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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Run For Your Lives
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Molag Bal febr. 8. @ du. 4:26 
wendikyleen febr. 7. @ de. 4:40 
Great mod! Have had it for months now, no more crying over Alvor's corpse.
Mr_Waffles febr. 5. @ de. 10:49 
So I have one issue. Sometimes the people either won't leave the buildings or they will run away before a dragon is even slightly close. Other than that, great job!
Chabelo 2015. dec. 30. @ de. 9:19 
Very big bueno :u
toosoon2u 2015. dec. 28. @ du. 9:18 
It should have been like that in the plain game. I have no clue why some NPCs think they can beat up a dragon with thier fists. Who do they think they are? DragonBorn?
EnderFlakes 2015. dec. 21. @ de. 8:03 
Ok thanks fixed the problem. Somehow I had duplicates of the same mod making it impossible to load both...
Arthmoor  [készítő] 2015. dec. 20. @ du. 7:01 
Then you either didn't activate the mod, or something completely prevented it from firing the event in game. I suspect strongly you need to make sure you actually activated it.
EnderFlakes 2015. dec. 20. @ de. 8:48 
My NPC's are still not running away, Half of Rorikstead is dead after a dragon a attacked. They still go head on with a dagger trying to help....
Nine 2015. dec. 9. @ de. 7:07 
Not too sure if it is this mod that caused it but ill just put it out there in case someone had a similar issue. Anyone notice dragons spawning in town instances after installing this?
嵐Shaygar嵐 2015. dec. 5. @ de. 6:32 
Glad to know I can now stop an idiot citizen from walking through the street during a dragon attack
Texter 2015. nov. 12. @ de. 8:13 
this is one of those addons which should be in the game already.
libby901 2015. nov. 11. @ de. 11:20 
sharp fanged rabbit, thinking it's vanilla is an insult. Lol bethesda's AI is dumb and annoying.
libby901 2015. nov. 11. @ de. 11:16 
There's nothing worse than seeing an NPC that you need run into an elder dragon then seeing the corpse being throw to the side and the words "MISC quest failed." Divines bless you.
𝕯𝖊𝖗 𝕱𝖚𝖍𝖗𝖊𝖗 2015. nov. 4. @ de. 11:46 
Do this mod conflict with any AI enhancing mod? DUEL8, for example.
Age 2015. okt. 20. @ du. 7:03 
What 2 files in the data folder do we remove? It just says Uninstall "Remove the two files" but what files?
Some {SG} Guy 2015. okt. 18. @ du. 3:33 
FINALLY! I can kill a dragon without beheading every citizen in town!
"Merx" 2015. okt. 5. @ de. 5:04 
It worked, but now does not work anymore - people do not run into hiding ? :S
drberg42 2015. szept. 17. @ du. 2:47 
I am having a similar issue that the mod list says it's not subscribed or loading, but it's showing that I'm subscribed on this page. How do I get this to load ingame?
salmon skate 2015. szept. 8. @ du. 2:44 
i subscribed it, after i reintalled game, says in mod list its not subscribed, still says i have on this page, is there simlar one for english like run inside the house? not sure if i missed somthing
Sharp Fanged Rabbit 2015. szept. 3. @ du. 11:39 
Saw this work in Riften, forgot I'd downloaded this. That's how you know it's good, when you forget it and still notice the effects.
Ryan 2015. aug. 16. @ de. 12:03 
does this count vampires too? (yes i did read the disc and it only says dragons)
Tuvstarr 2015. aug. 14. @ du. 2:38 
hmm every villager do attack anyway so the girl outside the smithy in whiterun got killed. weird.
Cuzz Lightyear 2015. aug. 9. @ du. 8:08 
@NjmTheDowell: There is another mod similar to this called When Vampires Attack. It works in a similar matter as this mod, but the only difference is NPCs are running from vampires.
NjmTheDowell 2015. aug. 6. @ du. 3:03 
Do the npc's also run from any other dangerous, attacking, thing? If not, Please!!!!!! Make it so.
Turner 2015. aug. 5. @ du. 5:00 
Just saying a good mod to accompany this would be a mod that makes citizens run when Vampires attack or werewolves but the guards stay to fight may be hard to do though but it would be good for immersion. If you do make it or decide to try to make it let me know please Id love to stop losing npcs to vampires.....
elassar 2015. aug. 4. @ de. 3:14 
I bet farm animals would run, but not inside, as far away as they could.
WiicardoBA 2015. júl. 29. @ du. 10:25 
I cannot thank enough to the creator of this Mod.
Jabberwookie 2015. júl. 28. @ de. 12:58 
"Farm animals will not run either, because they're stupid. That includes your horse."

