Portal 2
Raiders of the Lost Test Chamber
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Petutski 2 dic 2014, ore 16:56 
Nicely done, logical, and fun!
menes777 24 ago 2013, ore 17:48 
lil' gedon you are so cool ! ( GIGLES )
PsychoBR 24 gen 2013, ore 13:47 
Nice map! Very fun!
I recorded my gameplay (valve DEM file format): Download [dl.dropbox.com]

Turrets highly explosive. Handle with care
asminahipi 21 gen 2013, ore 7:10 
muy buen trabajo,gracias
Hazelton 16 gen 2013, ore 16:15 
AAH! Pop-up turrets! O.O
Damn my inner scientist forcing me to try every button...

Lovably fun chamber, a distinct lack of boulders from which to run away, but otherwise good.
Reiman 4 gen 2013, ore 12:18 
Well done, it was nice, easy and straight forward. It was fun ^-^
I only wish, I would have been able to take out the turrets >:-}
I hope, you will enjoy and comment one of mine .
JayB52 3 gen 2013, ore 21:21 
Lacks lighting, made me stop and die.
LyonesGamer 28 dic 2012, ore 19:53 
I found it to be very enjoyable, and it does have an Indiana Jones feel to it. My one and only issue was that I found it to be too dark. While I understand the kind of atmosphere and ambience you were trying to create, when it gets to the point where it's literally too dark to even see, it goes from cool or intense or exciting to just flat-out frustrating.
gladgirl83 27 dic 2012, ore 8:20 
Very enjoyable and definitely reminded me of Indiana Jones. A++ on that! But I did find it a little easy. Too bad there are no giant edgeless cubes to crush you with...
Tuff*Gong 26 dic 2012, ore 19:47 
Fun, I like the trap doors with turrets, that does remind me a bit of a Indiana Jones type trap.
Less 26 dic 2012, ore 11:51 
very easy,but is fun ! ... D:
PsychoBR 26 dic 2012, ore 6:02 
Nice map! Quite a little trick near the and, but is very fun! Thanks.

Turrets highly explosive. Handle with care
the provoker# 25 dic 2012, ore 22:21 
So good!..
Nimrod 25 dic 2012, ore 18:24 
nice ^^
daloboy 25 dic 2012, ore 10:23 
Well construct! Great look in the first chamber. Really liked the many traps in second room!
Please try one of mine and comment! Thanks.
SlayerOne 25 dic 2012, ore 0:45 
good. quite a nice little trick near the end, there.
Metzger Ben | GER 24 dic 2012, ore 15:50 
My solution / blind walkthrough: http://youtu.be/ew8BmK1dUx4
Gotestra 24 dic 2012, ore 9:25 
I didn't find the test chamber very challenging. BuI would be lying if I said that I didn't enjoy it. Keep up the good work. Stuff like this is great and much appreciated :)
sleepyEyes 24 dic 2012, ore 6:36 
very nice, thank you
spyhunter99 24 dic 2012, ore 6:11 
I got stuck at the end, unable to activate the last laser
wang 24 dic 2012, ore 1:41 
Looks so AWESOME! Really good job!
Mr Fraggle (UK) 23 dic 2012, ore 2:15 
Nice map,Well done.
SedloCZ 23 dic 2012, ore 0:36 
yinzsjagoffs 22 dic 2012, ore 14:16 
That was great. There aren't enough "dungeon" type maps like that.
Kalanque 22 dic 2012, ore 10:37 
pretty fun, a little short
Gauds 22 dic 2012, ore 7:45 
[MNI] ✪Sniperhamster182 22 dic 2012, ore 3:04 
very well done great map had loads of fun doing it nothing to complain about
screechingringer 21 dic 2012, ore 15:11 
Really clever opening; not difficult, but you had to know the mechanics and just move things along - a neat warmup. The The light bridges that were only decorations kind of bugged me; in general when I test unnecssary test elements showing up in the map detract from the puzzle; others won't give a hoot, but I figured you might find this criticism will sway your future maps. . Either way nice one. Also, the finish was challenging. I'd give a bonus vote for the finish chamber if I could.
Lil' Gideon  [autore] 21 dic 2012, ore 13:42 
Thanks for the compliments, everyone! :^)
Ze' Fanciest of Ze' Turrets 20 dic 2012, ore 21:10 
Fun, and not easy, not hard, but JUST DARN RIGHT AWESOME!!! :) thank you for a good chamber for people like me and others to play!!! wish you luck on the rest of your great chambers!!!
Chablu 20 dic 2012, ore 17:44 
Well done! Very enjoyable