When Vampires Attack
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Zaayl Il y a 6 heures 
Ive been having similar Issues as Teratus, it kinda works sometimes, and both this and the dragon version have identical issues where some will flee, but not actually go inside and instead just cower in the open. (Usually just outside a city like Riften, are they not programmed to head for the city gates?) and some will just outright fight anyway, (This happened with the old man, something Snowshod, outside riften vs. a dragon, and with Froki? or something, the woman in charge of Iron Breaker in Dawnstar, against vampires. Sorry I cant be more specific, they are both forgettable and unimportant characters.)
alixir 20 oct à 17h26 
it worked at first but just last game in solitude around hall of dead almost 7 NPCs tried to fight (from bards college) and died? I resurrected them but??? just wondering if it stopped working..
Weston 19 oct à 2h01 
I didn't understand how necessary this was until 2-3 vamp attacks wiped out half of freaking Whiterun -_-
lars7500 14 oct à 9h03 
when do vampire attacks happen, I never experienced it
Teratus 4 oct à 2h45 
I've been using this for a while now on multiple save files but this mod often times goes from working to not working or not working to working.. randomly

anyone else get that too?
same for the Dragon version
Rabah760 1 oct à 14h43 
This is really good for just end game exploring, but still fun!
killerpanda029 1 oct à 9h09 
this is all-some i love these mod it makes "life" a lot essayer to not weary of pertaining every one
fcbcobos 28 sept à 11h08 
adventuretimefangirl94 11 sept à 9h17 
Thank you! It's so frustrating that most of the NPC's in my game keep getting murdered by vampires. I'd uninstall Dawnguard altogether..but Auriel's Bow is too amazing to do without.
nashgill 6 sept à 16h41 
Thanks for Insult towards my horse. Lol Horses are annoying they just run into Bandit Camps with you and try to fight, only to meet an uncertain fait...
JACK THE RIPPER 5 sept à 3h53 
DRock1042 21 Aug @ 7:21am
"long time coming, I hate when the blacksmiths and general storekeepers get killed being idiots" Yes AWESOME MOD
DRock1042 20 août à 22h21 
long time coming, I hate when the blacksmiths and general storekeepers get killed being idiots
sschubby 17 août à 20h00 
Did Malog Bal make the vampire lords as well?
Basilisk 30 juil à 19h45 
Thank you for your response-and the mod of course! I'm not good with tech, and I heard updates can trigger loose scripts. So I figured I'd ask.

I apperciate the care you take with these mods, and I'm sorry if I insulted you by asking. Just learned to be careful about this sort of thing after a few clean installs.
Arthmoor  [créateur] 30 juil à 19h08 
@Quantum: That's very bad practice with Skyrim. Better to gather the debug info and pass it along than risk wrecking your game over it.

@Basilisk: No, it won't harm the save to update. I take great care to make sure my updates won't do that.
Basilisk 30 juil à 16h22 
Just wanted to say I apperciate you adding in that debug log feature, I would make use of it but....erm, I sometimes kill technology simply by booting it up. Best for everyone if I don't muck around with it.

I might create SkyNet by accident.

Just a check, this update won't harm save games correct? I'm assuming yes, but I figure it couldn't hurt to ask.
quantum07 30 juil à 16h20 
This mod prevents you from doing the first quest for the Dark Brotherhood. Uninstall it, then you can kill that orphanage lady, then reinstall.
Lurid Jester 29 juil à 13h48 
After a few vampire attacks in Whiterun where it didn't look like anyone was running away, I did some testing. Granted, it was only me spawning fledgling vamps in the city when as many people were around me as possible. The end result was that EVERYONE came running to kill the vampire. So it doesn't look like this mod is working for me. assuming the mod keys off the presence of any vampire... instead of keying off some Dawnguard specific event trigger. If that's the case, I'll probably need to do some additional testing. Unfortunately, anything more complex than spawning baby vamps is a bit outside my comfort zone. Any suggestions?
Arthmoor  [créateur] 27 juil à 16h43 
Not much I can do about it if Steam keeps redownloading the mod. The last update was 2 days go.
TheDicSoupcan 27 juil à 1h19 
I mean I see the changelogs, it's just that whenever I boot my game, this mod always (re-) downloads, none of my other do this.
TheDicSoupcan 27 juil à 1h18 
Works great, thanks, but why does this update so often?
melanie49 26 juil à 3h05 
Brilliant.....this is the aspect of Dawnguard I HATE, as all the blacksmiths seem to embrace death in a quite franky an irritating way....did I say BRILLIANT!!!!!
Bazyboy 22 juil à 4h43 
Great mod. Only had to turn it off once because when you enter Markarth for the first time, the quest "The Forsworn Conspiracy" should start by Weylin attacking Margret. However, Margret runs into the inn, and Weylin starts attacking guards instead, unable to be killed. But after that I turned it on again. Don't want stupid NPC's fist fighting vampires now. ;)
Jimmy Nutrin 17 juil à 5h06 
Jesus christ I needed this
Basilisk 15 juil à 15h41 
Saw a comment further down, on NPC's not fleeing during an attack, during my previous experience with the mod, I've found if you enter a building during the vampire attack (before they enter the city proper and begin to pillage and burn) or somesuch that the script will not play out properly. It doesn't appear to be something that can be fixed, to my eye, and seems to be due to how the game itself handles vampire attacks. Not really an issue with the mod, so there is probably little point in incessantly bugging the mod-maker about it.

