Adura's Merchant Mod - Player Shops
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Adura  [автор] 28 фев в 10:21 
@BagelBalls: Yes, I know. It's mentioned in the 'Conflicts' section in the description. That mod adds trees everywhere, and just so happens to place some where the stand is. As the description says, please consult the FAQ for potential work-arounds.
Adura  [автор] 28 фев в 10:21 
@Cory_levasseur: Thanks ^^

@Sneaux: The script is attached to the chests in the towns. So you would need to go to the town in the Creation Kit, find and click on the chests, right click on the scripts and select Properties.

@Holytiger: That functionality is not included. Working as intended :P Have a housecarl or hired merchant (from the inn) attend the stand to keep selling items while you're away.

@game-user24: Thanks ^_^~

@Magic: Working as intended. I didn't have the time or expertise to spawn goods from the chest onto the stall (the method used by the NPC shops would NOT work for a custom stand).
NPC visitors are not included.

If you want to keep selling items while you explore, have a housecarl or hired merchant attend the stand while you are gone ^^. If you experience bugs with the housecarls, please consult the FAQ.
►BagelBalls 🐱I==🐱۞❤ 28 фев в 10:07 
this mod combined with the mod that makes whiterun beautiful, has a tree in the stand
Magis 28 фев в 8:05 
oh... i actually get gold by sitting and waiting without pressing t, but it is not visible.... o___O
Magis 28 фев в 7:39 
Why is the goods not revealed on the market stall? When i sit there, noone is coming and by. Only if i wait a hour by pressing t to wait. Then i got gold in the strongboks. please help! :)
game-user24 23 фев в 13:33 
a wonderfull mod i rate it a deadric arrow stuck in ulrfics heart out of ten <3
holytiger10 20 фев в 5:18 
are people suppose to go up to the stand?? i dont have anyone but i keep getting money O.o
Sneaux 18 фев в 4:09 
@Adura I feel the same way as hurk about the limited stall inventory. I went into the creation kit to try and make the adjustment myself but I've never used it before I was kind of overwhelmed. Could tell me the name of the script i should be looking for? I'm pretty sure i could figure out from there.

great mod ten/10
cory_levasseur 16 фев в 22:19 
I am really enjoying this mod, thanks for a great addition!
Adura  [автор] 14 фев в 13:49 
@Hurk: Sort of sounds like you'd really like a mod that filters items from your inventory as they come in. Like, having it get rid of (or "magically" sell) junk items when you pick them up.
Hurk 14 фев в 13:02 
Thank you for the reply and your continued hard work Adura. I am at level 68 so have used your mod extensively now and although it is not exactly what I was looking for, it has proven entertaining in its own right.

I just wish you could hire some follower to go around and sell your stuff while you kill and collect more. The game really gets boring and time consuming dealing with inventory and gold for me as it is not something I enjoy after doing it a few hundred times. I will just have to go back to dropping stuff in some random non-permanent container and using console to give myself an appropriate sum less I quit playing yet again before completing all the big quests.
SunTzuKhan 14 фев в 11:48 
Thanks for the reply =) , am thoroughly enjoying your mod. Will just have to wait on or figure out a way to make the cities open later, the extra load screens are a pain and immersion breaking though bearable.
Adura  [автор] 14 фев в 11:33 
@SunTzuKhan: I've never encountered one =/

@Hurk: Each stall can hold an unlimited number of any ~40 different items. A price limit is in place but lessens (and disappears) as you become a better merchant.

To remove this 40 item cap, you would need to increase the size of the array on the script. I don't know if this can be done through console, but if you were able to re-install the script it is a simple process to change the script properties. The format of the script does not allow infinite holding space - The functions needed to do so are quite buggy in Skyrim.

(The original version was designed for infinite items, but the list functions often broke the script whenever the items were sorted, which needed to happen to properly handle the items =/

So I manually created an array and my own sorting and handling functions in the script. It's much more stable that way ^_^)
Hurk 14 фев в 8:34 
Great mod but is there a command I can add to make the chest hold unlimited items or at least greatly increase it?

