The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Dungeons : Temple of the Lord
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mikey8432 7月24日 15時48分 
any DLC's ?
damfranks 1月14日 11時55分 
kevan-k93 the location is at high hrothgar, if you fast travel there all you have to do is turn around, go down the first set of stairs and turn to the left....unless your having the problem i am where its not showing up
olderthanyou85 2014年8月10日 15時31分 
It was enjoyable.
kevan-k93 2014年8月4日 5時57分 
where is the location?
elinburgjessica 2014年1月27日 18時13分 
Amazing place to level up. Loved it! XD
elagoa 2013年11月1日 5時13分 
That was fun
Lostlake 2013年10月30日 16時03分 
Very well done Lord Dagobert! Very challanging at the Master level ... and lots of fun. Thanks for this great mod!!! No Glitches!
cmcmachanic 2013年8月1日 19時42分 
What a hoot, graphics were great, had to stop and just look around awhile.
Mori The Vampire Lord 2013年6月1日 20時11分 
all your dungeon mods look awesome, im gonna play em all thankyou.
Prof. Putricide 2013年5月18日 12時16分 
FYI some enemies also spawn inside or behind walls,and the big human/elf enemies dont have a correct hitbox letting you only attack their lower body
Prof. Putricide 2013年5月18日 12時13分 
the dungeon itself looks great, BUT there are again those bugs where the dungeon enemies fight themself leaving only corpses, and upon entering the last celestial Lair and killing your guardians the meridia deadric quest completed itself telling me to take dawnbreaker.Guess that this wasnt supposed to happen.would be nice if that wouldnt occure
thrusher 2013年4月15日 13時40分 
where is it?
litemerc 2013年3月31日 6時06分 
was fun
ronny.fonteyne 2013年3月25日 9時28分 
how long doest it take to respawn? nice mod
Fancy Hoovyturtle 2013年1月27日 1時32分 
Lord Dagobert  [作成者] 2013年1月26日 19時08分 
Not that much actually, I have divided the dungeon into smaller parts so it takes less time to load and doesn't really affect your fps. :)
Fancy Hoovyturtle 2013年1月26日 16時53分 
if i see correctly on the pic's this mod gives a huge kick in the groin to you're fps
Pope Waffles 2013年1月22日 23時23分 

It is by High Hrothgar
simondc 2013年1月20日 12時10分 
amazed from the start till end, great job.
ioregan 2013年1月13日 15時22分 
I'm having trouble finding the entrance. Can anyone help?
Challenger Ahri 2013年1月13日 1時38分 
none of the bosses spawned for me
Stan_nn 2013年1月10日 7時33分 
Nice Mod, having no problems with it, thanks for charing!
Bebes λ 2013年1月9日 19時23分 
Nice Dungeon, keep with the good work! :)

Does anyone can make Deadmines as dungeon?
whbridge 2013年1月6日 22時00分 
Absolutely georgeous. The spaces are awe inspiring.
Koros 2013年1月4日 2時15分 
Hi, I tried, it was fun, liked the beast for example, but a bit buggy. As precised Raven, the the Temple Novices and other Mages aren't useing their magic. They hand are bright, tough, but nothing come out. Ice giants sometimes fight the bosses, well they hate each other. The Stewart boss (the dremora guy) is so big it was hard for me to reach him using 2 sword-style. I didnt go further as I m lvl 55, (well stuff) and got almost one shot by the celestial guardian. The colosessus guardian was dead before I enter the room, guess it got killed by the spiders, idk. I also suggest you remove some decorations, sometimes too much in the corridors. and increase the life/damage of the disciples. also add a sky texture or at least behind the doors. :)
overthis90 2013年1月3日 5時14分 
wanted to mention the same as raven^^ good work, though! keep it up
Lady Sylvanas Windrunner 2013年1月2日 18時06分 
I am also noticing that the Temple Novices and other Mages aren't useing magic. They are flinging their hands around like they should be. And a lot of "Not Walls" around too...
Lady Sylvanas Windrunner 2013年1月2日 17時05分 
Well this is fun and all but I noticed that followers kinda like to walkinto things for no reason. Like Lydia keeps walkin into the Sconce at the end of the hallway after the first boss. Just lettin ya know but overall this is fun!
Blutsucher(füße) 2013年1月2日 3時30分 
i thought level 81 is max... o.O
[TR3ES] OpblaasBanaan 2013年1月2日 2時38分 
epic mod, level 96 and still it's hard to do! keep on with the good work!
Blutsucher(füße) 2013年1月2日 2時27分 
well....that dungeon is a challenge. i am level 67, have a fully upgraded daedric armor (1147 armor) and these giants still need one hit to kill me..
but i managed to kill them. good job! keep on doing stuff like that. :)
furthermore i think i found a bug: i died against the beast :(. but when i loaded an old was not there. now i have to w8 until it repawns to get my revenge. :)
DISCOBALL (ESO-Disco.Ball) 2013年1月1日 11時45分 
Good start, but loading games saved within dungeon crash game. No lag, ice guardians are a little weak, liked the offensive spells on Akhar? I had to run through the last left side wall to find him when he ran away.
Lord Dagobert  [作成者] 2013年1月1日 10時19分 
You can use them to improve the armor you get from the bosses (at a workbench) or to craft new stuff at the forge :)
Momcat 2012年12月31日 20時54分 
Fantastic mod! I really enjoyed playing it and for some reason it reminded me of some of the dungeons in WoW. But I do have a question, what are the celestial gems for?
Player1jcw2 2012年12月30日 12時19分 
Can I ask? Does this lag at all? becuase to me this has lag all over it.
Lord Dagobert  [作成者] 2012年12月30日 9時22分 
@ernest, you can fast travel to high hrothgar and its just behind you.
@Midnight : I'll check that bug, didn't notice it while I was playing.
@FzudemD: Nope, Skyrim only.
JUST DO IT! 2012年12月30日 8時45分 
Do we need dawnguard for this?
Wolf 2012年12月29日 13時18分 
I like the design and the overall atmosphere of this, great work. Problem for stealth archers though - the named NPCs seem to be missing their ranged hitboxes above the waist. Plunking 35 arrows into their hips is just tedious.
Capt'n Kana 2012年12月29日 11時03分 
couldnt you have placed a map marker for fast travel?
Kr0t The Banana Man 2012年12月27日 19時01分 
I played this mod and actualy had a good challenge considering im level 96!
The beast scared me when i couldnt see through the weeds.
I loved the celestial lair. The ceiling textures were great. Felt like i was on an acid trip. xD
I was actualy wondering if you would like to give me some suggestions and help me with some things for a new dungeon idea i had if you have the time.
Kaidenza 2012年12月27日 18時53分 
Really impressive and fun. I noticed though, that in the courtyard, by Rodel the Wise, some of the walls aren't actually there and can be walked through.