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Coal [TF4H] 25. marras, 2013 5.19 
Looks Great, Mike.
Mr. Krieg 24. marras, 2013 19.23 
Heavy has it? Scout makes it look better! :D
:TF: AC/DC Freak 24. marras, 2013 18.27 
Very nice!
Nefnoj 24. marras, 2013 9.32 
Fantastic, pencil's a nice touch.

But I think I agree with the Australian below me, I would enjoy paintability, especially in a Cream Spirit.
Sergeant Sunflower 22. marras, 2013 7.12 
No paintability? Aaaaaaaaaaahhh.
grimkh 8. touko, 2013 1.21 
add this valve
RetroMike  [tekijä] 16. tammi, 2013 11.47 
@Clonely Man & chinstr[No Sound]: Just because one class has a hat another class should never be allowed to have something like it? Guess they should remove either the Officer's Ushanka or the Gentleman's Ushanka then. Or perhaps Ye_Olde_Baker_Boy or Tam O' Shanter?
Silent Reaper 16. tammi, 2013 11.41 
Yeah but scout makes it look better =P
The Worst Kind of Person 8. tammi, 2013 17.22 
Lame, Heavy already has this.
walt 7. tammi, 2013 13.54 
i agree theres absolutely no uniqueness (spell check?) in this item it looks like you threw the dealers visor on scout
RetroMike  [tekijä] 4. tammi, 2013 9.22 
@cause (music): Why is this a problem when there are several military helmets, baseball caps, fedorads, etc?
cause 4. tammi, 2013 8.49 
There's already a visor in the game. No need for another one, even if the first one was a promo.
Fibblestax 2. tammi, 2013 9.58 
Scatterbuns 30. joulu, 2012 17.17 
Maybe make him wear it propped up like the Ellis Cap?
[TNV] MILKMAN 29. joulu, 2012 9.41 
make it stand higher up on his head ,but it is awesome c:
ubercat The Ubercharged cat 29. joulu, 2012 7.10 
this just is no like your cards your chips+rabbit foot but not this
[FS] Yari #OZI 28. joulu, 2012 12.01 
mexican 25. joulu, 2012 18.49 
it's bevel. I think it would look better as a flat, unsmoothed band
RetroMike  [tekijä] 25. joulu, 2012 17.49 
@mexican I wish I could find the reference I used for this. It's a old style Green eyeshade worn by accountants book keepers and gamblers. This is the closest comparison I can give you.

Not sure what you mean by to round. In circumference or it's bevel?
mexican 25. joulu, 2012 17.23 
*too round and thin
mexican 25. joulu, 2012 17.14 
yeh no, don't add gimmicks for the sake of being distinct. just because valve makes that mistake doesn't mean we should. on this I think the phong is too strong on the frame, the main band is too round and then (should be a strap), it seems to block his eyes too much, and I think it would benefit from the top part. don't worry about looking like a different class's hat. no one whose opinion matters cares.
eu queria escrever até o limite. 25. joulu, 2012 16.19 
huuuuuum cartola kkkkkkkkkkkk
RetroMike  [tekijä] 25. joulu, 2012 13.31 
@jelly_ X-MASS I figured the different design and see through plastic was enough of a change.
-=Chaos=- [U-W-M] 25. joulu, 2012 13.13 
allredy have this hat ingame
Jellu 25. joulu, 2012 12.04 
Again atleast do something like put small jiggle boned plush cubes or something to make it different from dealers visor. Atleast Valve did that with the feodoras and tophats (hat of cards, head full o' steam .etc)
SleepyBiceps 25. joulu, 2012 10.19 
Mr.B3TA 25. joulu, 2012 10.18 
lol :D Heavy:who touch my hat?
RetroMike  [tekijä] 25. joulu, 2012 10.16 
Yeah man, that's for heavy and this is for Scout.