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Initiative Games Apr 28 @ 1:39pm 
medamine_dghim Apr 27 @ 2:29pm 
Raid On Coasts is a real time strategy game set in a world full of wars ... ! Upvote & Thanks =)
ochoa Apr 26 @ 3:39am 
Hi everyone

We would like to present our latest game Mutagen Extinction

Mutagen Extinction It´s an open post-apocalyptic world in which you must survive the terrible mutagene that tithe life on earth as we know it ...

please vote us
SimProseStudios Apr 25 @ 1:08pm 
Please check out our unique RPG game, Catacombs 1: Demon War:

Riwiks Apr 25 @ 2:20am 
Monkii Apr 20 @ 6:00pm 
I searched for come contact info to send you a Press Kit for my upcoming game, PsychoDelia, but I didnt see any way of contacting someone so here goes nothing

Psychodelia is a Surreal, First Person Psychedelic Platformer with an abstract art style and gameplay! Im a solo developer with experience in level design dating back to Unreal Tournament 99 BunnyTracks, which is actually where most of my inspiration came from. Im looking forward to putting in work and finishing this project!
psyinx Apr 20 @ 12:02pm 
Hello guys!
Today I bring you an absolutely gorgeous space sci-fi puzzle adventure game:


Check it out! :)
BATTLEKOT Apr 17 @ 3:51am 
BATTLEBIT - low-poly tactical shooter with hardcore element's ; Server's with support 64-128 players!
Game have easy graphic, but hard gameplay ;)
Jones Apr 16 @ 6:25pm 
Code of the Savage is a no-holds-barred classic western style RPG. Inspired by the greats from the 80-90’s - with a modern flair. There is a strong emphasis on player freedom, through social and moral interactions… Will you choose to fire bomb the brothel, the church… Or both? Will you do it for money, glory or just because?
ibenjamin Apr 16 @ 12:18pm 
Fallen Aeon Apr 14 @ 10:07am 
Bebop and Tempo is a challenging retro arcade platforming game with a focus on skill
and competition. Inspired by the many great games on NES, Bebop and Tempo
has the music, art, and difficulty to match. Check it out! Thanks!
2dgamemania Apr 14 @ 4:40am 
Hey, I'm a solo developer, been doing my best to put the time in to get this game ready (with work and family not easy!), just put it up on greenlight and wondering if you can add it to your colllection if you feel its worthy, thanks

Its a 2.5D retro game, abit like the old classic Turrican (On the Amiga)
waranistudios Apr 12 @ 5:11am 
Hello! My game is Chaco War. It's about the most important war experience in South America on 20th century between Paraguay and Bolivia (1932 - 1935). Please check out. Thank you all.
Okay Studios Apr 11 @ 9:05am 
I'm the developer behind Liberator TD, a tower defense / top down shooter mix. Here's our Steam Greenlight link:

Thank you in advance!
parkerlord Apr 10 @ 2:37pm 
Elite Games Apr 8 @ 2:08pm 
Check out my Old School 2d Action Adventure/Puzzle Solver game on Greenlight:
princegamestudio Apr 7 @ 11:11am 
Hey All!

Please check out my first game on steam greenlight:
abirdgamecompany Apr 6 @ 6:36am 
Hello everyone,

Check my game and upvote please :)

The game is a new formation of a slider puzzle and has a little story within
Thanks :D
OctolabGames Apr 6 @ 6:35am 
Hi everybody! Would you mind checking out our game? And maybe vote for us if you like it? Thanks!!
visumecadroide Apr 6 @ 1:51am 
Hello everyone!

Thanks to have created this collection!

I am the game developer behind Visumeca Games and I am very excited to say that Pharmakon is now launched on Steam Greenlight after almost 3 years of development!!

It is a roguelite, turn-based game about tactical battles between puzzle-powered drones and elementary beasts.

In Pharmakon, you power up a drone with elements’ parts to fight elementary beasts infesting your faction. It is a challenge for your mind calling your skills of evaluation, adaptation, optimisation and anticipation.The story unfolds in a sci-fi universe ruled by technological exploitation of the elements of nature.

Thank you so much to visit, VOTE and comment on the Pharmakon Steam Greenlight page !

Thanks to add Pharmakon to your colllection!

I appreciate it a lot!

