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(AspD)KOva1skIY™ hace 21 horas 
прошлое )))
Remi 7 de Jul a las 1:41 
not bad
FuckYou 2 de Jul a las 6:36 
С детства за EMPIRE 2 de Jul a las 5:16 
Barsic✔ 1 de Jul a las 12:49 
Barsic✔ 1 de Jul a las 12:48 
(ᴏᴥᴏ)ComputerHAcKs 30 de Jun a las 19:00 
Awesome Explosions. And you need strategie
JohnChain 28 de Jun a las 7:00 
Pie 24 de Jun a las 14:20 
so many explosions o.o
Dada Prime 24 de Jun a las 6:11 
nice :)
Tene 23 de Jun a las 3:20 
PoPeYe <3 ヅ 22 de Jun a las 3:33 
Chirs_Vat Rabbits 6 de Jun a las 5:10 
You can still add to the ship and improve the ability and playing together.
Rick B 27 de May a las 11:51 
Brings back so many memories... :D
Die Or I Do™ 18 de May a las 16:44 
Nice game :)
Haunting Sounds From Pious Rings 17 de May a las 5:02 
games cool tho
Haunting Sounds From Pious Rings 17 de May a las 5:02 
i practically dont know what i doing
its been 44 hours...
//Thomas Skytte^ 16 de May a las 14:13 
Billaguana 11 de May a las 16:55 
Interesting, definatly take me back
olav3bot[WorldTracerL&F] 26 de Abr a las 12:17 
Nice one but add some "hollywood" special effects and this game will be fantastic :D
[DA] CIBERKNIGHT 23 de Abr a las 10:25 
more bullet hell? ohh yuusss!
av28 13 de Abr a las 2:50 
This game is not bad I say yes this should be on Steam.It also reminds me of old sschool space shooters.
Krazie <3 I.D.F 10 de Abr a las 11:25 
aur-lien 29 de Mar a las 11:55 
i think to it"s can be good on mobile but for PC ... i prefer a Touhou or another ...
Smokemon \o 25 de Mar a las 3:48 
I think this game very good for mobile, but not for PC
WILLIWANKA 22 de Mar a las 12:57 
Gilbertão 18 de Mar a las 7:12 
This game could be a mobile game due to his style.
But, seems fun, good job :D
jfos79 6 de Mar a las 8:01 
Really fun game! Great job.
Matheus_mgas 27 de Feb a las 19:56 
Para mobile, talvez mas para pc, acho que não.
ゲームではありません! 18 de Feb a las 8:12 
назад, на сегу
Sheila 14 de Feb a las 15:19 
awesome old school sh#0T
itsmequeiroga 1 de Feb a las 17:48 
i like this kind of game, hope it can make it to steam
christianjesus 18 de Ene a las 20:44 
looks awesome ., hope to see more of these new retros coming out... I am defo going to get a couple ...
Atomic Neon Knight 7 de Ene a las 10:50 
I love crazy shooter games... reminds me when I use to play the same style games like "Mars Matrix" & "Ikaruga'.
Blue Dem0n 6 de Ene a las 19:38 
hahaha so funny!
Koz 4 de Ene a las 5:08 
kill'em all, looks like fun
Kervek 2 de Ene a las 18:19 
Absurd and hilarios. Perfect for a rainy day!
[MwK]2-D mexican 2 de Ene a las 10:40 
is funny :D
бог кс 1.6 8 de Nov, 2013 a las 3:08 
Nayami 7 de Nov, 2013 a las 23:35 
It's like any other game. But it's a nice concept. The only thing you should change is the sound of the coins. It gets annoying over time.
TokeN 6 de Nov, 2013 a las 17:19 
Zikker 5 de Nov, 2013 a las 13:27 
I don't like it, sorry, there are a lot of free games like it
Epic357 27 de Oct, 2013 a las 14:27 
SsG~fLame 27 de Oct, 2013 a las 3:23 
It's fun to play this kind of games but there are a million free games of it online.
maximoon 19 de Oct, 2013 a las 1:46 
по олду)))
[TGCB] Cuervo 29 de Sep, 2013 a las 10:26 
I'm a big fan of games in the genre, but this game did not please me at some points, the audio needs improvement, graphics are slightly pretty in my opinion, but I confess that I am able to spend more hours playing Space Impact than Shmupacabra . But congratulations, it's a great game that only need a few "touches".
Ебаклак 26 de Sep, 2013 a las 12:55 
makaroniwe 24 de Sep, 2013 a las 10:51 
Вроде неплохо
ZoidbergForPresident 11 de Sep, 2013 a las 23:54 
Wow, that's some bullet hell. Not my kind of game but it deserves exposure. There aren't a lot on Steam.
darksoulZ 20 de Ago, 2013 a las 9:22 
indeed a funny game, only thing are those sounds, they r a bit too...kind of disturbing x)