Adura's Merchant Mod - Player Shops
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Adura  [autor(a)] há 3 horas 
@John: The Riften shop has some options for...less than legal ventures >:3

Also, don't have a stable version of the mod on my computer, and don't have the time to make it stable >.< So I can't update the mod with fixes for that (unless you want my unstable version :x )

@Hardware: <3 :D

@Lord Cuss: *evil cackle* excellent~ (Stealthily picks your pocket for some of your illicit gains.)

@John Paul Jones: Now if only we had a Holo follower ; ; There's got to be some good fox ear and tail stuff out there D:

@Steinfurz: What Ruric Thar said!!

@Willy: Hehe XD Nice. Also, no crashes for that long? Wow :O

@Jon: >.< There's a list for the places that have stalls. *Comfort*

@Ruric: Specialization is aesthetic. It has no bearing on what you may or may not sell. Also, thanks for helpin out on comments :D I'm employed now and am constantly busy T_T
RuricThar há 17 horas 
Steinfurz: you have to put the items in the chest not the safe. the safe is where the gold will appear once stuff sells lol!
RuricThar há 17 horas 
so if i specialize my stand for ,oh lets say apothecary, will it only sells apothecary type things or will it still sell everything no matter what you specialize it as?
Jon Snow 27 de ago às 21:16 
Willy A. Jeep 26 de ago às 11:56 
Heheh, left my game running while I was away for the day and, thank Talos for no crashes, made quite the pretty septim sitting in Riften.
Steinfurz 25 de ago às 14:03 
I am sitting on the chair and there are items in the safe but its not selling :(
John Paul Jones 23 de ago às 11:04 
Now I can finally role play as "Kraft Lawrence" in Spice and Wolf, minus Holo, sadly.
Aviendha Far Dareis Mai 23 de ago às 8:16 
you read my thoughts! thanks for this mod, will try it now!
Lord Cuss 21 de ago às 21:26 
love it thx :) finally can sell stolen item and dont need to be a thief
Hardware 20 de ago às 15:16 
This was the first mod I downloaded, and I've been endlessly happy with it. Awesome job!
John3J16 14 de ago às 15:20 
Great mod except I'd really appreciate you fixing the quest objectives (they're laggy, gramatically incorrect, and bother my OCD). :P Also, a great addition would be able to specialize your store as a "Black Market" in other words selling stolen items, however I'd still like to be able to sell stolen items anyways :P
Improper Use 12 de ago às 22:48 
Adura yes after the quest was completed. Also well the stall had to be repurchased.

The NPCs that are ment to be at the burning; the castle chef the maids bards etc, just stand around the stall well after the event has finished. Some park themselves inside the stand as well.
If I request a follower to sit in the chairs they cannot path to them and do not move.
The selling still occurs if I park my character on the chair.
Perhaps this is a conflict with the unofficial patch as they believe the scripting for the weekly burning is 'fixed' and within their mod. Perhaps not.

I assume each npc has a endquest command for the burning, that would return them to their normal places.

This only occurs after the burning, so from not on I'm just not going to do the quest.
:) Thanks for your reply
Adura  [autor(a)] 11 de ago às 17:07 
@Improper Use: Not sure =/ Did you finish the bard quest and then find lots of new NPCs there?

If the housecarl stops working, the most likely case is that you got a new mod that alters their AI, and its overriding my mod.

If so, you may have luck with the shopkeepers at the inn you can hire ^^

@Trentburton: ty ^_^

@cozzamcl: Sorta. SkullM0nkey hosts a slightly modified version on his Breezehome Fully Upgradable page.

@Azel of Ratonera: No idea =/ I didn't update it or anything. Sorta sounds like Steam or something else restarted the mod.

As for Lydia, maybe you got a mod that alters her (such as her appearance) ? That'll override the ai packages the mod uses for housecarls.
Azel of Ratonera 11 de ago às 14:34 
Hey there. I love this mod, yet I seem to be having trouble now. Its worked in the past, but it seems all of a sudden this doesnt work anymore. I had Lydia work my stand and she no loger does so. Also it says all my merchant levels are gone. I hav no clue whats going on
cozzamcl 10 de ago às 6:35 
amazing is it on nexus
trentburton 9 de ago às 17:02 
i love the mod
Improper Use 8 de ago às 16:12 
Ummm I can't seem to find a search function and the FAQ with google docs is asking for a signin...
I've been using this mod since you released it, and for the first time I have a problem.
The Solitude stall has a lot of NPC's hanging around it, clipping in it and asking the housecarl to attend does not work.
If I ask a follower to sit in the chair they cannot path to it.
Its in the bottom of the load order with nothing I have not used with this mod before.

