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Adura's Merchant Mod - Player Shops
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sebastiendion123 5 小时以前 
and yes there is a way to resurrect NPCs

command: (click on NPC) resurrect
sebastiendion123 5 小时以前 
dude this mod crashed my game when i lauched skyrim or either it doesn't load properly or loads and the stall's texture is weird
Lucifer 11月27日上午9:31 
want to buy a stand in whiterun, but cant find the stall merchant. i think he may have been killed, any way to ressurect him? not sure how to fix this
Azrik 11月14日下午1:58 
Cool, thanks.
Adura  [作者] 11月13日下午10:05 
@Azrik: The Breezehome Fully Upgradeable mod page on Nexus has a modified version of this mod, which moves the stand away from the garden.
Azrik 11月13日下午6:55 
I'm using the Breezehome Fully upgraded mod. Would this mod conflict with it? I already put the garden outside my house. Would this mod clear the area?
StrikeWyrm 11月6日下午12:08 
could you get together with milti folowers and see if you can get the no stay fixed?
Zaltarus 11月6日上午8:45 
Great mod ! thanks mate!
StrikeWyrm 11月5日下午4:50 
kk must of missed the first and ;P impaling my cosomers
Adura  [作者] 11月5日下午4:38 

1) You're running a mod that conflicts with the housecarl operations. (Any mod that alters the housecarl tab(s) will do this. This is mentioned in the description and FAQ.

2) I know D:
StrikeWyrm 11月5日上午10:28 
otherwise great mod
StrikeWyrm 11月5日上午10:28 
2 things
1) my houscarl (lidia) wont run the stand properly (stays in breezhome and no profit is made)
2) the dagger display case puts the dagger 3 feet infront of the center of the stand (can post screenshots if you want) (tried with multipul daggers)
No one likes my stand ):
Dragneel Brothers 10月30日下午10:29 
Dragneel Brothers 10月30日下午10:28 
Adura for markarth add a platform
Biggus Dickus 10月27日上午4:44 
@ Adura Sry I did not have the subtitles do I do that?lol
The Militant Penguin Front 10月27日上午12:27 
Cool, thank you for your response. I've given the mod a go and frankly it is still most awesomeness. I've thus far cleaned out my stocks of old weapons and armor loots for a total of 500,000 septims. if omly the game had a way to spend that kind of fortune...

Anywho.. this mod gets the Riften seal of approval!
Adura  [作者] 10月26日下午11:54 
@lucylishus: I couldn't find a place to put one in Markarth =/. At least, no place I liked enough.

@The Militant Penguin Front: Yup. Skyrim scripts don't have a way of getting the total value of items, for some reason. (At least, it didn't when the mod was made, don't think that's changed.)

@Greywolf: Check the compatibility list. It should work with anything, except those on the list. (In general, mods that change the appearance of housecarls will affect the housecarl performance for this mod. Open Cities is also plainly incompatible.)

@Biggus Dickus & Ferret With a Hat:
As stated in the FAQ, have you made sure to do the following:
- Enable subtitles to read what the stall sellers say. There are requirements to buy the stand (owning the property, having enough money, etc).
- Check the compatibility list. For instance, this mod is not compatible with Open Cities and never will be. The stands simply won't appear if you use that mod.
Biggus Dickus 10月26日下午7:10 
sry does not work for me, and even from reading it needs work, I did like the idea though and I am sad anyone know whats wrong all I do is say I want a stand, then I walk away and theres no stand. Was there more dialog? or does it just not work? :|
The Militant Penguin Front 10月24日下午2:22 
So if I am understanding this right ... upgrading a steel sword to legandary at the forge will not increase it's sell value at the mods market stall? It will still sell for the "base value" of the steel sword?
GreyWolf 10月22日下午6:20 
will it go good whit all mods?
lucylishus 10月17日上午11:32 
Y is there no stand in markarth? DX
ferret with a hat 10月2日下午4:32 
this didn't show up in your google docs but I bought the stand in white run but its not there I watched a video of it so I know where the stand should be but its not there.
MadManCK 9月15日上午12:58 
Good to see there is still development for this awesome mod.
@Benjin: Please make it compatible with Open Cities.
I always wanted a Dragonborn Import company, to give the game some trading depth. There is a warehouse in Windhelm....
And wolesale chests, where you can dump all you can not sell in or even forge stuff on demand. (30-50-70% price, based on trading skills).
Anyway, good luck with Path of the Merchant. Aduras work deserves some more.
Adura  [作者] 9月14日上午11:38 
@Benjin: Sure, go for it.

In the credits/mod page, please put a small list of the things you used from this mod. Thanks :D

(I look forward to seeing what you've added ^_^)
Benjin 9月14日上午6:31 
@Adura About a month ago, you said that anyone who wishes to improve upon the mod has your blessing. Is this still the case?

