test chamber 4
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Petutski 8. říj. 2014 v 6.01 odp. 
Nice logical fun chamber! Thanks!
[GWJ] Chef Kexx 14. čvn. 2013 v 12.45 dop. 
at first, I too believed you accidentally blocked the laser with the sphere button placement, but then I realized it was on purpose. You need the portals free, so the only way was using the reflective cube. Nicely done. That part was interesting. The rest was a bit underwhelming and easy, but I still enjoyed it. Didn't scratch the itch though.
mikemoody 17. úno. 2013 v 6.49 odp. 
Yea good map, I like having lots of things to do. This was an easy level map but keep you looking for things.. Thanks
Shrodu 11. led. 2013 v 1.24 odp. 
I liked it. :D But the Hard Light bridge is not neccesary at all.
Metzger Ben | GER 3. led. 2013 v 1.13 dop. 
Naddalemur 2. led. 2013 v 8.12 dop. 
peri88 30. pro. 2012 v 11.15 dop. 
Tiene buena pinta
TheMineliner [Mostly Inactive] 30. pro. 2012 v 11.07 dop. 
how can I download any chembers ???
Le_Serenite 30. pro. 2012 v 6.15 dop. 
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Unicarn 29. pro. 2012 v 10.19 dop. 
Awesome! The tractor beam was the best part. The light bridge was a bit unnecessary though.
[EP] rcmero 29. pro. 2012 v 7.36 dop. 
You should move the sphere button, it's in the wat of the laser.
LordBeDe 28. pro. 2012 v 8.41 dop. 
Nice, but I think the light Bridge is not needed.
TerrariaWorld 28. pro. 2012 v 7.36 dop. 
its a good puzzle! Just portal 2 is not for me!
YUKI_67 28. pro. 2012 v 6.18 dop. 
nice, I liked your puzzle, there are good ideas !
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asminahipi 28. pro. 2012 v 4.22 dop. 
buen trabajo feliz 2013
daloboy 27. pro. 2012 v 9.12 odp. 
Very easy but still fun! You could make use of the sphere and cube to open the exit at the end!
Please try one of mine and comment! Thanks.
SugarCube  [autor] 27. pro. 2012 v 10.53 dop. 
Thank you all! I think soon surprise you something new. well, or try to impress))
Cranky kong 27. pro. 2012 v 6.14 dop. 
The test is simple and standard,but good for first triers!
Cranky kong 27. pro. 2012 v 5.50 dop. 
Very good!
Le_Serenite 27. pro. 2012 v 4.53 dop. 
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BigDaddy1512 27. pro. 2012 v 3.49 dop. 
NGaldos 26. pro. 2012 v 6.39 odp. 
esta buena muy recomendable
DurdaDan 26. pro. 2012 v 6.05 odp. 
nice, but the last cube at the end isnt needed as the reflecting cube is all you need.
could you try some of my puzzles?
Leo 26. pro. 2012 v 10.14 dop. 
Little bit too easy, but well constructed. If you seek a logical challenge: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=115925686 (satisfying if you solve the puzzle)
PsychoBR 26. pro. 2012 v 5.57 dop. 
Easy but very fun! Thanks.

Turrets highly explosive. Handle with care
SugarCube  [autor] 26. pro. 2012 v 2.58 dop. 
I'm glad that you like my camera, I will try in the same spirit
Mr Fraggle (UK) 26. pro. 2012 v 1.34 dop. 
I felt although the map was fun it did not flow. I was always trying to work out what I should be doing next.
StabGami 25. pro. 2012 v 6.55 odp. 
Nice and challenging, but I did get stuck inside the space with the final door button when the flip-door closed on me. Suggest you provide a way out of there. I had to restart the level
Sunset Kid 25. pro. 2012 v 10.13 dop. 
Fun, but a little to simple.
BUG 25. pro. 2012 v 8.54 dop. 
Very nice,not to hard,enjoyable.Good work.
SugarCube  [autor] 25. pro. 2012 v 7.26 dop. 
The Royal Baby 25. pro. 2012 v 5.45 dop. 
Huskyfan 25. pro. 2012 v 1.30 dop. 
This map is very well made!
toncica 24. pro. 2012 v 5.36 odp. 
Map was posted today. More ratings than subscribers. Okaaayyyy.....
SlayerOne 24. pro. 2012 v 3.49 odp. 
making your level needlessly complicated doesn't make things hard
juanpzz 24. pro. 2012 v 3.05 odp. 
pukahsen 24. pro. 2012 v 1.59 odp. 
Awesome! Liked the dual powered stuff.
Brohan The Battle Medic 24. pro. 2012 v 1.29 odp.