Of note I did buy the stand before the burning of king olaf. And had to buy it again after.
I have tried a clean save without the mod but the same issue continues.

Do you know of a fix aside from going back to a earlier save?

And thanks a bunch :)
Adura  [autor(a)] 8 de ago às 15:09 
@Erik: Go to the Jarl's place and talk to the NPC. Make sure you meet the requirements.
Using subtitles is recommended.
erik99 8 de ago às 12:38 
@Adura were can i buy the shop
Adura  [autor(a)] 6 de ago às 15:28 
@Norakk: Did you not see the many posts I made throughout those comments? >.<;

There is a non-workshop version. It is, however, slightly modified. (It was made to make the mod more compatible with Breezehome Fully Upgradable, and moves the Breezehome stall across the street to less....pleasant looking place.)

Skullm0nkey hosts it at his page, just check out the files:

If you enjoy it, comment/rate/etc here >.< That nexus page is not mine.
Adura  [autor(a)] 6 de ago às 15:26 
@Kudagras: The lazy part of me doesn't want to try, and the perfectionist in me isn't fond enough of those areas to make a stall >.< I can sorta see having it near the stables, but at the same time that feels a little awkward.

@Musa.Joker: In the Jarl's building. Look around alot :P If it's the Riften one, check everywhere! She's a camouflaged ninja.

@Nerocypher: Not that I've ever seen. My mod doesn't touch anything that would conflict or modify the lighting =/

@SteveMaster: Sell your enchanted stuff to the stores, then sell the rest through your stalls ^^
Norrakk 6 de ago às 9:13 
Hey Adura, I guess seeing all the comments you receive that you most likely will not answer to anyone who asks you to help with your mod but I'm too desperate not to try.

So now, I wondered if there was not a version of your mod "Adura's Merchant Mod" that I could download other than on the Workshop, since I have a big bug with my Steam launcher so I can not download mod from the Workshop.

I really like the work you have provided and I find that there is no other mod that is like so I would really like to have it :)

P.S If anybody that reading this can also fix my problem, it would be appreciated!

Thanks for reading! :)
SlaveMaster 3 de ago às 11:28 
this mode looks good, but as enchanter is useless :(
Nerocypher 30 de jul às 15:59 
Has anyone else had an issue with some lighting bugs with this mod? I've noticed that while I have the hired help attending the stand the environmental lighting on rocks, deposits, walls, basically everything except the ground itself is jacked up. It will be normal if you stand still but as soon as I start moving the lighting shifts as the characters head bobs up and down... this is currently the only mod I'm using so I know it isnt conflicting...
Drams. 30 de jul às 9:54 
i cant find the npc to buy the stand :(
Kudagras 27 de jul às 13:39 
How about outside the city of Markarth? Near the horse stalls. Perhaps editing or dupping a Khajit caravan will work for your caravan idea. Sort of new at modding.
Adura  [autor(a)] 27 de jul às 4:13 
@Calvin: If you use both mods, problems may occur. This was reported to me early on (over a year ago), and I didn't test it personally. So, I can't give you much information on what'll happen =/
Calvin Lee 27 de jul às 3:59 
"This mod conflicts with My Home is Your Home, if you are using AFT at the same time. " Does this mean simply having the two running at the same time will provide problems? Or is it just when I use the mods on the home/stall?
CLU3 26 de jul às 9:47 
super cool mod thanks!
d3killer14 24 de jul às 0:40 
@ Adura that's easy right next a gaint forsworn banner because forsworn are overall badasses and hate nords xD
Adura  [autor(a)] 23 de jul às 22:31 
@d3killer14: It makes it so brynjolf won't sell his falmer blood where your stand is.

@Skyrim Knight: Because I couldn't find a place I was willing to put it in Markarth.
Skyrim Knight 23 de jul às 19:11 
Question why did you not make a stall for Markarth?
d3killer14 23 de jul às 14:34 
what is the brynolf option for jsut to see his ugly face again ohh wait that's mercer...
The H-Man 23 de jul às 3:54 
@Adure Proudspire is untoched. The are looks like vanilla and tcl and looking around turned up nothing. I bought it, since i use Fuz-Ro-Doh or how that one mod is called, that gives you standart lips and empty sounds so you can read subs. I have Proudspire and I had 20.000 Gold. The price was 10.000 I will look in TES5Edit if there are any overrides. I will let you know if there are any!
Adura  [autor(a)] 23 de jul às 2:14 
@The H-Man: Huh...strange O_o Dunno what's going on there.

