Run For Your Lives
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Let me be your friend Kawaiidesu 21. aug kl. 8:54pm 
i was playing skyrim earlier and when i fast traveled to riverwood a frost dragon appeard after he was weak, I saw a raggedy old man doing the killmove where you ride the dragons head... he then looked at me and said in a scruffy old man voice "good to see skyrim still has so many young people" oh and also all he was wearing were ragged clothes.
theAxeman95 19. aug kl. 2:26am 
Mine doesn't work; I've had 3 dragon attacks and 10+ vampire/bandit/forswarn invasions, every citizen besides the homeless ones still run to fights and get destroyed
strikhedonia13 18. aug kl. 10:44am 
This is perfect, now I don't have to worry about merchants and people I have quests for getting killed like idiots because they decide to get into a fistfight with a dragon.
Ursus Mundanus 16. aug kl. 4:21am 
I only wish that I found this before half the merchants in my game were dead in the ground. A must have for higher difficulties.
sapienta 13. aug kl. 11:10pm 
This is perfect. I have lost so many shop/stall owners because they all try to bumrush the dragons. Thank you.
Derpy Hooves 13. aug kl. 1:20am 
Oh wait, thats your mods. Stupid me. Well, i`ll get back to you later today with a list of the mods i got subscribed right now.
Derpy Hooves 13. aug kl. 1:18am 
I just tested it out and i can see which mods that you got in your preferred tab. Just go to my user page and check with my skyrim or just try to mess around. Maybe you can find something.
Arthmoor  [ophavsmand] 12. aug kl. 9:41pm 
Didn't know it was possible to see another user's subscribed list. How would I do that?
Derpy Hooves 12. aug kl. 5:30pm 
Perhaps you can check through my subscribed mod list and find which one it is if you know which one cause them to appear. I dont want to waste time on killing three oversized dragons again. And that means i can subscribe to your mod again. Damn civilians need to think smart when there is a dragon attack.
Arthmoor  [ophavsmand] 12. aug kl. 3:02pm 
Those "Heavenly Dragons" come from some other mod. So long as they've been properly set up to register as dragons, everything should work fine with the NPCs.
Derpy Hooves 12. aug kl. 6:17am 
Hey Arthmoor. I think there may be a issue with your mod. After i got it and went to Morthal, three dragons appeared. And it wasn`t three ancient or legendary dragons. No, these fellas are humongous and are named Heavanly Dragon. They jsut kept circling around over the vicinity and not i could barely manage to get them down with Dragonrend. But when they did land on the ground, they turned invisible, but their enemey indicator on the compass in the top still stayed. And when they landed on a building, their wings friggin reached the ground. I could barely damage them before they took off. Its like a fly trying to kill a elephant. Completely impossible.
awave 9. aug kl. 2:29pm 
awesome, thanks for the quick reply!
Arthmoor  [ophavsmand] 9. aug kl. 2:11pm 
That wouldn't be a conflict since Wet & Cold would be intentionally running its own routine. That routine would end when the storm is over. It has no relationship with the dragon attack event.
awave 9. aug kl. 1:23pm 
with the mod 'wet and cold' npcs return indoors when it rains. would this mod conflict with that one at all? like if a dragon attacks right as it starts to rain or if it stops raining right as a dragon attacks, etc...?
sad0clown 5. aug kl. 12:43am 
thank you for your mod! your work is appreciate ...hope i m not alone! 8-)
snakepaws 2. aug kl. 3:03pm 
I have to say, I wish I'd found this before one of the Bard's College quest-givers ended up a corpse in a dragon attack. Luckily, this is PC, and a few console commands later, everything was peachy. Either way, I can see this being quite useful for those not in the mood to Google and figure out how to make the console work in their favor.
cmdunn1337 1. aug kl. 1:57pm 
You may very well have saved the lives of many with this mod... Damn squishy peeps.
NOHAX 30. jul kl. 2:57pm 
Nevermind, it doesn't seem to have anything to do with this mod in particular.
NOHAX 30. jul kl. 1:15pm 
I encountered a glitch during the very first dragon battle right outside Whiterun. For some reason, Irileth the Housecarl and her squad of guards ran off during the fight. After killing the dragon, I found them scattered around the watchtower in fetal positions, refusing to talk to me and making it impossible to continue the main quest. It should be noted that the dragon didn't dissolve either, for some reason.
Lurid Jester 25. jul kl. 9:07pm 
Mod appeared to get ignored in Riverrun. Prior to the dragon landing in the town, it circled over the river for... let's just say it circled for a while. A painfully long "awhile". Anyway, it landed on the gate archway a few times before finally landing near the lumber mill. By the time I got there, guards were shooting it with arrows and the blacksmith had decided to go all bare knucckle brawler on it.

