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Beast Skeletons
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sggaghghwaghwghwgh 31. heinä 10.58 
I think something happened with this, cause I think this mod adds a bra to my charector? Does it?
sggaghghwaghwghwgh 30. heinä 16.18 
To the author: This probas goes well with the devourment mod, eh? Theres an option to "crouch to sh*t skeletons" instead of a blob of goop, so this is a nice touch, correct? Why I didn't dscover this sooner is beyond even me.
PROMETHEUS  [tekijä] 28. heinä 10.47 
others have implemented in some monster lists.
Caboose 25. heinä 13.46 
I understand why you nay have not (being as you said they shouldn't be in nordic burials) but could you make a second mod that intergrates these with regular skeletons? Or has that already been do by somebody else? Either way, thanks for reading this far.
BreakfastBoy 22. heinä 12.22 
Will this increase the strength of the Skeletons? I don't want to subscribe to something if I can only fight it for a few seconds.
Kyle 2. heinä 1.33 
can you make this compatible with the digitigrade feet mods?
1ButtonDash 24. kesä 7.24 
very cool, kinda reminds me of everquest. i remember killing Iksar skeletons (lizard men)
Nimriel 19. kesä 20.04 
oh cool! thanks :) he's a cute addition
PROMETHEUS  [tekijä] 19. kesä 8.50 
Its the italian word for the item :) .
Nimriel 19. kesä 5.22 
hello! I went to the doomstone and it was just like you said. I have encountered nothing wrong and I really like this mod. Just one question though; who is techio? there was a lizard skull at the doomstone called Techio and I was just wondering what he was there for, or was he already there? I really like him, for some reason, though. He's just an item. thanks!
PROMETHEUS  [tekijä] 19. kesä 0.21 
yes its supposed to happen because the "creature" skeleton , do not have "bone" links for animating them , unfortunately I couln't do in another way .
Zoinho1 18. kesä 10.05 
Sorry, i expected to be hard to you understand what i was trying to say, english is not my language.
I have a screenshot that show what i was trying to say, all beast skeletons (enemies and mine "spell"), her tails stay all the time on this position, this was supposed to happen?
PROMETHEUS  [tekijä] 8. kesä 4.07 
There was no animationon the skeletons to add unfortunately , the skeleton of the characters and the one of the monster skeletons are not the same.
Zoinho1 7. kesä 9.29 
Sorry, clean saves? I started i new, is that? btw, i playing with a Argonian and the spell Conjure skeleton bring a skeleton Argonian, that is working, but the skeleton tail should have some animation/movement like from my character? For my argonian skeleton is tail are stuck on her ass, outstretched like a arrow.
PROMETHEUS  [tekijä] 2. kesä 14.15 
you need to clean the saves I guess.
Zoinho1 31. touko 15.20 
I started playing again after a long time and now is not working anymore.
Mi-LaitSixRusses 25. touko 9.32 
I have a little problem with the mod. I cross the skeleton, but they won't attack me.

I'm on the basement in the wizard Academy, maybe it's rare i have no idea, but it's suspicious.

I have so many mod (180+), they are Merged and Bashed. It's possibility the mod may have conflict with a another mod who changed/modified the faction, as Convenient Horses or another ?
[Kykrk] Zarg30 25. huhti 1.30 
How do I activate?
Norvend 24. huhti 11.25 
i love Valve
Flicityboo 4. huhti 11.33 
ToxicSniper101 28. maalis 6.25 
I would make a race model for this that would be fucking badass to.
Pootis 11. maalis 11.32 
Does this conflict with Bones and Skeletons Retexture by Andre7890?
AbadopolGrimspree 12. helmi 16.15 
Makes more sense. Thanx.
PROMETHEUS  [tekijä] 9. helmi 2.29 
ok ok ...
kurrgaag 9. helmi 1.00 
i may have hit the flag by mistake, if i did i am so sorry i have not been awake long and was wanting to favorite, not sure if i hit the flag, again if i did I REALLY DID NOT MEAN TOO SO SORRY IF I DID
Mortalitas 8. helmi 10.12 
I've seen one great job man
PROMETHEUS  [tekijä] 6. helmi 4.24 
They are very rare , but are around , you might also want to reason in terms of realism and guess in wich dungeons they might be ... meaning only in non Nord exclusive ones.
Mortalitas 5. helmi 7.57 
They're probably rare
RedVelociraptor 3. helmi 17.05 
i have yet to see a single beast skeleton
Deathsparks 28. tammi 15.40 
Joel brought me here.
Be strong 27. tammi 20.15 
spooky scary skeleton
Firestorm 24. tammi 16.57 
Too flippen sp00ky! Any way I always found it dumb how there were only human skeletons being animated. rated, faved, subed.
this mod is very sp00ky you should put a sp00k warning
Xotano 15. tammi 10.44 
thi is pretty damn awesome but i cant use it, not with the tails sticking straight out like that, makes them look too weird.
DragonGamer2 16. joulu, 2014 16.46 
i have subscribed the only bad thing that i cannot find much skeletons on the game so i do not have see one of that Beasts Sketons but the images are preety cool
Vortigaux 18. marras, 2014 13.14 
Great mod, but I would enjoy if there weren't so many scheletros and teschios.
DeathTrooper 30. loka, 2014 16.26 
I havn't this mod nor do i play skyrim on the pc ( im a consoles game lol), but Bethesda should have added this in the vanilla Skyrim.
Dalamite 23. loka, 2014 11.32 
Aww yiss
ManOnFire 2. loka, 2014 3.37 
its good to see some lore friendly mods
Titus Andromedon 23. syys, 2014 15.41 
I think the non-human to human ratios need to be tweaked a bit... I know it doesn't make sense to have a million beast skeletons running around, but the only ones I've seen so far are Orcs around strongholds and an Argonian skull in a tower. I've had this mod for at least a month now.
PROMETHEUS  [tekijä] 28. elo, 2014 3.01 
Its already there.
Cyborg-Rox 19. elo, 2014 6.04 
Alright, good. Subscribed and rated.
PROMETHEUS  [tekijä] 19. elo, 2014 3.59 
They are very very rare don't worry .
Cyborg-Rox 18. elo, 2014 14.45 
Are the unique skeletons just as common as human ones? Because they shouldn't be... I mean, how many argonians are there in the game? 12?
the italian samurai 5. elo, 2014 10.17 
:kaegro its teschio (skull in italian) hope it helped
Kaegro 2. elo, 2014 1.46 
I picked up an argonian skull that had a weird name that started with a T - I thought it was cool and was gonna put it in my house. But I lost the save file and I can't seem to find it again. Forever cry.
ketku 25. heinä, 2014 4.48 
Cpt.MacBurger 20. heinä, 2014 18.30 
а мод на англисском или на русском?
Ado 17. heinä, 2014 6.33 
castastrophe sorry but bethesda has cut all connectio to skyrim a long time ago