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Дякуємо за те, що допомогли цій грі потрапити до крамниці Steam. Детальнішу інформацію, в тому числі посилання на сторінку в крамниці, ви можете знайти нижче.

War For The Overworld
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shebeeiscute 21 бер о 4:16am 
i will play this i loved dungeon keeper... have to wait until i get paid before i can buy it boo...
The Stupid 1 11 лис 2013 о 10:41am 
I can't believe it, a Dungeon Keeper remake! I'm in love...
Dark MessiaH 30 жов 2013 о 5:52am 
Sweet, can't wait to play the game.
arekkreski 5 жов 2013 о 10:48am 
got i hope its gone meet my expectations
Roshi 18 вер 2013 о 4:10pm 
GIVE ME NOW! I am in need for a new pet.
L'hurtz 16 вер 2013 о 9:37am 
where is publication date?????
Breaxta 18 сер 2013 о 8:05pm 
It's good to be bad!
-Psycho- 23 лип 2013 о 5:42am 
i wil be playing this 24/7 till 2015 obv
GeorgeHordy 27 чер 2013 о 12:14pm 
20 buggs for this game ??!
Knochenkalle 27 чер 2013 о 3:05am 
Nice Dungeon Keeper Remake
Green [NT] 22 чер 2013 о 10:15am 
eu curti
[BoD2]╠SZ╣ 11 чер 2013 о 11:20am 
omg yes :'D
TIR[sk] 20 тра 2013 о 11:11am 
Mr. ک 15 тра 2013 о 7:57pm 
Seems great
Nasibal 13 тра 2013 о 5:49pm 
Ahhgg cant wait to play this game! I whas addicted to DK1 and 2 but more to 1! I will miss the dutch voice tho,. I dont think their will be a dutch version :D
Romanoff_takes_off 13 тра 2013 о 11:46am 
I hope the game also appears on German
00000010Clown 10 тра 2013 о 1:17pm 
I hope it is a dungeon keeper remake worth to wait for!!!!
Hakultair 8 тра 2013 о 2:17pm 
Can't wait for this... :o
N8master 7 тра 2013 о 3:42pm 
Finally Dungeon Keeper is back! After all those fuckin' years of waiting! Thank u so much!
Attack dog 7 тра 2013 о 6:19am 
Peetfighter 5 тра 2013 о 4:12pm 
Preordering will be available on Steam as soon as the Bedrock Beta is released, which is this month.
peDantic 5 тра 2013 о 10:31am 
Preorder? :)
Gildonmathrews 4 тра 2013 о 12:15pm 
I would be careful and look up videos that review the game. I've heard that it isn't that good at all compared to the original games.
mishko 4 тра 2013 о 6:05am 
People remember this is an original game with original creatures and isnt a direct sequel. For people that didn't already know
mouseno4 2 тра 2013 о 9:36pm 
Still cannot find anywhere to preorder this game. Been searching for over an hour now.
byrnesword 2 тра 2013 о 10:00am 
yes,yes,yes@ this gam
onebassplayer 29 кві 2013 о 11:16pm 
it is dk3 they just cant use the same name due to EA owning the rights to the name so they
called it another name war for the overworld
Neoraptor 29 кві 2013 о 3:41am 
I can't wait now
Badger 28 кві 2013 о 10:21pm 
Dungeon Keeper 3...
where should i put the wheelbarrows of money?
Ravenor [NCCIA] 27 кві 2013 о 6:09am 
i loved dungeon keeper 1 and 2 i hope this is released
Drunken_Monkey 26 кві 2013 о 2:01pm 
The release of the bedrock beta (demo) has pushed back for unknown time (maybe 1-2 months). But this can be a good sign in times were publishers sells half-finished games. :)
Abbandoneer 26 кві 2013 о 12:06pm 
Yay finallly a game like dugeon keeper 2!!!!
xmamx 26 кві 2013 о 5:59am 
that's not bad!
Apprentisage 24 кві 2013 о 6:47pm 
i hope this will be the dk3
pedrofrancab 24 кві 2013 о 2:44pm 
i hope this game rocks! impire was a let down
Von Drako 24 кві 2013 о 6:48am 
...exactly! I hope it will be Dungeon Keeper 3 !
kendoe 23 кві 2013 о 2:31pm 
my type of game
DIE_by_SCI-FI 22 кві 2013 о 1:46pm 
Anethos, you can do this in every moment. go to the official game site, download demo and play. but now game raw and i cant say that demo very playable.
Anethos 20 кві 2013 о 4:34pm 
Where can I play the demo?
Wyverx 20 кві 2013 о 2:31pm 
YAY! Dungeon Keeper 3 :D
|KiLa| Castamere 20 кві 2013 о 1:37am 
yessss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This looks great!
CrazyAvitus 18 кві 2013 о 2:05pm 
It's time to slap an imp!!!

Necros3000 17 кві 2013 о 12:58pm 
Its good to be bad
Micheal 17 кві 2013 о 12:11pm 
Holy cow, the best games are now indie, who needs EA these days
Angraug 17 кві 2013 о 11:21am 
+just-about-infinite Balrog points
Vaptor 17 кві 2013 о 10:38am 
lol don't expect it to support voice actor translations .

reason being is they are a not a major company with money to spare on such things. the developers said on their forums they lack professional multi language translators.

and forget about voice acting they will only have that in english. richard ridings is the main narrator.
thus any translated versions will be in text with engilsh voice acting.
Ernest 16 кві 2013 о 3:31pm 
KoWeN | oFF 16 кві 2013 о 4:36am 
"War For The Overworld is the campaign to support if you want to see Dungeon Keeper back." - Peter Molyneux, Creator of Dungeon Keeper
XDSvennyXD 15 кві 2013 о 4:09pm 
YAY! Dungeon Keeper 3 :D
Ohmz 13 кві 2013 о 7:44am 
Oh yes! Instantly reminded of DK2 from the thumbnail. I bloody love that game! Soooo sad when EA screwed DK3 over. Now I can't wait for Aug 30th =D!!