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The community has shown their interest in this game. Valve has reached out to this developer to start moving things toward release on Steam.

Perfect Golf
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natpick 22 hours ago 
yeh the golf club looks ok,bit too arcade like,defo waiting on perfectgolf
[BFN] fireballx Apr 19 @ 9:31am 
no 3 click option on the golf club so i'm awaiting this little gem instead
RGN Straightarrow Apr 17 @ 6:03pm 
The Golf Club by HB released on Steam today...BETTER HURRY also has a editor...even tho its early release...people are buying it ...I'll wait a little bit I can compare...but if nothing soon...have to go that route...gotta realize...PC gamers have been waiting for a PC golf game for almost 3 years now
bigbluefleet Apr 16 @ 12:41pm 
Can't come soon enough
Chapchep Apr 13 @ 2:06pm 
Keep work'en on it!! Got to play this on the IMAC!!!
RGN Straightarrow Apr 9 @ 6:20am 
Release Date ..Please...its Master's at Augusta Week...hint hint
RGN Straightarrow Apr 1 @ 10:17am 
Good grief...Steam has a "Goat" simulator...lmao...but still no PC golf game...way too funny
Deathtank75 Mar 31 @ 11:04am 
if its 50% like Hot Shots Golf franchise, count me in!!!
StKildya Mar 29 @ 3:38am 
cant wait to replicate local par 3 courses to practice on at home ... the editting tool looks awesome WD getting greenlit
Keresa.(ikk) Mar 28 @ 6:23pm 
RGN Straightarrow Mar 28 @ 12:20pm 
I hope Steam moves fast...I don't know if they realize there is a huge community of PC golfers who got screwed by the EA Tiger Wood franchise...I have at least a hundred contacts...myself...that would join Steam and buy this game...instantly...when it is released..I alerted my entire list 2 days ago...hope this comes on line soon
natpick Mar 25 @ 11:01pm 
congrats,looking forward to playing.
RGN Straightarrow Mar 24 @ 8:07pm 
Fianally...I'll buy the day it come out
Damonis Mar 24 @ 7:47pm 
Ooooooh finally greenlit,:) great new; congratz
Can't wait to play this gem.
Finally a golf game on steam
Rapture Mar 24 @ 2:51pm 
Can't wait to play, and create golf courses with Perfect Golf.......Someone doing a golf game right .....if you build it we will play it. Just like Field of Dreams.......
Perfect Parallel  [author] Mar 24 @ 8:17am 
Thanks everyone! We are Greenlit! We really appreciate your votes and getting us to the next level. We are filling out the paperwork and will work as fast as we can to get our goodies into your hands. Once again thanks for the support. See you in the Perfect Golf World soon :)
Rapture Mar 21 @ 10:22pm 
Great looking golf game with a course design creation system is a sure win .......I have been wanting this type of golf game for a long time , like the title Perfect Golf........Great Job , a must buy at launch.
theblackhaggis Mar 21 @ 3:22am 
Played around with the open alpha that was available on the website for a while a few months back,looks to have a lot to offer when finally mentioned previously the dev team have other projects,so progress slower than us pc golfers would want....has the potential to be a great game when finally available........
SAFARI 難民 Mar 21 @ 12:24am 
Congrats on the Greenlighting! Been looking forward to this for a while, will definitely pick it up once it's available.
Dazmaniac Mar 20 @ 4:45pm 
For those pessemists.
Course Forge (the course design tool) is currently in Closed BETA. The Perfect Golf game is still in ALPHA state and being worked on by the Dev's and being planned for closed BETA in the coming months. 20 or so courses have already been created by the developers. They are providing the virtual course recreation of Augusta National for Sky Sports Masters coverage this year (which will give you some idea of the quality of their designs).
They are a small Dev team, so things move slow. The are not an EA, Codemasters, Polyphony Digital, Valve etc.
RGN Straightarrow Mar 19 @ 8:35pm 
If you go to their cant even contact them unless your a company...they sold a tracer program to the networks...when you see golf shot replays...and the ball trace in the air...thats their program...I dont think they care anymore...this will never happen...sad to say...really sad...wishin for a golf game for PC for a long time
RGN Straightarrow Mar 19 @ 4:29pm 
Its been greenlight for about a year
Keonyn Mar 19 @ 11:36am 
Kickstarter failed but Greenlight succeeded. Wonder what will happen with this.
daftsquare Mar 19 @ 11:12am 
ARk Mar 19 @ 5:52am 
timmonsisold66 Mar 18 @ 9:47am 
Still no Golf...I give up
gbnf Mar 17 @ 10:02pm 
any idea on the progress level after the kickstarter failed?
Kaveman Mar 13 @ 3:26pm 
this looks good hope it works out
chrisalivesey Mar 12 @ 7:49am 
Hopefully this is still in the pipeline!
RGN Straightarrow Mar 11 @ 8:04am 
Not a peep on release date...anybody know...anything...dying for a golf game
Celestein Mar 10 @ 10:05pm 
nope, still going.
brettpoker Mar 7 @ 1:34am 
i think it died before it could get off the ground sad face :((