Just don't go inside during a vampire attack, problem solved.
Basilisk 15 juil à 15h32 
I encountered what I believe to be a small bug in the vicinity of Ivarstead, a courier from a certain Falk Firebeard was within the village when the vampires decided a raid was in order, whilst the mod seems to have functioned perfectly for the other NPC's (everyone in their homes etc) he entered into a cowering stance the second he approached me (the moment, it seems the vampires attacked) and became stuck in that stance even after I had introduced the vampires to their own inards.

I am hoping this is a one-off bug or somesuch, but I felt you should be informed. If the problem persists or reoccurs, I'll test it and try to narrow down what could have caused this.
thebigdog 15 juil à 13h33 
I tried to use this mod but it messed with the game-steam synch and it wouldn't load after the Bethesda screen.
Evan, cshazlett 11 juil à 8h47 
RUN YOU STUIPD CITIZENS RUN THEIR VAMPIRES NOT CHICKENS WE HAVE GUARDS FOR A REASON!!!! Excuse me but that needed to be said to the citizens :P
Ajai Fel 10 juil à 10h50 
For anyone having an issue with npcs being stuck inside.

Open console, type - help "wva" It will come up with a quest variable

Type setstage [The quest name goes here, not the long string of numbers. That's the ID] 255 without the []
It will be something like ARTHWVACitizensFleeAttackType4, not always that one, but like it.

Hope this helps.
Grimtongue 5 juil à 18h07 
This is an excellent mod.
TheDodgyUkrainian 2 juil à 7h25 
nice mod saves the innocents:)
deeps.bitsmess 27 juin à 16h48 
Excellent.. now my Quest NPC do not die on me. just the guards whom i later loot:)
gamergabemc 27 juin à 15h04 
Sweet!!!! Now I can really feel like a hero. But, I have a question, will the vampires the player if he/she is a vampire/vampire lord? so basically, are they farrel or not
Phantom 27 juin à 8h14 
Which two data files do i need to remove to uninstall?
Nekofy 26 juin à 15h09 
great, it's awesome
now people don't get kileld annymore, and i can fight without accidently hitting npc who walk in my way (wich made the gueards usually attac me in stead of the vampires or cultists) i'm glad i subscribed
Teratus 25 juin à 8h20 
I love this mod but I have to say it is one random one at that

sometimes it works and sometimes it completely fails to work entirely
2 encounters in whiterun have been fine and now one in markarth and every npc runs up and gets one shotted by vampires..

anyone else having this issue? cause it happens to me all the time sometimes the mod just doesn't work at all..
neilbryson 22 juin à 19h27 
@jorge.ronin I think so. Haven't seen vampires attacking cities with the vanilla Skyrim.
coolkitties 18 juin à 8h13 
So cool! Now NPCs are actually smart.
miliniano 14 juin à 10h23 
don't work i waired in whitrun 4h and i saw 5 dead bodies of citizens at the agte of the city
jorge.ronin 9 juin à 2h18 
requires dawnguard ?
SprayTactics 6 juin à 22h41 
Well, to fix this problem, I tried two things, both involving the console. First was putting in tai, to disable the ai, then reenabling it. The second was to manually reset the ai of each affected npc by clicking on the npc and typing in resetai in console. Try this, and hope it helps your problems.
Arthmoor  [créateur] 6 juin à 1h51 
Then you're talking about Run For Your Lives - you're on the wrong mod page.

Killing a dragon will have no effect on vampire attacks.
ThePenguinGentleman 4 juin à 22h19 
Are you sure, because I left Riften many, many times after having this problem, but when I returned it was still broken. Only when I killed the dragon did it fix it.
Arthmoor  [créateur] 4 juin à 15h14 
Killing the dragon anywhere has nothing to do with that.

What you actually triggered was the failsafe that both Bethesda and myself have put in place where if you leave the location where an attack is taking place, the attack is terminated.

There is no vampire detection radius. The events for vampire attacks are triggered solely by the enabling of actual vampires in the city.
ThePenguinGentleman 3 juin à 9h25 
Anyone having the problem people are talking about below, do as the commenter below suggests (I refuse to type your name), as it sorted my problem completely.
hitlers anal friend 29 mai à 13h34 
I know it sounds strange, but try killing the dragon in Lost Tongue Overlook - I know this because I loaded a save while the bug was happening and went straight for it, then came back. This fixed all of my problems for me. It may be that the dragon/vampire detection radius is too large and is picking up the dragon in its lair. Only thing I can think of that would explain it.
hitlers anal friend 29 mai à 13h12 
having this exact same bug @ Ancient Hydra/Telcontar
Ancient Hydra 26 mai à 14h49 
So I installed this mod and it worked well a few times but one time I think the spawning of the vampires bugged in Riften, and while everything reacted as though vampires attacked (including my inability to fast-travel) none actually attacked anyone. Now everyone has been cowering. I didn't realize what had happened until I no longer had an auto-save from before the attack (I was on the Agent of Mara quest so I did a lot of fast travel). I've uninstalled the mod but they still cower. Any advice? I can't talk to any NPCs that were outside shen the bug occured.
Telcontar 24 mai à 14h25 
There was a vampire attack when I went Riften. All NPC's except guards are run to the buildings, After I was defeated vampires they're won't come out or even they come out they run back to their home instantly. I can't interact with them. What should I do ?
[N] bluntman420 21 mai à 10h49 
For a temporary fix I unsubscribed and everyone went back to normal and I subscribed again.