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Masters of the World - Geopolitical Simulator 3
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528 megjegyzés
King越越 2015. aug. 12., 8:13 
combine 2015. jún. 12., 6:56 
when is it comeing out
X-ZEV 2015. jan. 17., 21:40 
@Jacques I of Haiti in reponse to "Why is this not wayyy more popular?", the reason being, because it is Political, as many hate Politics, but there is a difference between the BS they are fed now which they believe is Politics, and what Politics really is, Democracy is Politics, Freedom is Politics, People are Politics, everything we see as great in this world was formed through Politics, Even Religion, Science and Civilization, without Politics, the world would be nothing more than pitful tribes fighting for survival in the wild, it unites us as one and brings us to a new world of enlightenment, even if it means a few minor wars along the way, yes, World War 2 was minor compared to previous wars, it was just more shocking due to the new tech. WW2 = Millions Killed? Roman Empire being exterminated out by Barbarians, FAR WORSE, The End.
TurtleShroom 2014. aug. 31., 18:28 
It looks good, but if it doesn't have puppeting, overthrowing, and regime changes, is it worth it? If I can't turn Russia into a monarchy as another nation, for example, it's not nearly as fun.
Czinger 2014. aug. 19., 1:37 
█░░█░█░▀▀█▀▀░█▀█ ░ █▀█
█░░█░█░░░█░░░█▀▄ ░█▀▀█
▀▀▀▀░▀▀▀░▀░░░▀░ ▀░▀░░▀
░█▀▀ ░█▀█ ░█ ░█▀▀
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░▀▀▀ ░▀ ░░░▀ ░▀▀▀
Ghazi 2014. ápr. 11., 22:17 
Why is this not wayyy more popular?
[D&C] NecroLust 2014. márc. 28., 15:11 
Lol On sale but it has DRM only 2 activations is bullshit, just get it for free so your not limited with the DRM, lol DRM fail so hard you can and get and play free so why bother paying for it untill they remove DRM you won't be able to buy it again on steam because u would already own it, and u would run out of activations.
Bruno 2014. febr. 6., 10:14 
This game is now out for sale! :)
sylwesterpokora 2014. febr. 4., 12:05 
WE MUST HAVE THIS GAME NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
KasperSigan 2014. jan. 29., 7:36 
when is it comeing out
ohotNik 2014. jan. 28., 21:54 
помня задержки в патчах и т.п. - к двадцатому году можно ждать.
sergy1980 2014. jan. 19., 22:14 
А смогу ли я купленную ранее игру зарегистрировать в стиме?
Drelagas 2014. jan. 18., 10:20 
Ну печально, что могу ещё сказать, ибо игрушка стоящая.
Alexey_Sharapov 2014. jan. 18., 5:05 
Drelagas 2014. jan. 12., 9:34 
Кто-нибудь знает когда она в продажу выйдет в Стиме?
Raytheon 2014. jan. 12., 3:09 
We are waiting for this fantastic game !
Mavsaltijeral 2014. jan. 9., 12:20 
I want it know!
XxScrubKingxX 2014. jan. 7., 14:31 
looks awsome
takee671games 2014. jan. 4., 8:49 
When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When?
dede 2013. dec. 30., 21:48 
Portuguese language....PLEASE!!!
El Matador 2013. dec. 28., 20:01 
Please include portuguese languge for many peoples play and understand.
kosusus 2013. dec. 22., 20:01 
Please, Please include Japanese language Please don't ignore Japanese users on Steam
Karl The Butcher Shitter 2013. dec. 22., 3:06 
lol at all the people saying this is the greatest game ever. The gameh as some game breaking bugs that can destroy the entire game. Most people on the forums have said that its better to just play the second game and then wait and see how the 4rth will be like.
KasperSigan 2013. dec. 21., 7:15 
yes now its getting on steam yes its true only missing unlimited time
lucas0942 2013. dec. 20., 14:56 
Portuguese language
[S'sTol]Toleso 2013. dec. 20., 8:13 
come on!
ticker 2013. dec. 17., 15:44 
Alguma chance de sair em portugues pt-br ???
panzerfausters up your ass 2013. dec. 17., 10:04 
come on guys release the game in 2014 please
Zevrow 2013. dec. 17., 7:40 
This game has been greenlit, about god damn time a game like this has, we just need unlimited time now!
tetuone 2013. dec. 9., 8:54 
Yukari 2013. dec. 8., 20:20 
Oberführer 2013. dec. 8., 7:16 
А как купить на стиме её? Или когда она выйдет в продажу?
Mike 2013. dec. 7., 17:57 
It's a nice simulator. Love how there are so many options and is very deep.
Galafon 2013. dec. 6., 3:48 
Greenlite! Congrats
When will it be released? What about steam achievements?
Martin Kattan 2013. dec. 4., 7:03 
esta bueno
Mavsaltijeral 2013. nov. 28., 9:29 
This game is pretty awesome, with some work it can be a real master piece. Right now is full with bugs, the price is really high, I would by it for 40 USD.
LexTexMex 2013. nov. 25., 23:22 
obama is in a game!
Zevrow 2013. nov. 25., 1:04 
I am looking at getting Superpower 3 instead when it comes out, this game is good, but its buggy and their is a time limit which makes it a scenario based game and not a full scale simulation.
MMiklos 2013. nov. 18., 9:08 
This is a rip-off. Each half year they retitle the same game - Geo-Political Simulator 1, GPS 2, Commander In Chief, Yo Presidente, Rulers of Nations, Masters of the World and some others in German and French. I've already bought two of them (Yo Presidente and this) at premium price, almost three years apart and they are literally the same, with new features that should have been added in patches. Then the inevitable paid add-ons and DLCs...

Yet there are the same bugs in each version. They just release the same buggy title, milk it for a few weeks, ignore the complaints and move on to the next title, hoping for new customers.

I love this genre and so sad that there is not one good, working, deep and interesting geopolitcal game out there.
Obrian 2013. nov. 11., 20:30 
This game is great and need to come on steam but the price is very bad should be at least be £25
Soldiers For Heineken 2013. nov. 10., 0:03 
I would definately support a game that has geopolitical themes to it.
Hoocares 2013. nov. 8., 1:06 
I bought this game on internet . It was so expensive and so buggy and poor support. Could be a good game but not like that.
LNhart 2013. nov. 7., 14:04 
Great Game! I really wanna buy it, but for full-Price... You would definitely sell more if it was cheaper...
fatwednesdayite 2013. nov. 6., 15:07 
Great game but well too expensive as mentioned below. I would definately buy it on steam if it became available and the price decreased considerably.
Spretto 2013. nov. 5., 12:27 
Great game but a little expensive
American Pikachu 2013. nov. 3., 17:47 
This game is a game I've been wishing for and can't wait for it to be on Steam
Erofey 2013. nov. 1., 10:43 
Вот уже и третью склепали...
KasperSigan 2013. nov. 1., 7:44 
let it be on steam soon plz i only buy steam game and cd's
Афоня TV 2013. okt. 31., 8:03 
Отличная игра
that guy in the wehrmacht 2013. okt. 29., 6:53 
ii wwaaannttt it