The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Run For Your Lives
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RogueLucario 4月26日上午5:22 
2 times I needed to buy materials but couldn't because of dragons. 2 TIMES!
showersteven 4月9日下午7:40 
Some of my npcs are glitched in a fetal state and I can't continue the quest like with the theives guild master brynjolf. Any remedies besides uninstall.
fallout bunker 3月31日上午9:12 
wtf are the two files you have to delete
Doom 3月30日下午12:34 
im an animal you offended me!!!!!!!!
Loreknight 3月1日下午4:54 
load order?
Tiber Septim 2月28日下午5:14 
I've had this mod active for a short while now, (with all my other 170+ mods) and I haven't had too many issues. When I do come across a problem, changing my load order usually rectifies it. Or, there may be a poorly made mod in there. So if anyone is considering on preserving life, try this one!
Arthmoor  [作者] 2月17日下午3:28 
If you uninstalled it and everyone remained inside, this mod didn't cause it.
MIGIT-ZILLA 2月17日上午6:22 
why wasn't this part of the vinilla skyrim

minus the falkreath glitch ofcorse
Faust 2月17日上午12:11 
This bugged out my Falkreath and now every single person is gone, I've checked every building and nobody's there. I've also tried uninstalling but that doesn't work, and going to an older save means redoing hours worth of work
Endercreeper122 2月15日下午6:46 
THANK YOU i always hit citizens when i attack a dragon then a bounty i hit a guard trying 2 say tamriel 500 bounty i pay my fine i go back 2 the capital of teh city and tamriel is destroyed like REALLY so thanks
Tiber Septim 2月8日下午4:26 
wendikyleen 2月7日上午4:40 
Great mod! Have had it for months now, no more crying over Alvor's corpse.
Mr_Waffles 2月5日上午10:49 
So I have one issue. Sometimes the people either won't leave the buildings or they will run away before a dragon is even slightly close. Other than that, great job!
Chabelo 2015年12月30日上午9:19 
Very big bueno :u
toosoon2u 2015年12月28日下午9:18 
It should have been like that in the plain game. I have no clue why some NPCs think they can beat up a dragon with thier fists. Who do they think they are? DragonBorn?
Lord Gaben 2015年12月21日上午8:03 
Ok thanks fixed the problem. Somehow I had duplicates of the same mod making it impossible to load both...
Arthmoor  [作者] 2015年12月20日下午7:01 
Then you either didn't activate the mod, or something completely prevented it from firing the event in game. I suspect strongly you need to make sure you actually activated it.
Lord Gaben 2015年12月20日上午8:48 
My NPC's are still not running away, Half of Rorikstead is dead after a dragon a attacked. They still go head on with a dagger trying to help....
Nine 2015年12月9日上午7:07 
Not too sure if it is this mod that caused it but ill just put it out there in case someone had a similar issue. Anyone notice dragons spawning in town instances after installing this?
険Shaygar険 2015年12月5日上午6:32 
Glad to know I can now stop an idiot citizen from walking through the street during a dragon attack
Tekky PL 2015年11月12日上午8:13 
this is one of those addons which should be in the game already.
Sinfarahn 2015年11月11日上午11:20 
sharp fanged rabbit, thinking it's vanilla is an insult. Lol bethesda's AI is dumb and annoying.
Sinfarahn 2015年11月11日上午11:16 
There's nothing worse than seeing an NPC that you need run into an elder dragon then seeing the corpse being throw to the side and the words "MISC quest failed." Divines bless you.
bard 2015年11月4日上午11:46 
Do this mod conflict with any AI enhancing mod? DUEL8, for example.
Age 2015年10月20日下午7:03 
What 2 files in the data folder do we remove? It just says Uninstall "Remove the two files" but what files?
Some {SG} Guy 2015年10月18日下午3:33 
FINALLY! I can kill a dragon without beheading every citizen in town!
"Merx" 2015年10月5日上午5:04 
It worked, but now does not work anymore - people do not run into hiding ? :S
I am having a similar issue that the mod list says it's not subscribed or loading, but it's showing that I'm subscribed on this page. How do I get this to load ingame?
salmon skate 2015年9月8日下午2:44 
i subscribed it, after i reintalled game, says in mod list its not subscribed, still says i have on this page, is there simlar one for english like run inside the house? not sure if i missed somthing
Sharp Fanged Rabbit 2015年9月3日下午11:39 
Saw this work in Riften, forgot I'd downloaded this. That's how you know it's good, when you forget it and still notice the effects.
Ryan 2015年8月16日上午12:03 
does this count vampires too? (yes i did read the disc and it only says dragons)
Tuvstarr 2015年8月14日下午2:38 
hmm every villager do attack anyway so the girl outside the smithy in whiterun got killed. weird.
Dolphins In High Definition 2015年8月9日下午8:08 
@NjmTheDowell: There is another mod similar to this called When Vampires Attack. It works in a similar matter as this mod, but the only difference is NPCs are running from vampires.
NjmTheDowell 2015年8月6日下午3:03 
Do the npc's also run from any other dangerous, attacking, thing? If not, Please!!!!!! Make it so.
Turner 2015年8月5日下午5:00 
Just saying a good mod to accompany this would be a mod that makes citizens run when Vampires attack or werewolves but the guards stay to fight may be hard to do though but it would be good for immersion. If you do make it or decide to try to make it let me know please Id love to stop losing npcs to vampires.....
elassar 2015年8月4日上午3:14 
I bet farm animals would run, but not inside, as far away as they could.
WiicardoBA 2015年7月29日下午10:25 
I cannot thank enough to the creator of this Mod.
Jabberwookie 2015年7月28日上午12:58 
"Farm animals will not run either, because they're stupid. That includes your horse."

I laughed

and subscribed
Arthmoor  [作者] 2015年7月15日下午11:12 
They do, yes. It may take a bit, but they'll start filing back out of their houses and such once the dragon is dead.

Though, if for some reason you DO kill it and they're still stuck inside, the MCM menu will let you stop the quest so they'll come out.
Jason_c_o 2015年7月15日下午6:21 
Do NPCs properly return to their original locations once the battle has finished?
Arthmoor  [作者] 2015年7月15日下午5:43 
It would seem you are wrong since that can't be done by the code written in this mod.
Cap'n Tom 2015年7月15日下午3:17 
It would seem this mod made every single npc invulnerable... You can see how this might cause problems for me
Hyperion 2015年7月11日上午8:20 
the npcs just stand there until the dragon attacks them they run out of the area where the dragons at then just go back to standing there
Hyperion 2015年7月11日上午8:19 
it doesnt work can someone help me?
blueeyeddevil2316 2015年7月8日下午12:22 
Makes perfect sence and no more losing important store keepers to hero factor !
SpaceMonkey907 2015年7月6日上午1:53 
Is this mod working okay through market place?
[Stalweidism] thane of swagville 2015年7月3日下午12:56 
"Animals will not run cause they're stypid" 10/10
The_dark_knight_returns1 2015年7月3日上午12:20 
alvor keeps playing hero
Wind2048 2015年7月2日上午3:40 
The description is perfect XD
KooKoo 2015年6月9日下午5:58 
Best Mod EVER!!!!