Ever since you wrote that, I've been using this mod as a framework (ministers of commerce, the existing stand locations, the merchant leveling + selling system) for a much bigger Merchant mod, with a sandbox-type story questline that I plan to further develop. If I do release it sometime this year, would you mind me changing the name to "Path of the Merchant", and label you as one of the creators (Steam workshop version) + listed in the credits?
imperialguard82 9月3日上午11:53 
I seem to have run into a problem with the people who sell the stands, for the one in Riften, as soon as I step into the main hal everyone immediately turns hostile against her and kills her. For the one in Whiterun, he is not there, please help.
HodorTheTrueHeir 8月31日上午2:07 
Great mod if you have tons of useless iron weapons that you can't sell to other merchants. Once you leave your items at the merchant stand, go adventure for awhile and once you come back there's an enormous profit waiting for you!
ChronophobianQ 8月27日上午2:00 
Great mod, really like it. But i can't get my housecarl or the hired merchant to work the booth in solitude for some reason. I have not done any of the bards college quests yet.
Snip3rW0lf 8月25日上午11:47 
I have an idea you can try to impliment if you want. Ysolda in Whiterun has always wanted to be a merchant, you should make it so you can hire her if you dont want to marry her. I dont know what you think or if you will do it but i think it might be a good idea for it. Otherwise i love the mod. its so much better then trying to wait to sell items when i dont want to wait 48 hours to reset shops.
Radikate 8月21日下午4:05 
The stall isn't there, I purchased it and have people to work there but there's no stand in whiterun? There is no mods that edit whiterun that I own.. confused
Связной 8月20日上午3:04 
give me please link this mod.
lecarre 8月18日上午12:02 
Sorry for your loss Adura, been there, done that.
Charbi 8月15日上午7:55 
Awesome well done! but what does getting rid of brynjolf do?
ampethos 8月14日上午2:55 
I'm having trouble finding the NPC that sells you the stall ( I'm rtying to get the whiterun stall and i have already bought breezehome) would there be a way to spawn or teleport him to me?
Atheist 8月13日上午12:55 
This is a really nice mod, and reading over the to do list, i think caravans should be a different mod where you customise the guards (ie buying their gear) that guard your caravans on their trips. Also of course (a) warehouse(s), other competing caravan companies, and caravan stations. But i really like this mod so far, and if the to do list is implimented i could give maven black briar a run for her money.
MangoPi 8月12日下午12:42 
I own hjerim and it won't allow mw to buy the stall there. This may have been caused by the glitchiness of blood on the ice, but is really bothering me. Could you possibly fix this?
Adura  [作者] 8月9日上午10:11 
@Wesleyreiley: You must own the Riften house before you can buy the stand.

@Pootis: What Lecarre said. Also, make sure it's the last loaded mod. Stands don't appear until you buy them, and the sellers can be hard to find sometimes.

@Benjin & Lecarre: I don't have the time or will to work on the mod, anymore. I also lost all the resources and mod files in a computer crash. Anyone who wants to improve on the mod has my blessing, so long as appropriate credit is given.

@Tigerclaw: People do not physically come to the stand, items sell regularly. You may have the house's housecarl attend the stand for you (or your spouse, or a hired shopkeeper),
epicsnowleopard 8月9日上午8:22 
it says i need influince in riften??? help
Bum Chucket 8月8日下午2:58 
verry noice mod
lecarre 8月8日上午9:19 
Over 2 years with no attention to this mod is a shame, it's a nice start. Put it on the nexus and i'm sure you will get help to finish it.

Pootis, are you using Open Cities? Not compatible.
Propane God #FundledGrundles 8月7日下午4:22 
I have subscribed to the mod and enabled it yet i can't see any of the stands or the npcs that sell them to you
Benjin 8月5日上午10:32 
Do you still have plans to expand the mod? Steam says that the last update was 2 years ago.
Tigerclaw252 8月2日下午12:23 
do i actaully talk to people when they buy things or do i just sit their looking pretty
Adura  [作者] 7月20日上午11:05 
@aaronpom2: Do you own the house (Breezehome, I'm assuming from the price)?
aaronpom2 7月20日上午8:18 
so its not taking my money when i say yes to the 1000 gold and yeah its not allowing me to buy the stand
Drop Down 7月10日下午6:12 
please do markarth please, i will be grateful
Toaster 7月9日上午9:56 
Hmm...I guess I didn't wait long enough or something. It works now, but I thought it'd be instant. (Lydia's still attending.) Great mod though. Thanks Adura.
Adura  [作者] 7月8日下午8:28 
@toaster: Hmm, odd. Try putting the mod as the last loaded and hiring the shopkeeper at the inn instead of Lydia. If that doesn't work, then I don't know what's up =/

Haven't heard of this before.
Toaster 7月8日下午5:47 
@Adura I found the Inventory Chest and put some stuff in it. I put Lydia to attend the stall via dialogue, and she sat down. (I put weapons, armor, potions, ingrediants, and misc. stuff in it.) I went to do some stuff for like 2 or 3 in-game days, went back to check on things, checked the business ledger (Which somehow I recruited to my guild I got from the nexus...), checked my merchant level and it was still level 0...I switched places with Lydia, waited, and no sells. Also, how do you complete the quest?