The value of this mod for me will be greatly enhanced when I can just come to town, dump excess stuff in there then run out to fight more. Storing stuff inside unlimited chest in my home, then bringing it out and putting it in there, making sure I dont accidentally add wrong items adds way too many steps to make this mod worthwhile for me at this point.
SunTzuKhan 11 фев в 12:01 
I have been looking and am just curious, Is there a patch anywhere for this to work with Open Cities??
Taskmaster1568 9 фев в 13:26 
ThAnKs M8
Adura  [автор] 8 фев в 15:53 
@ChipmonkLova: For most of the stalls, it's because they are on the land around that property - so you must own it to use it. For Riften, it's mainly a 'proof of residence and responsibility' thing :P.

@Taskmaster: Go to the chest that says "My Inventory", open it and shove junk in there. At early levels, there is a price cap! As you sell more and become a better merchant, the cap loosens and eventually goes away.

@ShadowOfReaperX: At higher merchant levels the price you get is better than the price of selling to merchants - unless you get max speech and some +speech enchanted items.

It's also more convenient. Just don't sell enchanted stuff this way, sell those to merchants. The scripting language's price mechanics don't handle enchanted things well (or at all, really).
ShadowOfReaperX 8 фев в 12:44 
Is this any better than just selling the stuff directly?
Taskmaster1568 5 фев в 13:55 
how do i put things in shop inv. ?
ChipmunkLova 2 фев в 19:02 
why do u have to own property? i think this could be for every town (not just the house ones) i mean u pay 5k for a house then 1k for a stand :/ still, GREAT MOD I LOVE IT
Adura  [автор] 2 фев в 16:46 
@ElfyPers0n: The prices are not based on the materials used to make the stand, but on the land-using prices. Solitude looks like a place that would have expensive land and housing, so it is an expensive stand. It is also a location with expensive stores (fine jewelry and wear, etc).

I'm not sure what you mean in the rest of your post =/
ElfyPers0n 2 фев в 16:17 
It's a great mod, but I've a few suggestions:
Perhaps lowering the prices would be nice. the smaller stall in the Solitude Vanilla Market, for example, would cost around 100-200 septims to set up, I'd imagine. The large one by the manor might be, at most, 500-750.
Also, though this might just be a personal preference more than anything, it'd be nice to not have any random npcs hanging around with little ties to their surroundings. Perhaps you could add their functions to the holds' stewards? It wouldn't be hard to find fitting dialogue in the vanilla files, anyways, eliminating your need for voice acting.
Just some ideas; I'm not trying to sound too critical. Forgive me for being a bit of a lore-maniac xD
romanovws 30 янв в 22:51 
fix please crashes when I sohou in the market that I have after a few seconds crashes Skyrim
Brezlon 30 янв в 8:34 
Adura - that could be it. Pardon my assumption. The break I took from the game certainly didn't help my memory. I'll see if I can disable the table then & move the merchant over to release him from his 24/7 job. :)

Shame you're thinking of adopting it out, but yeah RL can be an arrow in the knee at times. Hoping you'll get more playtime soon so you can mod to your heart's content, whether in Skyrim or elsewhere.^^
Adura  [автор] 30 янв в 8:30 
@Wildstrike: ^_^ Thanks.
Once you reach lvl 75+ the price cap is removed.

@JesseYork55: It's a mod conflict somewhere =/ Find it and fix it to not be murderized XD

@Bearhiderug: Thanks <3

@Enderking47: There is a modified version on the Breezehome Fully Upgradable nexus page.

@Mom's Spaghetti: Strange, sounds like you didn't actually buy them. Do you have subtitles enabled? Maybe you didn't fulfill one of the requirements to buy them?

@g.didier: ^_^

@Chihaya Ayase: Sorry D:

@Brezlon: The new picnic table and stuff is from another mod - sounds like a 'Towns and Villages Enhanced' one, which are mentioned on the description as conflicting for this reason. Those extra items also mess with the stewar'ds pathing routines =/

As for voices/etc: I am considering putting the mod up for adoption, as I have been too busy to work on it and that doesn't seem like it's going to change anytime soon ; ;
Brezlon 30 янв в 7:13 
I recently came back into Skyrim after a good break (and comp upgrade). Seems my merchant shop has upgraded. Only it's more of a downgrade for me..

In Windhelm:

- I have a new picnic table. (along with the 2 stands). It's very bulky & in the way. Wish I could remove it or downgrade somehow.

- My shopkeep stands in the snowdrift all day, every day (and night). Does not go home, does not take breaks. Just acts like a mannequin. I'm not fond of mannequins (actually, they move more than this guy in my game.)