raiders5000 Mar 4 @ 1:09pm 
It doesn't look perfect...but it's golf.
James Mar 1 @ 3:18pm 
Best of luck.
RGN Straightarrow Mar 1 @ 2:30pm 
Ive asked many times over more than a year...and never gotten a smidge of input from Steam on here...from anyone on Steam...I doubt Steam cares...they are more interested in spinning off senseless Indie games...that are fun...Im sure... but dont compare to a premier golf game...I have many many friends from the Tiger Woods games...that would join Steam in a heartbeat if Steam would promote this game...or even give us interested folks...a staus we might know what to expect from this title
BigVern Mar 1 @ 8:48am 
We desperately need a new Golf game for the PC. Links is ancient and requires a mod to work under 64 bit. EA abandoned the PC for Tiger Woods. Outlaw Golf 1 doesn't work on Win 7 and Outlaw 2 never came out in the UK.

So good luck and looking forward to hitting a round or ten!
theblackhaggis Feb 23 @ 2:43am 
Sooner it's up and running the good golf games out there for pc players...
pigfvkr Feb 21 @ 5:44pm 
Looks good, havent found a good golf game since links 2004. Most of the games out there are more arcade style fun then a competitive skill based game. The course creation option offers the community seemingly endless new content and the golfing enviorment many ppl have been searching for. Keep up the good work and update us on the progress, already alot of people excited about the project.
[GA]Lex_GG シ Feb 20 @ 5:08am 
Ууу что-то новенькое
ncurry2 Feb 19 @ 3:53pm 
Sid Meier's Sim Golf was one of my all time favorite games growing up. We need a more modern create-and-play golf game!
pr0teK Feb 18 @ 3:59am 
Vote for it, i play always Golf games with my friends.
hgwmrnorm Feb 15 @ 6:09pm 
There is no good links game so this would be great to finally have one.
-[FF]- Ŧħẻßéşŧ Feb 14 @ 6:30pm 
Add this!
Corinthas Feb 14 @ 1:50pm 
bout time we had a proper golf game that want all franchised up by EA
Deadman Walking Feb 14 @ 12:55am 
I'm in !!!
gnp.dale Feb 8 @ 5:34pm 
im waiting
RGN Straightarrow Feb 4 @ 5:50pm 
Waiting...could someone from Steam or Perfect Parallel please give us a release date...its winter..nothing to do....will buy this the day it comes out
Dave Doe Feb 3 @ 3:38am 
TS-3 Server - checked
putting charts - checked
miniature Arnold Palmer talisman - checked

ok, I'm ready to attack those greens
King Javo Jan 29 @ 6:44pm 
Lock me in on this as a day one purchase. Looks great!
natpick Jan 29 @ 5:42am 
its sad that the best golf game we have atm is links 2003,please hurry with this game it looks awesome.