When Vampires Attack
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Arthmoor  [autor] před 21 hodinami 
Seriously? So they also fixed the issues with case sensitivity at some point and that's blocking updates now too? :P
David před 23 hodinami 
Deleting the .esp files and letting it reinstall them fixed it. Manually changing them to uppercase might have worked too.
David před 23 hodinami 
The Skyrim launcher says I'm not subscribed either, though the Steam website says I am. The launcher won't let me enable it in Data Files.

It looks like the .esp filename case for this and Run For Your Lives changed at some point, and now there's duplicate entries in SteamModList.txt which the launcher reads (and editing it does not help, as Steam regenerates it).
BlackJack1945 29. dub. v 3.00 odp. 
its no longer loading in my data files and it says im no longer subscribed
MrBearBear 25. dub. v 9.58 odp. 
do guards tell them to like a dragon attack
DerEider 20. dub. v 8.44 dop. 
Ditto my comment under Run For Your Lives. I just lost an entire Kahjiit Caravan to a Vamp raid outside Windhelm. Don't know what I'll do for Caravan trading for the rest of the game.
Red Storm 18. dub. v 8.58 odp. 
omfg thank you
sammoe 10. dub. v 11.42 dop. 
Finally I don't have to worry about my favorite blacksmith being murdered by vampires anymore!
Jedicars 6. dub. v 2.29 odp. 
Thanks for the response.
Monsieur Peluche 4. dub. v 6.33 dop. 
Just...Thank You !
Sly Cooper 31. bře. v 7.02 odp. 
u wot m8 u called my horse stupid !!!!!!111!!!1111
Watchtower 30. bře. v 9.21 odp. 
correct, something else was doing it. i turned off quite a few other options and was able to turn Vampries back on
Arthmoor  [autor] 29. bře. v 10.51 odp. 
You've got problems elsewhere then. This mod has no real potential to cause that.
Watchtower 29. bře. v 9.02 odp. 
didnt really work for me, crashed my game. i'm using 100 diff mods though so.... im not sure which one its not playing nice with.
Arthmoor  [autor] 29. bře. v 2.46 odp. 
Yes. If you complete the quest line the random attacks stop.
nethernil 29. bře. v 7.32 dop. 
I was wondering. Do finishing the vampire's DLC firstly would end vampire attacks in the cities?
SooperReiChan 26. bře. v 10.05 dop. 
Thanks for this mod! It took half of Whiterun getting slaughtered for me to come searching for it, but it's worked great so far. :D
Rezalon 21. bře. v 7.19 odp. 
Will your other mods from the Nexus be uploaded here any time soon (Unofficial Patches, etc)
[2FJg]allepac3-Gefr 19. bře. v 5.49 odp. 
Hey Thank you for the short cut to the Mod. :)
Arthmoor  [autor] 19. bře. v 5.39 odp. 
[2FJg]allepac3-Gefr 19. bře. v 5.22 odp. 
Hello I do have a suggestion on a New Mod ( how about when Dragon's Attack everyone except Adventurers and Guards Stay and defend the city or settlement and everyone else go for shelter or flee and come back after the Dragon is Killed. Thanks
Cleanshot08 12. bře. v 8.03 odp. 
Stupid farm animals...
Enverex 26. úno. v 5.22 odp. 
This has caused an annoying bug for me. The courier is now stuck in a "trying to hide" / cowering in fear animation in the middle of Riften town. You can't talk to him or do anything else.
Ninja Puppy246 20. úno. v 2.44 odp. 
That explains it then, thank you!
Arthmoor  [autor] 20. úno. v 12.57 odp. 
No, unfortunately the AI still sometimes sends them to fight even when they're not supposed to. If they ran afterward, at least you know they won't die in the foolhardy attempt. It's a constant fight against the game engine in these cases and nothing can really be done about it.
Ninja Puppy246 18. úno. v 5.06 odp. 
This mod is only half working for me, when a group of vampires attack a village or city the people in that village or city will still try to be a hero and attack the vampires, but after they kill the vampires THEN they start to run away and run into houses. Is there any way to fix this or do i have to still be vigilant of vampires and try to kill them before the citizens get themselves killed?
Methos 18. led. v 10.14 odp. 
Okay, repeated the issue a couple of times, then made a point of blowing through her quest dialogue rather than trying to avoid her. The quest progressed (pointing me towards Alduin) and she fled as expected once she was aware of the vamps. I'm not sure where she went, but it's not locked in place on the porch of the inn, which was my problem.
Methos 18. led. v 9.37 odp. 
I am having a problem with the NPC in Kynesgrove you are supposed to talk to after arriving with Delphine (the quest where you watch Alduin raise another dragon). I have a vampire attack occurring as the person I'm supposed to talk to runs out of town to talk to me. Regardless of whether I manage to avoid speaking with her, once she notices the vamp attack, she runs up to the porch of the inn and cowers, even after the vamps are dead. So, I can't talk to her. I have tried using console commands to killl and resurrect her, and she goes back to cowering. So I'm wondering if there's a command to remove the cowering state.