Because of the new picnic table & the way the shopkeep is set, I can't really get behind the stall & roleplay myself as selling anything. While I haven't unsubbed, I just don't actively use this mod anymore. I would like to though!

Also, will you be adding in voices any time soon? I'd love to contribute to some voice acting if possible.
Chihaya Ayase 30 янв в 6:22 
damn wanted one in markarth
g.didier 28 янв в 7:52 
it works for me.I have no problems,I really like this,it is very useful..quel domage that items are not visible on the stand...thank so much
Dazmine 28 янв в 2:09 
The Whiterun stall is right by Breezehome, to the left as you approach the door
Mom's Spaghetti 27 янв в 21:42 
I bought a stall in Whiterun and Riften and i cant see either, Brynjolf's stand is still there and I've done his first quest so he's never there, also the Whiterun one i just don't see it anywhere.
enderking47 25 янв в 19:40 
Can you add it to Nexus?
heavenly father save me please 22 янв в 18:15 
sollitude is broken
heavenly father save me please 22 янв в 18:14 
i clicked "i want to open my own stall" but she doesn't do anything and like respawns at like 10 milli second speed i see her like reappear it's weird

bearhiderug 19 янв в 21:31 
@ hawkgav You most likly have another mod conflicting with a cell or the house or the guy who you but the house from.

Could try becoming a thane and buy a house if you have not done so yet.
bearhiderug 19 янв в 21:30 
Amazingly nice mod. Even better if your the type who dislike having to sell all your things. Put in a chest and come back whenever your in the area. Leveling up seemed about right. The amount you can sell needs work. Good mod and easy to use.

Adding this to my permanent mod list in the future.
Great job,

If the gold level is increased, a few more options with shopkeepers dialoge wise thi would be an easy 5/5.
JesseYork55 17 янв в 20:21 
I downloaded this mod and now every one of the housecarls are trying to murder me...anyone else having this problem?
TheSuspiciousOrange 13 янв в 20:09 
Absolutely wonderful mod. I adore it and cannot play skyrim anymore without. But perhaps you could increase the leveling increments for the merchant skill? I'm nearing level 50 and am just hitting be able to sell items worth 750. It just feels a little unsatisfying to be such a high merchant level and be so limited on the price of the items I can sell. But other than that, this mod is a life saver when trying to clear out all of those extra tidbits you get from questing.
Adura  [автор] 13 янв в 17:44 
@dead_toyrobots: The name should be something like adura_skyrimmerchantmod.esp

@Babyzeff: Read the FAQs --> Buy the stand from the NPC at the Jarl's keep.
Babyzeff 13 янв в 1:41 
I cant seem to find the stand in whiterun and i checked next to breeze home
dead_toyrobots 12 янв в 21:33 
@Adura i tried that, not luck; what dose it come as? maybe I removed the wrong one
JesseYork55 12 янв в 21:03 
Great mod, but I wish that you could put your items on the little shelves without having to put them there manually.
Adura  [автор] 12 янв в 3:46 
@hawkgav: Have the key to the house in your inventory for Windhelm.

@dead_toyrobots: Go to the Skyim launcher, then to "Data Files". Find this mod and untick it.
dead_toyrobots 11 янв в 21:56 
i tried removing the mod becuase i wanted to start a new and for some reason it wont turn off... any suggestions
hawkgav [UN] 10 янв в 23:07 
Great mod, but i have found a bug, i own the house in Windhelm but the guy doesn't recognize that i have one so can't open the stand HELP ME
OwenCain 6 янв в 13:36 
I love this mod, even without the voices, it allows lots of room for roleplay and expands the way you can obtain gold :D
Oldman_Jankins 5 янв в 2:29 
Amazing mod but it needs some voice acting.
AmaDraque 3 янв в 15:54 
Great mod. I'll definitely try it out once I have reacquainted myself with the game.

"To-Do List: - create a buyable and customizable Inn, Player House-Shop, warehouse and perhaps an empire to build."

Now those ideas are uniquely awesome.
Winged_Doughnut 1 янв в 19:29 
my voice isnt working for the npcs
SWAGGYSUPERSGT 31 дек, 2014 в 20:24 
ok awesome. i got it to work. thanks. its really a great mod!!!!!

and if i could add, maybe with an upcoming update put in placeable racks or shelves kinda like a bookshelf so we can display items like a store. because its near impossible to manually set up stuff.