I laughed

and subscribed
Arthmoor  [készítő] 2015. júl. 15. @ du. 11:12 
They do, yes. It may take a bit, but they'll start filing back out of their houses and such once the dragon is dead.

Though, if for some reason you DO kill it and they're still stuck inside, the MCM menu will let you stop the quest so they'll come out.
Jason_c_o 2015. júl. 15. @ du. 6:21 
Do NPCs properly return to their original locations once the battle has finished?
Arthmoor  [készítő] 2015. júl. 15. @ du. 5:43 
It would seem you are wrong since that can't be done by the code written in this mod.
Cap'n Tom 2015. júl. 15. @ du. 3:17 
It would seem this mod made every single npc invulnerable... You can see how this might cause problems for me
Hyperion 2015. júl. 11. @ de. 8:20 
the npcs just stand there until the dragon attacks them they run out of the area where the dragons at then just go back to standing there
Hyperion 2015. júl. 11. @ de. 8:19 
it doesnt work can someone help me?
blueeyeddevil2316 2015. júl. 8. @ du. 12:22 
Makes perfect sence and no more losing important store keepers to hero factor !
SpaceMonkey907 2015. júl. 6. @ de. 1:53 
Is this mod working okay through market place?
thane of swagville 2015. júl. 3. @ du. 12:56 
"Animals will not run cause they're stypid" 10/10
The_dark_knight_returns1 2015. júl. 3. @ de. 12:20 
alvor keeps playing hero
Wind2048 2015. júl. 2. @ de. 3:40 
The description is perfect XD
Phil260 2015. jún. 9. @ du. 5:58 
Best Mod EVER!!!!
WarmButteryToast 2015. jún. 4. @ du. 2:49 
So much nicer to have the NPCs run inside instead of running to their own slaughter.
Crackerjack 2015. máj. 13. @ du. 9:08 
Npcs are still dying instead of retreating.
Sum Weiners 2015. máj. 10. @ de. 4:02 
Is it compatible with open cities? cus' if it is, that'd be great.
Glitch101 2015. máj. 7. @ de. 10:55 
2 out of 3 time Alvor and Faendal would attack the dragon instead of running away like everyone else in Riverwood. However, on the third time, everyone ran and was easy to defeat the dragon. Also, I saw the Khajjit merchants camped outside of whiterun fight a dragon instead of running away. Otherwise, this mod is awesome.
Joe Louis3849 2015. máj. 3. @ du. 11:32 
YES!! This shoud have been done by the damn developers! I wish I had gotten the PC version of this game long ago.
DerEider 2015. ápr. 20. @ de. 8:37 
Man !! Sure wish I had this a longg time ago. I've lost so many shopkeepers and smithys over the "years" because they insist on running into the thick of the battle. Glad to see this.
sammoe 2015. ápr. 10. @ de. 11:44 
as a mage, THANK YOU SO MUCH. I'm so tired of accidentally vaporising random guards or citizens while killing a dragon.
MustardFace 2015. ápr. 6. @ de. 5:27 
A perfect fix for one of the most annoying problems for players who want to keep the NPCs around.
sagittarius 2015. ápr. 5. @ de. 6:13 
I Never Play without this MOD.

This is a: "Must Have MOD."

Arthmoor  [készítő] 2015. ápr. 3. @ du. 1:31