Not sure if the blacksmith counts as a civilian or not, but he survived the attack.

Still, any efforts to keep the civilian population from putting their squishy selves in the line of fire gets two thumbs up from me.
Derek 23. jul kl. 9:48pm 
I encountered a bug with this mod: When I was in Falkreath, a dragon attack occured and this mod (I'm assuming) made my companion (Jenassa) run indoors, as well.
Arthmoor  [ophavsmand] 22. jul kl. 1:22pm 
If you're getting problems with Markarth and it's NOT due to a vampire attack you can't see (which should not be possible anyway, Forsworn Conspiracy is on the exemption list) then you're probably running Skyrim Immersive Creatures and need to update to the 6.5.2a release. That update fixes the issue with nearby dragon perches added by that mod.
Bazy 22. jul kl. 4:54am 
Thank you for this mod. A few days ago I had a situation where I had to save civilians from themselves, attacking a master vampire. Only for a dragon to turn up at the same time. Making them brawl both these killing machines. Like I've posted on "When Vampires attack". I would advice to turn it off when you enter Markarth for the first time, since the quest "The Forsworn Conspiracy" should start by Weylin attacking Margret. Only for Margret running away, and Weylin becomming bugged. Starting to attack any guard in sight, unable to be killed. Still love it though!
Lester Applewood Roquefort 20. jul kl. 1:02pm 
They / Everybody

As in if the mod didn't exist.
Arthmoor  [ophavsmand] 19. jul kl. 9:05pm 
Glad who doesn't run?

And yes, just the shop keepers and wannabe hero citizens. Guards will fight.
Lester Applewood Roquefort 19. jul kl. 8:37pm 
I'm kind of glad they don't run, makes my descision to ignore it altogether easier.

