Weathley's Rooms (1)
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Metzger Ben | GER 19 август 2013 в 11:14сут. 
Electrimancer 4 януари 2013 в 3:50след. 
*Sniff* I had to abandon the companion cube :(
theBoyFromQC 4 януари 2013 в 11:48сут. 
This is a super good map! I loved how you put everyone's favorite cube, the Companion Cube. Make more awesome maps like this in the future, like Cave (not really :) )
CHIARA 4 януари 2013 в 8:29сут. 
I like it. :3
Steb 4 януари 2013 в 7:02сут. 
3rd cube and light bridge are unnecessary. I took all 3 cubes into the first room and found one wasn't needed.
JuK 3 януари 2013 в 11:24сут. 
F4nny +D
bernardnoir 2 януари 2013 в 1:58след. 
You should remove the light bridge and the cube from the first room. Didn't need it.
¡SPON! 2 януари 2013 в 5:39сут. 
daloboy 1 януари 2013 в 10:26след. 
Sorry but...no challenge. Didn't use light bridge nor cube on the exit's side! If you do another, I'll test it for free!
Please try one of mine and comment!
mary.moncatch 1 януари 2013 в 3:36след. 
SmokeySmudgeStudio 1 януари 2013 в 7:35сут. 
I tried to save the companion cube, but he was imancipated!
Dév 1 януари 2013 в 4:17сут. 
Nice chamber! But one cube and light bridge is unnecessary... :)
Jew Chamber Enforcer 31 декември 2012 в 12:37след. 
very nice, fun
ZAEROS 31 декември 2012 в 7:57сут. 
Easy but great fun,Thank you.
catsit51 31 декември 2012 в 5:21сут. 
nice test, little blue metal sphere.
menes777 30 декември 2012 в 9:10след. 
Is wheatle that cool?
Kat 30 декември 2012 в 2:23след. 
great map! still couldn't figure out what the light bridge was for though
Mr Fraggle (UK) 30 декември 2012 в 7:33сут. 
Nice map,chambers a little large but still fun.
madvtdm 29 декември 2012 в 12:30след. 
Nice and easy but fun nonetheless. Thanks.
YUKI_67 29 декември 2012 в 5:03сут. 
I solve the Weathley's Rooms ! ^^ if you want to do another test with Weathley :
-> X-River (PART 1) : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=116248832
-> X-River (PART 2) : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=116232042
LordTythus 27 декември 2012 в 5:22след. 
TheSpookyMrDrProfScarySkeleton 26 декември 2012 в 9:16след. 
It's Wheatley.