Adura's Merchant Mod - Player Shops
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Adura  [作者] 8 小時以前 
@A Full-Metal Heart: Answered in the FAQs ^^.

Most likely, you're using a mod that alters Lydia in some way (looks, fighting style, essential-ness) and that is placed after this mod. This results in the alterations from my mod (telling her to attend the stand when selected in the dialogue) to be ignored.

Only one mod can have effects on the any one Actor, and the one that gets to effect its changes will be the mod that is the lowest in the load order.

This is why I setup the custom NPC shopkeepers :P Since no mods will alter my own custom NPCs, they are immune to such things.
A Full-Metal Heart 10 小時以前 
hey, Brilliant mod but for some reason, lydia wont go to the stand when i tell her to. she just stands there, being the useless lydia she is.

if you know a way around fixing this issue, i would be most appreciative.
JON_RED_CORN 04 月 16 @ 3:55下午 
@james.friske Just press the subscribe button and Steam will automatically download the mod. The next time you run the Skyrim launcher, give it some time to install and configure and you'll be all set! It's a very simple process but Steam does a bad job in making it self explanatory.
james.friske 04 月 16 @ 2:59下午 
how do i just download this? I dont see a frigging download button anywhere I HATE steam >:(
Pinkie Pie 04 月 11 @ 3:34下午 
Its a nice little mod
joesarahh 04 月 7 @ 9:33下午 
Such a brilliant mod! Have you considered making it availible on Skyrim Nexus? (Unless it is and I missed it?)
shadrac1701 04 月 1 @ 9:01下午 
I apologize. I've done some more 'research' and it appears that I was wrong about the CTD with the BOS, and craftable gold coins. I had those unloaded and Breezehome Basement loaded, along with this and it did fine. When I load BOS, CGC, BHB and this mod, it causes CTD. When I remove Breezehome Basement, OR remove BOS and CGC, then there is no CTD. So the conflict appears to be between BOS, BHB, CGC, and this Mod but only when all 4 of them are loaded together. If you unload the basement or BOS and CGC, it appears fine.
Adura  [作者] 04 月 1 @ 8:54下午 
edit: there's tons of mods that are about craftable gold coins, I may not have used the specific one you do.
Adura  [作者] 04 月 1 @ 8:48下午 
I have heard that it conflicts with Breezehome Basement, but all other claims of that have just said that the stand clips heavily with the altered Breezehome. They never reported any ctds with it.

I have used Unlimited Bookshelves, Hobbiton house and craftable gold coins with this mod (and am still using some of them) and have not experienced any problems at all.

While I have not personally used Bank of Skyrim, people who use my mod have recommended that I use 'Bank of Skyrim' in conjunction with my mod for added fun. This leads me to suspect that they had no problems using them together.
shadrac1701 04 月 1 @ 8:32下午 
I found another conflict. It conflicts with Kolton Burke's Breezehome Basement and the patch, causing a CTD as well. It may also conflict with unlimited bookshelves and hobbiton house. I suspect it also conflicts with craftable gold coins. I'm not sure on that because when I load this mod, those mods get unloaded.
shadrac1701 04 月 1 @ 8:23下午 
This mod conflicts with Bank of Skyrim. It causes a CTD. I have unloaded Bank of Skyrim and the Crash doesn't happen. This mod looks really interesting and i hope you can work with the author of BOS to see if the two mods can work together. Thank you for publishing your mod.
babywillowfawn 03 月 31 @ 6:30下午 
this mod looks good i will give it a try. always wanted to have a place to sell my sstuff with out having to go to vendors for it lol
Bunny Shadow 03 月 31 @ 9:13上午 
Love this mod! thankyou for making it! I look forward for more updates.
Pork Eating infidel 03 月 31 @ 8:10上午 
can you possibly make a stand in markarth (so i can sell human flesh) *evil laugh*
youseenothin 03 月 30 @ 11:00上午 
Well it stopped happening, it just did it once i guess? But anyway great mod! I love it!
Adura  [作者] 03 月 30 @ 10:18上午 
There was no money in the strongbox? That's strange =/
Sorry to say I don't know what happened. Never heard of this before.
youseenothin 03 月 30 @ 10:05上午 
Well in my chest I had some baskets, buckets, plates, and tools and when i came to add more it was all gone and i made no money and the fast travel wasn't very long
Adura  [作者] 03 月 30 @ 9:02上午 
@Youseenothin: ..any chance that they were just sold? How long was the fast travel?
youseenothin 03 月 30 @ 8:27上午 
I fast traveled to my manor to get more stuff to put into my chest. I then came back and all the previous items in the chest were deleted/dissapeared.
Adura  [作者] 03 月 29 @ 8:40下午 
@Xal, Wes: I wouldn't hold my breath, if I were you O_o;