Also, do guards run? Or is it just the shop owners and unarmed villagers?
Destructech_01 17. jul kl. 6:53am 
Whew no more accidental npc killings :) thanks
otakeksi 16. jul kl. 1:55pm 
Its cool but warning! If you have this mod and a dragon attacks somewhere do NOT ignore it! I had this glitch that causes all the people but the guards from solitude to stay inside like "theres a fucking dragon there so we wont never go outside NEVER!"
lxMattAranxl 15. jul kl. 4:56pm 
Finally... this guy made the AI smarter by having them running away from the dragon, instead being idiots and running right towards a very dangerous foe. Nicely done, bro! :)
imporiousmag 12. jul kl. 11:31am 
It's kind of hard to feel like the Dragonborn when an old woman kills the dragon before you can figure out what just happened.
Evan, cshazlett 11. jul kl. 8:50am 
The worst place for dragons/vampires is riften with these mods because riften actually has the most guards ready to stab the vampires, really they have half an army roaming around, some sitting around having lunch outside the palace.
Yismer 8. jul kl. 10:57am 
what abut making the guards who are sleeping in the guard houas come out and help defend the city or place more guards
Reala728 7. jul kl. 7:11pm 
i uninstalled and everything was back to normal (to be fair, i uninstalled quite a few at the time). it may have been something else, i'll retest a few just to be sure and keep you up to date if it really was the issue... i only say this cause i only install fairly light mods generally, its not an attack on you or your work.
Arthmoor  [ophavsmand] 7. jul kl. 7:03pm 
Only dragon attacks. If you got that kind of response when random NPCs attacked the city/town/whatever, it came from another mod.
Reala728 7. jul kl. 3:34pm 
does this only affect dragon attacks? i started a new game and was attacked by npc's to start one of the dlc's in whiterun... everyone ran indoors and never came out until i unchecked it from my data (didnt want to uninstall cause i do like it)
Grimtongue 5. jul kl. 6:10pm 
This is an essential mod. I don't understand why this wasn't included in the vanilla game.
Dolan y u do dis 5. jul kl. 8:00am 
Thanks Napoleon! Gonna try your suggestion because this Riften issue is really annoying.
pir84lyf 2. jul kl. 4:55pm 
have territorial dragons mod, was in solitude, twin dragon attacks within sconds of each other, this mod should help a whole lot keeping casualties down
Arthmoor  [ophavsmand] 17. jun kl. 9:13pm 
I'm telling you people, this issue with Riften was explicitly fixed in 2.0.1. You need to update.
NecroManC 17. jun kl. 12:19pm 
In my main save game, karthwasten (one of my favorite areas in game duh, silver mines) is a ghost town, literally everyone is dead and there are dragon skeletons everywhere. This mod will change that.
Orge Lambart 17. jun kl. 9:10am 
had issues with riften and had to uninstall the mod, although I'll go kill the dragon and see if it fixes the issue.
Napoleon the Clown 16. jun kl. 3:30pm 
So yeah, anybody getting this bug can fix it by going to Lost Tongue Overlook and killing the dragon. If you're not in the mood to hike all the way to that lair, "coc dragonlair07exterior01" will take you to the base of the mountain it's on. Hike up, whack the dragon, and Riften will work again.
Napoleon the Clown 16. jun kl. 3:28pm 
Okay, I've figured out why Riften is broken with this. Latest version, no dragons in sight. Disabled, loaded new cell then came back. It was fixed. Reenabled and went to Lost Tongue Overlook, killed the dragon, returned to Riften. AI fixed. Loaded the autosave from before killing the dragon just to see if disabling, loading with it disabled, then reenabling and loading again is what fixed it. It wasn't. The dragon way to the south was the cause.

I wish the older version were up on the Nexus so I could roll back to something that didn't break Riften until this is corrected. Might wanna scale back detection range a few miles?
Cato Novus 15. jun kl. 12:03pm 
I'll make good use of this. For some reason Falkreath keeps getting dragon raids. I've had three skeletons still on the ground(two were stacked) when I rode up and then suddenly I heard a roar in the sky, then a second. I look up and I find two coming at me, a frost dragon perching on a building and a blood dragon strafing with fire. We lost many good people that day. :/
Shrimp on the barbie 13. jun kl. 1:54pm 
To be honest I think I'll get rid of those, I'd rather have less reocurring dragons and safe towns folk, than more ocourring dragons and make ghost towns, normally riverwood. (Alvar stop fighting the dragon with a iron warhammer)
Shrimp on the barbie 13. jun kl. 1:46pm 
okay thanks a lot, and I do actually have mods for more dragons. So that explains a lot thanks again^^
_/= ^ CoZ ^ =\_ 13. jun kl. 1:29pm 
also tried the readme for finding a calm command of some sort - didn't find it.. but I did found : possible conflicts with When Vampires Attack Wet and Cold - and wanted to edit/add to the previous post that I don't have those either..
_/= ^ CoZ ^ =\_ 13. jun kl. 1:22pm 
chiming in to report riften as well. and I don't have that mod called immersive creatures - I noticed this bug but didn't think much of it and that the people will fix themselves .. didn't happen at first and didn't care until the dozenth visit to riften over a few rl days of playing... still running villagers so i just figured to spawn in a dragon and it would get an all clear orsome, didn't happen.. then looked at this page to see if there was some sort of console command to do that and notice other people having the same issue.. i'll gladly give a list of addons if it helps pinpoint, lemme know
Arthmoor  [ophavsmand] 13. jun kl. 12:21pm 
Riften was already fixed with 2.0.1. If you're still getting problems, it's likely you're also using Skyrim Immersive Creatures - which adds a whole bunch of new dragon perches they need to remove an LOD flag from to stop that from happening.
Shrimp on the barbie 11. jun kl. 8:20pm 
Riften seems to have a problem, everyone except guards run and hide. No dragon in sight or hearing range, a patch for this would be nice. Other than that brilliant mod.