Have a great day
Lozange Lab Apr 2 @ 2:04am 
Hi everyone.
Swim Out is a strategic, turn-by-turn puzzle game where you control a swimmer who wants to get out of a pool, a river or the sea without touching any swimmers.
Wanna have a look and swim a bit ? :)
Our Greenlight page :
Thanks !
elknight Apr 1 @ 8:22pm 
Hello, friends! Our new VR game is looking for your support. Thanks for vote !
PieForBreakfastStudios Apr 1 @ 1:22pm 
Hey all, please check out, upvote, and share our game Dead Man's Trail! A survival horror game about running for your life, looting, morality, and zombies.
alexskylark Mar 31 @ 7:02pm 
Hello, do you guys fancy an abstract SHMUP? Wanna give some love to Radiant LUX? :)

Please do <3 Radiant LUX needs a lot of love. I'ill personally hug everyone who votes! (erm, OK, maybe I won't, but it's the thought that counts,... right?)
joysponge03 Mar 30 @ 12:57am 
Hi guys, we just released Vigil: The Longest Night on Greenlight. It’s a 2D action mystery side-scroller.

Please support us with your ‘yes’ vote

The story is set in the Medieval times when the Black Death hit the Europe. You will be playing Leila, who’s a Vigil and has to use her time-control ability to fight against enemies and solve the puzzles.
ittlerpg Mar 29 @ 8:57am 
Kungfu Santa in Action!? Curious, find out more here:
!k0rnel Mar 29 @ 1:31am 
Insane Dreamers Mar 28 @ 3:17pm 
Hey check out Home Wars! It's all about toy soldiers killing bugs and fighting for their home.
FireBurnGames Mar 24 @ 11:32am 
Hello everyone, check out our game Rules of Destruction. It has many different characters to play with, unique story which changes depending on how you play, huge open world, gathering and crafting and wide diversity of fantasy and mythological monsters. Thank you
♯AmoTe Leonor♥ ♯18♡ Mar 24 @ 4:07am 
CharlieBehan Mar 23 @ 5:34pm 
Amberskull is a survival horror anthology with several terrifying experiences where you must overcome 4 unique enemies in widely different environments.
Andrea92 Mar 23 @ 8:23am 
Vote on my new fps game on greenlight ... Thanks ...
Gamistry Mar 23 @ 1:19am 
Hey Everyone, Visit our GreenLight and check out 2D Metroidvania game Munch Time 2. handcrafted 2D lush environments scattered in over 100 maps
AmusedSloth Mar 22 @ 6:40am 
We've prepared a pixelated gore fest in this fast-paced retro FPS, reminiscent of the old classics. Check "Gorescript" out and give it a try here:
epsilonion Mar 21 @ 6:18am 
Do you do reviews of software as well such as game engines? such as
Elit3d Mar 19 @ 6:23pm 
Drojan is a 3D stealth/puzzle hacking game, featuring a drone as the player, where you navigate through the office building to find and steal back the firmware that makes servers unhackable. Along the way there are guards, employees and security cameras that will stop you from doing your job so easily.
Spreadable Fruit Mar 14 @ 3:40am 
Hi there! We of spreadable fruit have recently released our first Greenlight campaign and it would mean the world to us if any of you could check it out!

The game is called "S.U.B. - Secret Underwater Base" and is a two-player couch-co-op game where you and your friend try to steer a submarine through a perilous environment by taking control of five different stations! Try and collect all the keycards and infiltrate "The Evil Doctor's Secret Underwater Base" before it's too late!
KONSTRUCTORS Mar 9 @ 5:22pm 
Mysterious story. Beautiful graphics. Difficult puzzles.
jozgames Mar 8 @ 7:16am 
Help this game to Steam, vote yes on this link >>

Awaking is a survival horror style game. In which Willian Carter, a detective who is called by the Brazilian government to investigate a mysterious case of disappearances occurred in a small mountain town in Ceará known as Nova Veneza (An existing locality of Brazil and adapted for the game). Like Silent Hill, this "sériegame" that is a new category of games for the market, which brings a style of the American series in game format, which brings the idea of two parallel worlds, where Carter will find a Cursed Book, Which would be a Doorway to a dark world. After being sucked by him, our protagonist Willian Carter embarks on an incredible adventure of suspense and much terror in a world where even the souls feel pain. Now, Carter will have to find out who...
Demozilla Mar 8 @ 2:28am 
Hey guys, maybe you want to give Nowhere Prophet, a roguelike deck-building game a look? Let me know if it's awesome enough for your collection!

We've been hard at work for over two years and we're very proud of the unique art style and our post-apocalyptic setting that is not exclusively populated by leather-clad bikers.
Post Mortem Pixels Mar 7 @ 4:54am 
Take a look at NEXT JUMP: Shmup Tactics! A love letter to shmup's [space shooters] in turn based battles! :D
mix1009 Mar 5 @ 8:00pm 
corpixgames Mar 5 @ 12:11pm 
Hi all. We present our TPP shooter with dinosaurs - "Dinosis Survival". We started a campaign on Greenlight. Please support the game by voting:
Thanks for support:)