Duskfall, A Dawnbreaker Companion Blade
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aeonic mirrior Apr 21 @ 11:50am 
also make it craftible fro them lazy ggammers like me eh ?
aeonic mirrior Apr 21 @ 11:49am 
can you ad a better suting enchantment like health abourb along with soultrap
CannonFodder753 Apr 9 @ 4:25am 
i was wondering if using the sunblock arrow thingys will give duskfalls freeze chance?
Descent to Dark Mar 5 @ 1:45pm 
I like the blade and all, but something is a bit odd. I thought the whole Necromancer Lair thing was supposed to replace the Duskfall Dungeon, but it's still there. I actually have two swords now, one from both locations. Is that supposed to be that way? Cause it doesn't seem like it.
ZephyrLuxx Jan 22 @ 4:25am 
My evil Spellsword says thank you. :3
ronixis Jan 15 @ 12:55pm 
Bane, there is no book on the altar for duskfall??????
RFg | Reav (2) Jan 14 @ 4:41am 
Awesome! I always felt that a Nightingale's blade goes nicely with Dawnbreaker though. Will be trying this one soon =)
Aeon Jan 13 @ 6:11am 
Can you just give this blade to the boss Malkoran?
Pierce Jan 10 @ 10:35pm 
I am putting this challenge out for any one who makes weapons mods, make a khopesh sword mod and put it on steam,you don't have to do it its just an idea. do not reply I will know if you except this challenge or not.
Sv.::Maethendias:: Dec 13, 2014 @ 7:56pm 
tigrexslayer,its id is:

1D000D63, but you have to use the placeatme command,additem seems not to work ^^
[TSS]Oringoss Nov 29, 2014 @ 7:22am 
Make it so for 2 handed users they can craft Duskfall and Dawnbreaker into a 2 handed sword.
BarrySteakFry Nov 27, 2014 @ 1:03am 
is this saved game compatable?
TigrexSlayer Nov 18, 2014 @ 10:09am 
it vanished out of my box. does anyone know the ID?
DaggerWrath [bKza] Nov 2, 2014 @ 11:48am 
it has a secret pullchain and the sword is in a burnt sacrificed body
Kaelan, The Titan God of Doom Oct 9, 2014 @ 10:10am 
@Bash 'em There are other mods that add Azura's Sword Azurabrad just look it up but this sword is more for Vaps
Bash 'em Sep 24, 2014 @ 6:58am 
i mean daedric prince sorry bout that
Bash 'em Sep 24, 2014 @ 6:58am 
flippin great mod but it should like be azura's weapon cuz she's goddess of dusk and dawn
Red Spartan Sep 23, 2014 @ 10:01am 
does it req any dlc
Sexy Baka Ass Sep 13, 2014 @ 10:19am 
i cant find the book
natademalia Sep 13, 2014 @ 9:24am 
I entered the Necromancer's Lair, killed all the necromancers with Dawnbreaker, and couldn't find Duskfall anywhere
wikipedia.org/wiki/Gabe_Newell Aug 10, 2014 @ 7:20pm 
psycoNaught is right.
Hydarus Aug 10, 2014 @ 12:39pm 
Duskfall is now my favourite weapon!
HaloE70 Aug 8, 2014 @ 2:51pm 
I agree with psyco that would make it more like dawnbreakers oppisite
psycoNaught Aug 6, 2014 @ 6:20pm 
i think you could have 10% chance to reanimate as zombie or summon zombie to make it the opposite of dawnbreaker's turn undead effect, but what it has is ok i guess
Ghastly Meerkat Aug 1, 2014 @ 1:51pm 
what is the code to spawn it if i want two?