@Carl Grimes: Pretty sure there's a section in the FAQs for that.
General suggestions: Come back later. Look harder (especially in Riften. People have trouble finding her for some reason XD She must blend into the background.). Double check that mod is active.

@Shamo Ying: ^_^

@Mrs. SHark: Hahaha XD Love your comment. It's hilarious.
Adura  [作者] 03 月 29 @ 8:35下午 
Heya Smookey52 ^^

In the description, under conflicts:
"This mod conflicts with Open Cities."

Open Cities makes a copy of the main cities in the open game world. My mod adds stuff to the cells of the original cities, and thus will not appear in Open Cities. (Open Cities, itself, says it will conflict with pretty much any mod that adds things to the cities.)

I have no intention of making it compatible with open cities, for several reasons:
1) I don't use Open Cities, so I have no personal incentive to do it >.<
2) It might not be something I can do without merging the mods, which is a pain and I'd have to get the permission of the creator of Open Cities. The other alternative is to guess where things pop up in the Open Cities areas and put stuff there, hoping they match up. :P
3) I'm lazy in general XD

Glad you like the mod ^^ Sorry you're using one of the few that conflict with it so badly >.<

Happy gaming :D
~DFA~ Sky 03 月 29 @ 8:29下午 
Love your mod and everything about it, i might say this, I was raging a bit before when i spent all the gold only to have no stand in front of my house, you said it rarely doesn't work with other mods but i fixed the problem and turns out it's Open Cities Skyrim, perhaps you can work with that mod to make it even better but the standalone is a 5 out of 5, good work!
Xal 03 月 28 @ 10:59下午 
Please put this on the Nexus =(
Master Chief 03 月 28 @ 2:56下午 
Uhhh, i cant find the people in the Jarl's castle :\
Wes 03 月 27 @ 10:47上午 
Please Put This On The Nexus
Shamo Ying 03 月 26 @ 3:27下午 
Hallelujah! Thank you, seems to work perfectly!
Mrs. Shark 03 月 25 @ 2:47下午 
Ahh, Perfect way to lose some of those goods I... found
Adura  [作者] 03 月 18 @ 11:24上午 
@Little Birdy: Put items in the shop inventory, have someone attend the stall during business hours, pick up profits after each in-game hour.

(ppl who can attend the stand: yourself, spouses, housecarls, hired shopkeepers.)

@Dovahkiin: Yup~
Dovahkiin 03 月 18 @ 10:02上午 
can you even sell stolen stuff ?
Little Birdy 03 月 17 @ 2:16下午 
how can i sell things
Adura  [作者] 03 月 15 @ 5:47下午 

1) Enable subtitles.

2) Consult the FAQ ^^
cmcclain31 03 月 15 @ 5:45下午 
when i was going to the place were the erson is they wouldent talk or let me buy the stand
Adura  [作者] 03 月 15 @ 4:07下午 
also: If I change the listed price that you see in your inventory, that changes the price of the item for everything, including other merchants. Why have a stall to sell items if I was just going to universally increase your ability to sell things at a higher price through vanilla means? XD
Adura  [作者] 03 月 15 @ 4:03下午 
If you restart the mod, sell an item at the lowest merchant level, you should notice getting half of the listed price in your inventory.

At lvl 100, it should be the same as the listed price.
Adura  [作者] 03 月 15 @ 4:02下午 
Listed prices don't change. The amount of gold you GET changes.

I don't know if you CAN universally alter listed prices outside of the merchant/barter screen (short of manually altering each item in the creation kit.)

Listed price (the price in your inventory menu) is not the same as the sell price. (And you can notice that the price of items will, in fact, be different between when you look in your inventory, and when you look at the same item in the barter/sell menu)
jjb-54 03 月 15 @ 3:43下午 
Then something is wrong and I need to restart. :(

Because the sword - has not changed prices from Level 1 - to - level 100.