Some possibilities:
- Another mod has moved Proudspire to the right, and it ate the stand.
- You may not have actually bought the stand. (particularly likely if you don't have subtitles on and didn't read the "You don't qualify, blah blah" response.)
- A weird and terrible mod conflict D:

@Wurank: >.< the guards've got nothin' to do with sell speed.
It does sound neat though ^^

You can change the chest size yourself in the Creation Kit ^^

Find the chest in the mod, go to its script, go to properties and increase the size of the array that hold the items.
Wurank 22 de jul às 22:03 
Oh and i think the shop chest limit is too small, i filled it up and still have tons more to put in.
Wurank 22 de jul às 22:00 
Great Mod now i have some thing to do with all the armour ive collected from bandits. I found something that may or may not be actualy happening, but i put swords out for decoration in my stand. and i have three guards in front of my stand at all times, telling me to take down the decorations and i think my items are selling faster. But i am not sure if thats how it works.
The H-Man 22 de jul às 6:14 
Got a small problem. I bought the stand, I own proudspire manor but I still don't see the stand in the location seen on the pictures. Do you have any idea why the stand isn't there? I did go into an interior and waited a bit went out and still nothing. I will try to wait 10 days so the city respawns
grimreapaa 21 de jul às 11:49 
Thanks for the help! Enjoying the mod so far.
Adura  [autor(a)] 21 de jul às 11:28 
@Grimreapaa: Glad to help ^^

This mod can sell any item in the game, even those from other mods.

Just avoid selling enchanted items - they're value isn't calculated properly.

Also, I once had weird things happen when I sold off all my daedric artifacts. (The chest script broke D:) Could've been any of them. *shrug* Dunno what happened, but fair warning on that >.<
grimreapaa 21 de jul às 4:15 
Since the author posts so frequently (thank you btw), I was wondering if this mod is able to sell other mod items? I have the immersive weapons and armor pack and I was wondering if this mod can sell them.
Adura  [autor(a)] 21 de jul às 1:22 
@Frontroxes: Yup. It's not speechcraft, so it doesn't need to be in person :P

Think of your merchant skill as something like reputation. The more stuff you sell, the higher your reputation, the more you will sell for better prices ^^

So long as the stuff sells, your merchant skill increases.
frontroxes 20 de jul às 20:29 
will i level up in mechent skill if i have someone else do the selling or no
Adura  [autor(a)] 13 de jul às 22:24 

Whiterun Enhanced adds trees to that sections (some other plants too)

This is also listed in the 'conflicts' section above:
"- Towns and Villages Enhanced places trees and landscaping in your market area. See FAQs on suggestions to remove them ^^. "

You may either:
1) remove this mod. Or use different stands in different towns.
2) Use the version offered in the link a few comments down. It moves the stand across the street.
3) As the FAQs mentions, use 'disable' in the console commands to remove the tree.
pedotto 13 de jul às 22:21 
hey my merchant stall in breezehome has a tree in the front of it and the back making it hard to access the inventory. Is there any way you can move it a little, i have the enhanced whiterun steam version along with quite a few other mods but i am sure it is this mod because it is the only one that adds trees to whiterun that i have.
Adura  [autor(a)] 13 de jul às 21:25 
Your thanks are good enough ^^ Warm fuzzies for everyone! :D
[00a2ff]Chaonic ☣ 13 de jul às 21:24 
Woah, you replied fast! :D I have to thank you for the effort to look for the link, though X3
Hmmh... I don't have any spare money left, but I will find a way to thank you properly for being awesome!
Adura  [autor(a)] 13 de jul às 21:23 
also, what does "Stell deinen Stand auf den Marktlpatz " mean? My translator programs give me something incomprehensible O_o
Adura  [autor(a)] 13 de jul às 21:21 
XD and right as I post it, I find that you replied :P
glad you found it ^^
Adura  [autor(a)] 13 de jul às 21:21 
@Chaonic: tyvm ^_^
And he didn't steal my place >.< We just both realize good real estate when we see it :3 XD

I would not move it, as SkullM0nkey moved it for me >.<

The patched version is in the 'optional files' section here:

I don't know if it would reset the mod. It shouldn't, if the mod has the same .esp filename.

And ty for your kindness ^^

Luckily, 2 out of the other 3 stands are in prime locations ^^. The last one in Windhelm is not an ideal spot though ~_~