Judas_Crypt Jul 13, 2014 @ 2:11pm 
Would be a good sword if it didn't have the soul trap. I don't want to be accidentally filling up my grand soul gems with petty souls because I killed a wolf.
pedotto Jul 11, 2014 @ 12:51am 
can you please add the console codes so i can test to see it runs well with my other mods
Low smithing :( haha I want to add them to my armory because the look awesome
SaucyGentlemen(~PFoS~) Jul 7, 2014 @ 7:52pm 
When I put the sword on my weapons rack, it completely disappeared
Gh0st_Dovahkiin (Sidewinder.M) Jul 5, 2014 @ 8:53am 
Haha "magicwendigo" called "THE MAN" an idiot for calling the Dawnguard DLC "Dawnstar"... all the while, spelling Dawnguard as DawnGAURD... I love stupid people trying to call other people stupid... makes my day... GREAT Mod, btw. Love it!
DJ Trainer Red Jun 29, 2014 @ 7:22am 
couldve given it a better name, like duskbringer
futerwarrior13 Jun 2, 2014 @ 5:10pm 
I think its an awesome idea dawn breaker is one of my favorite weapons.... the only suggestion is to make a dark explosion or shoot out a blizzard shot on heavy strike to give it a similar standing with the counterpart. great mod.
[CoM]Duskfall May 19, 2014 @ 1:59pm 
Hah! Thats my name!
gliscor96 May 9, 2014 @ 6:09pm 
interesting blade, the dawn and dusk combo.....i think i found a new set!~
DiabloElSanto Apr 24, 2014 @ 10:35pm 
@AeroSlimshady, look at it this way. Dawnbreaker was meant to fight the forces of Dark, i.e. undead and whatnot. Well, the opposite of this is a being with a soul. So the opposite of a soulless killing machine would be one to steal a soul.
you shall not pass Apr 23, 2014 @ 2:37pm 
dawnGAURD not dawnstar idiot
THE MANLY DRAGON TITS! Mar 24, 2014 @ 11:16am 
does it require the dawnstar dlc?
AeroSlimshady Mar 22, 2014 @ 9:37am 
Lol I just thought of something. Maybe you could change the enchantments of the Dawnbreaker to match the Duskbreaker. idk
AeroSlimshady Mar 22, 2014 @ 9:35am 
Why not just give it the same base damage as Dawnbreaker? And the soul trap enchantment sounds out of place to me.
☠RAIDER☠ Mar 19, 2014 @ 4:22pm 
@kingor start merida's quest to obtain dawnbreaker first. you'll find the key to the book as you do that mission
☠RAIDER☠ Mar 19, 2014 @ 4:20pm 
I cant put this weapon on any rack display case or weapon mount? why?
copley28 Mar 15, 2014 @ 12:17pm 
why was it coined Duskfall
Dresden69 Mar 9, 2014 @ 3:17am 
Otherwise I love it, and the no quest markers makes it more of a challenge to get if you haven't explored skyrim much.
Dresden69 Mar 9, 2014 @ 3:16am 
Could change it to shock damage (since a lot resists frost), with a chance to disintegrate (to keep with shock theme) at night, but drop the chance to like the 1.98% of Mehrune's Razor inte-kill, so retain some balance, as a 25% disintegration chance is very op imo.
SmileyⱭ Cassaboo Mar 7, 2014 @ 6:47pm 
Please I really need help finding the lair. I've cleared this dungeon ages ago and don't know where to go please HELP and not ignore otherwise it's a dislike :/ not enjoying so far it's a waste of peoples time..
*Tails dying in the background* Mar 7, 2014 @ 6:02pm 
Nice mod! You may want to buff the ice damage, since most enemies will have a resistance to it.
RedLetterDay94 Feb 9, 2014 @ 9:21pm 
so is this sword just striaight white for anyone else?
Deika the Samurott Feb 9, 2014 @ 4:39pm 
i love the dawnbreaker it's my favorite short sword
kingor Feb 4, 2014 @ 12:14pm 
I can't find the book, any pointers?
TheLegoDalek Jan 17, 2014 @ 8:09am 
love the mod cool sword
Mr. Gore Jan 17, 2014 @ 5:08am 
Love the sword but I also can't place it in a rack. Im filling a collectors vault with mod swords so it would be even better if i could display it.