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Construct Dev 7 hours ago 
If you like the idea of a sci-fi first person platformer where you are trapped in a computer system then please check out Construct!

Thanks! ;)

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Anthonyo ' (◣_◢) May 1 @ 3:51am 
ADRENALIN Apr 30 @ 2:42am 
Dantasking Apr 30 @ 1:18am 
◐◡◑ S M O O T H Apr 29 @ 12:41pm 
gl with this mate
Randomess_DJ_P Apr 28 @ 12:07pm 
As a Greenlight game developer, I really appreciate the fact that you are supporting Greenlight game developers that are trying to get their games on Steam.
Warm Lamp Games Apr 28 @ 5:29am 
Dear team and memebers, please, check out our game that is currently on Greenlight: We hope you'll like it!
wzAO sX ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Apr 27 @ 2:28pm 
Gamungu Apr 23 @ 3:51pm 
And the game I made! I believe it is very fun to play and challenging. Check it out!
benamor.houssem Apr 22 @ 2:37pm 
Hello folks We’ve made it to the Top 100 in less than 48H ! Thank you guys for all your support !
We still aim for the Top 10 so vote for us please if you like our game.
Traptics Apr 21 @ 2:26am 
Hey there, so here's our splatter party game. Hope you'll like it!
vs1toronto Apr 16 @ 8:36am 
Anyone who wants to laugh to tears check out BEERMAN as he and a city's band of good guys try to get through one more day and save the city of Boston from another dastardly attack
davixeni Apr 15 @ 11:07am 
We just have released our greenlight page for our game HIVE, its a sci-fi shooter on a side scroll map with dynamic gravity, have a look!
SANS OUTERTALE Apr 15 @ 8:06am 
so cool
Yourfurryfiend Apr 14 @ 10:47am 

If you like Rogue Legacy, Spelunky, but also classic shooters like Metroid, you maybe interested in Featherpunk Prime.

It's a hybrid of a twin-stick shooter and action platformer, starring a super-agile and upgradable robot-flamingo on a mission to ascend a neon soaked tower and take down the horde of Avian Warbots. All to the beat of a killer Avian-Disco soundtrack!

Trinity Apr 14 @ 10:14am 
Hi there, check out Sylvant, a classic turned based rpg that focuses on story and incorporates some of the best gameplay elements into its battles. If you're into the old school rpgs of past, take a look!
sqrMin1 Apr 8 @ 7:33am 
Hey, please take a look at Caasi's Odyssey. It's a rogue-adventure with unique gameplay mechanics such as a physics based damage system. It also has beautiful light and shadow effects.

Thanks for helping us!
Crazy Busters Apr 7 @ 5:36pm 
Hi, Steam players! Please have a look Crazy Busters on STEAMGREENLIGHT.
If you love FPS or TPS, it woud be great!
Keep Calm Apr 6 @ 2:47pm 
Don Apr 6 @ 8:11am 
If you haven't come across Niten yet then please take a look! It's an exploration game similar in style to Dear Esther if that's the type of game you're into.
Ballista Studios Mar 31 @ 3:33pm 
We'd appreciate it if you would consider adding our game GemBreak to the collection!
superthumbgames Mar 31 @ 8:19am 
We'd appreciate it if you would take a look at our puzzle arcade game BLACK HOLE HAZARD!
Canalside Studios Mar 29 @ 3:04am 
Hi there, great collection of games.
Please consider adding our game to your list. Thank you.
Dandylion Mar 26 @ 1:37am 
Hi eveyone.

It is a turn-based strategy like XCOM battle.
and it is focused on story like japanese SRPG, ex> fire emblem.
Optikammer Mar 25 @ 1:40pm 
pliz consider Optikammer [] - optical artefacts made interestingly interactive.

Optikammer is about the disparate research & weird toys that came to be known as pioneers of Photography, Cinema, Animation, Video Games & Cat GIFs.
SkyReacher Mar 25 @ 11:26am 
hi guys! Not sure if you are still maintaining this collection, but if you are, would love for our game ONE TOWER to be considered? It's a fast-paced head-to-head battle arena game with minion wave control: Thanks for your time and consideration.
Ballista Studios Mar 24 @ 6:54pm 
Hi all, our new Casual game just got on greenlight, hope it may find any interest.
islet3d Mar 22 @ 6:19am 
A huge explosion in the universe scattered stars, antimatter led by insidious Boss create many obstacles to cosmic harmony. Help the stars restore the harmony and get to their homes in the constellation.
pestantium Mar 20 @ 2:52am 
Hello everyone! I'm Sergey, indie developer, from Ukraine. I just launched game, Rabbit Island on Steam Greenlight.
Go check it out! Watch trailer, play demo, any feedback is appreciated.
Vote for them or they come for your carrots!
whiteaxonite Mar 19 @ 8:00am 
Kyy Games Mar 17 @ 6:23am 
Our classic collectible card game Cabals: Magic & Battle cards has reached the Top 100 within 2 days. Well worth a look!
Tabby Mar 9 @ 1:50am 
John needs your help to get greenlit, please Vote us & we will do the same.
your vote will be appreciated. Thank you.
Stellar Tactics Mar 7 @ 8:04am 
Check out Stellar Tactics - A Sci-Fi Sandbox RPG - Classless progression, tons of loot and a riveting narrative. Give us your vote if you like what you see.
FantomMeister Mar 7 @ 6:38am 
ARuarkGuy Mar 5 @ 3:20pm 
Found a game that might deserve something.
Gravity Mar 4 @ 5:44am 
Here comes an other nice indie game. It has all classic survival aspects and CARS and the "fight after death" as MUTANT feature allready implemented.

See it at:

And check
Evil Indie Games Mar 2 @ 7:39am 
The year is 1994 and it is the future.
NO THING is a minimalistic surreal action game set in totalitarian regime of future.
Tells the story of an office clerk who is sent with important message to the Queen of Ice.

Steam Greenlight:
Сова_В_КедаХ Feb 28 @ 2:36am 
ARuarkGuy Feb 27 @ 10:19am 
You should look at this game. It looks pretty cool.
Trazzy Ent. Feb 23 @ 12:50am 
Hi there,

we are announced 2 new games on Steam Greenlight – Tagimoto, a story-driven
casual arcade with beautiful hand-drawn characters {LINK REMOVED}
and JiPS – a classic jigsaw puzzle with the best sea scenery picture you’ll ever seen {LINK REMOVED}

Please support us and vote for our games!
BlastProcessing Feb 21 @ 4:45pm 
Hello. If you're interested, please check out and vote for my 16-bit Genesis-y platform game, Blink the Bulb. If you're not that's fine though.
Arba66 Feb 18 @ 8:44am 
MaruGames Feb 16 @ 6:17pm 
Hey, do you like CCG or TCG? Please check here.
Bernardolo Feb 14 @ 5:34am 
Hi everybody! I would like to show you the game we are working on: Super Red-Hot Hero It's an action-platformer inspired by Megaman, Super Mario and Super Meat boy. Hope you like it!!
Rocky✪ Feb 13 @ 8:29am 
Ez e