Acestui joc i s-a dat undă verde de către comunitate!

Comunitatea şi-a arătat interesul privind acest joc. Valve a contactat acest producător pentru a începe demersurile către lansarea pe Steam.

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[APro]MadjackMcMad  [autor] 15 apr. @ 10:01am 
@Pelerin: Yes, it will. I should make that more clear on the page!
Pelerin 14 apr. @ 12:09pm 
Dungeonmans looks excellent, can't wait for it to come to Steam - I'm really tempted to buy Early Access :P will that get us a Steam key when it's released?
[APro]MadjackMcMad  [autor] 22 mart. @ 8:29pm 
Thank you so much everyone! I'm super excited. I was away at GDC last week so I didn't have the time to sit down and write up some proper responses, but I'm back home and will be getting back up to speed over the weekend.

Tsusaku 21 mart. @ 7:12am 
darude&storm: I don't think 123% can be stated as "such a successfull KS", but put that away, the game is Awesome, fun and i love it. I played the pre alpha realease and it felt as almost complete game already, at least complete in the way of playability.

Congrats on GL Madjack
Shake Well 20 mart. @ 9:56am 
Congrats! Really looking forward to this, and I am hoping for your continued success.
TeeJaxOff <3 20 mart. @ 5:15am 
Congratulations on getting greenlit! This has been a long time coming!! <3
General Chaøs™ 19 mart. @ 8:25pm 
Looking forward to seeing this one congrats
darude&storm 19 mart. @ 1:29pm 
Congrats on getting greenlit, I'm surprised that it took them so long to greenlight something with such a successful kickstarter campaign.
[APro]MadjackMcMad  [autor] 10 mart. @ 8:01am 
Thank you Monkey! I'm moving as fast as I can, I can't wait for more people to play the game.
Mossawi 9 mart. @ 5:07am 
This looks awesome! Hope it will be available soooooon!
Three4Flinching 6 mart. @ 6:03am 
This looks great! Are there any plans to make it OS X compatible?
[APro]MadjackMcMad  [autor] 5 mart. @ 7:07pm 
Thanks Giga! It'll happen, hopefully this month. #16, after like 430+ days!
Giga raptor 5 mart. @ 8:44am 
Saw you on roguelike radio. Any time soon I hope!
sAntiAgo 28 feb. @ 2:11am 
St. tRens 25 feb. @ 5:19am 
sweet game bro
akira71 16 feb. @ 4:54am 
I really have enjoyed this game in it's Alpha form. Why isn't this on Steam yet? 5/5 stars!
Risen King 13 feb. @ 8:57pm 
Neat game here, with what I like most, unique gameplay.
Daigoro 8 feb. @ 7:22am 
SpitFire 5 feb. @ 1:43am 
This seems nice. Kinda reminds me of the RPGs for the SNES. I assume it's some kind of turnbased RPG similar to Fire Emblem? It looks like it's made to be a little more smooth, though. I would get this :). Good luck! Also, music by Zircon? Yes please.
Kawachiboy14 | TGMT 4 feb. @ 10:19am 
zircon <3
Underwhelmed 4 feb. @ 7:59am 
It is terrible that this game is struggling through the quagmire that is greenlight, but at least all those awesome Slenderman and Zombiesurvival games are making it through, thank goodness the system works right? *barfs*
Veniroth 3 feb. @ 6:23pm 
Kickstarter fan, cant wait for the release. unfortunately i am not an alpha or beta player
mustachefeeling 3 feb. @ 2:20pm 
Zircon soundtrack? yes please.
apsyse 3 feb. @ 8:50am 
*Kicks Dungeonmans up the Greenlight ladder some more.*
d3rkn3ss 27 ian. @ 7:21am 
Jan 27th! Any word on release time? I do not mean to be rude or anything I am just very excited. I can wait, no big deal!
[OCR]BardicKnowledge 27 ian. @ 7:04am 
I love the idea of a modern Castle of the Winds game, and it looks like that's exactly what I'm getting out of this! Bonus that the only other person I know who played that old Win 3.5 game did the score, haha.
d3rkn3ss 26 ian. @ 6:36pm 
I agree with [OCR]Kenogu Labz. Not to mention, it's definitely part of the charm and the abilities have really cool effects!
[OCR]Kenogu Labz 26 ian. @ 1:18pm 
To those requesting character animations: this type of game does not - and never has - been terribly suitable for such animations. This isn't a traditional RPG, but a roguelike, which doesn't really follow standard 'up-down-left-right' movement in the same strict way as, say, overworld JRPG movement.
Ken Nova 26 ian. @ 10:44am 
Looks decent, but could've used some more animations ;P And yeah, the music is great.
ImTheeBubbleTea 26 ian. @ 9:20am 
Looks fun and Zircon's score sounds great, but it could really use some character animations!
LttW [A.C.A.B.] 26 ian. @ 6:10am 
rav172 26 ian. @ 3:28am 
Make character moving animations and it will be awesome game!
Valfather 25 ian. @ 6:57am 
Found this through Zircon's website, looks (and sounds) excellent!
Tzolak 22 ian. @ 7:21pm 
Jim is an epic developer! Backed on KS, and been looking forward to everythying. I know this game will be epic! Has my support 100%
[Bacon] AveryTingWong 22 ian. @ 3:51pm 
OMG I love Dungeonmans and the handsome creator!
CanyonCrows 22 ian. @ 8:36am 
can't wait to get loots
El_Dorado 21 ian. @ 10:46pm 
Alientcp 20 ian. @ 3:44pm 
Looking good
[APro]MadjackMcMad  [autor] 19 ian. @ 7:54am 
@ReboreDash that was something a fan put together, I had no idea about it until this morning! @Sir John: This game is written in XNA, the same engine used in games like Terraria.
ReboreDash 19 ian. @ 5:01am 
Didn't know about this game until I saw the info on the Bioshock: Infinite giveaway and i'm glad I did. Upvoted! can't wait to see this on Steam. We need more good roguelikes.
Sir John 19 ian. @ 4:35am 
Hi i'm just wondering how do you made this game? What engine does this game used?
Rendolf 18 ian. @ 6:05pm 
Good idea, I'll buy it when it will be in steam.
[APro]MadjackMcMad  [autor] 18 ian. @ 1:56pm 
@subsistcyber I'm doing all I can!
subsistcyber 18 ian. @ 12:39pm 
Very awesome game. Hurry and get it on steam!
BlackBug000 18 ian. @ 5:13am 
yay :)
Liberto 17 ian. @ 2:50am 
ironcheftj 16 ian. @ 8:28am 
Yes Dungeonmans. yes yes yes.
SUMONECK 15 ian. @ 10:32am 
When can we expect the full release of the game? Did not find any info when searching.
Anyways, gogo greenlight!
[APro]MadjackMcMad  [autor] 14 ian. @ 9:10pm 
@Yurek: Did you try the Summer Preview? The idea behind the Dungeonmans Academy is that your heroes keep getting stronger, so even if you die you can start again with some better stats and the early mystery items identified. There's even more to come for the Academy later, but that's what is in the preivew now.