Laser Trigger 2
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Wolf bytes 14. tammi, 2013 11.39 
Also nice job though!
Wolf bytes 14. tammi, 2013 11.39 
The one higher up cube was a challenge, but do-able.
Was this suppose to be solved without portal bumping? [I used portal bumping for the last weighted sphere]
stormsend 14. tammi, 2013 2.30 
Very nice. Not too hard like most of mine. Grabbing those cubes in the air was the challenge for me. The rest was pretty easy. Thanks.
toncica 3. tammi, 2013 15.49 
Alternative solution without the balls:
Easy and fun map :)
Much shorter than I expected.
The part with the balls vere a bit annoying because they got in the way for the lasers and locked me inside the room.
Spartasaurus Rex 31. joulu, 2012 11.42 
easier than expected
GCBro- A Strange Case 31. joulu, 2012 10.05 
great tests come in size and you have made a splended might be wrong
Mr Fraggle (UK) 30. joulu, 2012 7.27 
A most interesting map.Well done.
madvtdm 30. joulu, 2012 7.16 
That was total fun. I wouldn't have minded putting the cubes in order at the end to align the beam 'cause before I knew it, it was over.
daloboy 28. joulu, 2012 9.39 
Well done!
Please try one of mine and comment! Thanks.
david.elvin 28. joulu, 2012 7.31 
good one worth a ten/ten
ᘛ♤♧DG Lynx♧♤ᘚ 26. joulu, 2012 23.44 
That was very well set up.