Pink Fluffy Unicorn 17. led. v 10.13 dop. 
i came into whiterun and heard a vampire say something (im on god mode) i sprint to hide somewhere and carlotta is in danger will this work?
Melletch 11. led. v 7.02 odp. 
I think this did just send my npcs indoors at Riften after a vampire attack. Not sure tho. Have a lot of mods, but this one I would think move them inside and keep standing still. Will see.
Suchong 4 31. pro. 2014 v 11.44 dop. 
I have found a serious problem with this mod. If a vampire attack occurs in Whiterun upon reaching level 81 (when you come across the Ebony Warrior) he will enter a Fleeing state and cannot be interacted with. Also the same applies to Couriers and various other quest based NPCs. also ive been unable to talk to variouis merchants in the general area after the assault ends.
E͍K̡̭̥͎I̻̱ 26. pro. 2014 v 6.03 dop. 
Can this be made compatible with the dawnguard sentries? so that the sentries stay and fight. Or are they already? i havent really checked.
Heres the mod: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=261760915
aroundthefur79 16. pro. 2014 v 6.29 dop. 
Just walked into a masacre in white run Amren,Carlotta valencia and some old lady that isn't important got destroyed ??? (im going to look for incompatible mods). Yet on the other hand after that in riverwood i got attacked by a dragon an people booked inside so "run for your life" def works... Anyone have an issue or solution with this one ? I use loot and didn't notice any incompatibilities
Grey 13. pro. 2014 v 12.01 odp. 
animals are stupid hahahahahahah u got that right hahhaahahha :D :D :D
Winter 11. pro. 2014 v 6.23 dop. 
Two Master Vampires, a death dog and two thralls all spawn in the center of Solitude, killing at least two guards and pretty much everyone in the marketplace, as well as two of the Bards College students. It was a freaking masacre
Aley 10. pro. 2014 v 3.39 odp. 
@FireMarioBros: Yeah, there actually is.
FireMarioBros 9. pro. 2014 v 6.49 odp. 
Is there a mod that makes them run away from dragons?
Figgie 26. lis. 2014 v 5.51 odp. 
PS <3 this mod
Figgie 26. lis. 2014 v 5.48 odp. 
NaughtiusMaximus 26. lis. 2014 v 12.01 dop. 
Does anyone know how to undo a bug that sounds like i just casted a healing spell on myself or just got hit with an ice spell that never goes away? If anyone has any idea that would be awesome because in all honestly it just ruins the audio experience of the game. (not a bug related to this mod i'm pretty sure)
Wardancer 13. lis. 2014 v 7.29 odp. 
@Arthmoor: THANK YOU!!! Even better news! I haven't had any problems! They run like they should when the vamps attack. In agreement with SlashCatTo, you saved the game!! :)
TheDustyBlade 11. lis. 2014 v 8.04 dop. 
THANK YOU! The fact that they died was the one reason I stopped using the Dawnguard DLC :l You saved my game, thank you :3
Arthmoor  [autor] 5. lis. 2014 v 2.56 odp. 
The "working randomly" thing has yet to be proven since nobody has been able to provide me with proper debug logs to support that. So until you hear otherwise from me, assume that anyone reporting that is dealing with some sort of interference from another mod.
Wardancer 3. lis. 2014 v 8.14 odp. 
Wish I'd had known this mod existed before the entire Khajiit caravan in Dawnstar was completely wiped out by vamps! They spawn just behind their campground almost everytime I'm there. Unfortunately, I wasn't there when this attack on the caravan first happened or they'd still be there! No bodies for me to resurrect thru the console either so it had been days, but everytime I'm in Dawnstar they spawn at some point. Usually on my way in or out. Thank you for this mod!! I'm reading that it works "randomly", but I'll take my chances!!
Zaayl 22. říj. 2014 v 11.03 odp. 
Ive been having similar Issues as Teratus, it kinda works sometimes, and both this and the dragon version have identical issues where some will flee, but not actually go inside and instead just cower in the open. (Usually just outside a city like Riften, are they not programmed to head for the city gates?) and some will just outright fight anyway, (This happened with the old man, something Snowshod, outside riften vs. a dragon, and with Froki? or something, the woman in charge of Iron Breaker in Dawnstar, against vampires. Sorry I cant be more specific, they are both forgettable and unimportant characters.)
alixir 20. říj. 2014 v 5.26 odp. 
it worked at first but just last game in solitude around hall of dead almost 7 NPCs tried to fight (from bards college) and died? I resurrected them but??? just wondering if it stopped working..
Weston 19. říj. 2014 v 2.01 dop. 
I didn't understand how necessary this was until 2-3 vamp attacks wiped out half of freaking Whiterun -_-
lars7500 14. říj. 2014 v 9.03 dop. 
when do vampire attacks happen, I never experienced it
Teratus 4. říj. 2014 v 2.45 dop. 
I've been using this for a while now on multiple save files but this mod often times goes from working to not working or not working to working.. randomly

anyone else get that too?
same for the Dragon version
Robbyx2 1. říj. 2014 v 2.43 odp. 
This is really good for just end game exploring, but still fun!