So it must be on my end.
Adura  [作者] 03 月 15 @ 3:26下午 
and by "that sword", I mean the one you used as an example :P

p.s.: percentage-wise, that's a +.5% of base price each level.

And it'd probably be less annoying to just raise the cap then to redo the formula :P
Adura  [作者] 03 月 15 @ 3:23下午 
You're already making a lot more profit (about double) selling through your stand at lvl 100, then you would be selling to random merchant NPCs.

I think that's a good enough edge >.<

And it already does that.
Say you have that sword.

At merchant level 0, it sells through the stall for 125.
Selling it to an NPC merchant the normal way would sell for ~83 at speech=0, and 125 at speech=100.

At merchant level 100, it sells through the stall at 250.
Selling it to an NPC merchant stays at 83 (speech = 0) and 125 (speech=100)

The formula could be altered, sure, but it already is kinda game breaking >.< And I've also gotten requests to lower the selling %s.
jjb-54 03 月 15 @ 2:58下午 
Alright - maybe we are saying the same thing?? But from different POV's?

Here is what I am asking:

At level zero - Sword sells for 250 septims.
At level 10 (for example) it sells at 252 septims and/or 1 % +/-
So that at level 100 it would sell - say at 300 Septims +/-

Basically - since we are unable to sell anything that we enchant / or enhance with smithing .. this gives the seller a slight edge??

Does this make sense? Since this is found to be made and/or sold by Dovahkiin - reputation makes it more valuable.
Adura  [作者] 03 月 15 @ 2:50下午 
working as intended :P

at lvl 0, it'd have sold at 250 septims.

NPC merchants (depending on series of mods) will sell things for about 33%-50%, depending on speech and perks.
jjb-54 03 月 15 @ 2:21下午 
Okay - I did not see that.

I looked at the base price - 1 item -=> 250 spetims (Sword) ... at level 100 and it had sold for 250 septims.

I will re-check this. Thanks!! :)
Adura  [作者] 03 月 15 @ 1:17下午 
@Jj: Not really sure what you're asking for? ._.

Sounds like you want items to sell for more as your merchant skill increases, which they already do. (from about 50% base value at 0, to 100% base value at 100%. It's higher then normal NPC cuts at lvl 0)
jjb-54 03 月 15 @ 1:13下午 
Okay - was thinking about your mod today as I was restocking my shops with goods to sell.

Is there an easy way to - since we cannot sell items we improve Smithing and/or Enchanting - to maybe increase the percentage base of the base items?

IE: Sword sells for 10 Septims.

As our sales perk increases, so the price of our items can go up .. say 2% =/- for each level?

Just a thought.
Maharba 03 月 15 @ 10:03上午 
Good mod with great potential. Dang that masters program. Who needs school when you can make great mods for me and not get paid for it! Haha I'm just kidding.
Adura  [作者] 03 月 14 @ 7:33下午 

1) maybe. It's something I work on when I feel like it, but the drive for big changes to it doesn't hit often. And the current version on my computer, while it has updated features, also has a lot of things that need to be fixed (things that got messed up while trying new things out.) I refuse to put a broken version on steam! >:O

2) It could. But will it? Not sure. Probably not. It's not on my current beta-list of things to add O_o
andrewenders 03 月 14 @ 7:15下午 
1) Is this mod ever going to get another update?

2) If yes, can a future update include advancing the speech skill?
Adura  [作者] 03 月 12 @ 11:21上午 
@ArMoonz: No trouble at all :P
ArMoonz 03 月 12 @ 11:19上午 
yeah srry...just figured that out myself ;) srry for the trouble
Adura  [作者] 03 月 12 @ 11:10上午 
from 6 posts down, and the description, and the FAQ:

To buy them you must own property in the town and pay some gold. Just talk to the new npcs in the Jarl's building. (2 seen above)
Cookie 03 月 9 @ 3:48下午 
@Adura "I can add a message when players add items that won't sell, to tell them it won't sell. Admittedly, that'd get annoying if you try to jam a bunch in the chest. Maybe I can make it one of those quest notifications in the top-left. I don't remember if those work when in the inventory menu ._. "

"You are carrying too much to be able to run."
"Restore Health discovered from Blue Mountain Flower"
Just putting that out there. ;)