The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Run For Your Lives
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WiicardoBA 29 юли в 10:25 следобед 
I cannot thank enough to the creator of this Mod.
Jabberwookie 28 юли в 12:58 сутринта 
"Farm animals will not run either, because they're stupid. That includes your horse."

I laughed

and subscribed
Arthmoor  [автор] 15 юли в 11:12 следобед 
They do, yes. It may take a bit, but they'll start filing back out of their houses and such once the dragon is dead.

Though, if for some reason you DO kill it and they're still stuck inside, the MCM menu will let you stop the quest so they'll come out.
Jason_c_o 15 юли в 6:21 следобед 
Do NPCs properly return to their original locations once the battle has finished?
Arthmoor  [автор] 15 юли в 5:43 следобед 
It would seem you are wrong since that can't be done by the code written in this mod.
tomtomtech.presents 15 юли в 3:17 следобед 
It would seem this mod made every single npc invulnerable... You can see how this might cause problems for me
Hyperion 11 юли в 8:20 сутринта 
the npcs just stand there until the dragon attacks them they run out of the area where the dragons at then just go back to standing there
Hyperion 11 юли в 8:19 сутринта 
it doesnt work can someone help me?
blueeyeddevil2316 8 юли в 12:22 следобед 
Makes perfect sence and no more losing important store keepers to hero factor !
SpaceMonkey907 6 юли в 1:53 сутринта 
Is this mod working okay through market place?
[PG] Thine dick is small 3 юли в 12:56 следобед 
"Animals will not run cause they're stypid" 10/10
The_dark_knight_returns1 3 юли в 12:20 сутринта 
alvor keeps playing hero
Wind2048 2 юли в 3:40 сутринта 
The description is perfect XD
lukeoki 9 юни в 5:58 следобед 
Best Mod EVER!!!!
VelvetThunder 4 юни в 2:49 следобед 
So much nicer to have the NPCs run inside instead of running to their own slaughter.
Crackerjack 13 май в 9:08 следобед 
Npcs are still dying instead of retreating.
Grubbins Bubbins 10 май в 4:02 сутринта 
Is it compatible with open cities? cus' if it is, that'd be great.
ENGINEER ALF 7 май в 10:55 сутринта 
2 out of 3 time Alvor and Faendal would attack the dragon instead of running away like everyone else in Riverwood. However, on the third time, everyone ran and was easy to defeat the dragon. Also, I saw the Khajjit merchants camped outside of whiterun fight a dragon instead of running away. Otherwise, this mod is awesome.
Joe Louis3849 3 май в 11:32 следобед 
YES!! This shoud have been done by the damn developers! I wish I had gotten the PC version of this game long ago.
DerEider 20 април в 8:37 сутринта 
Man !! Sure wish I had this a longg time ago. I've lost so many shopkeepers and smithys over the "years" because they insist on running into the thick of the battle. Glad to see this.
sammoe 10 април в 11:44 сутринта 
as a mage, THANK YOU SO MUCH. I'm so tired of accidentally vaporising random guards or citizens while killing a dragon.
jamesbaxterthehorse1916 6 април в 5:27 сутринта 
A perfect fix for one of the most annoying problems for players who want to keep the NPCs around.
sagittarius 5 април в 6:13 сутринта 
I Never Play without this MOD.

This is a: "Must Have MOD."

Arthmoor  [автор] 3 април в 1:31 следобед 
Jedicars 2 април в 10:40 следобед 
Does this affect NPCs when vampires come? If not is there another mod for that?
EngineerMedic 28 март в 1:41 следобед 
Heck, I pretty much had positive results. (I don't know why I thought it would be mixed)

Also please ignore the asterisk.
EngineerMedic 28 март в 1:37 следобед 
I finally had a dragon attack me yesterday in Riverwood and finally have this mod do its thing. I got some semi-mixed results (mostly positive):

All but two villagers ran into their homes/the inn.

Those two villagers were the only ones in Riverwood with a weapon always equiped or nearby (the blacksmith, and the elf guy who has a crush on the shop keeper's sister).

Nobody died or even went into their "I need medical assistance" pose!*

I kinda noticed this at Western Watchtower (The place where you can actually fight a dragon for the 1st time), but it seems that any NPCs fighting a dragon does much better in combat. (arrows seem to hit much more often than before).
SooperReiChan 26 март в 10:01 сутринта 
Thank you so much for this mod! Nothing is more frustrating to me than showing up at Riverwood or Riften (For some reason dragon attacks happen the most often in these two places for me.) and watching the dragon slaughter half the inhabitants. Especially if I'm doing a quest for that person. x - x;
Tyrannis 26 март в 2:11 сутринта 
@dalamite, run to the hills! run for your lives! "iron maiden"
Great mod btw
spim 19 март в 8:02 следобед 
Thanks for this.
It was ridiculous seeing little old ladies running up to a dragon to punch with their dainty fists .... and then dying.
Konero 14 март в 11:40 следобед 
Some guards still run (i think it could be from another mod I have, idk) but villagers aren't trying to be heros anymore and that's all I needed. I never really had a problem with the dragon killing them; it was when I was shooting arrows or casting spells, sometimes I'd miss and injury or even kill them resulting in a fine. (a lot of my items are stolen, so you see my problem xD)
Dalamite 12 март в 9:34 сутринта 
Are you perchance an Iron Maiden fan?
10th-Doctor 8 март в 3:42 следобед 
Doctor: Hello ,what's your name?
Rose: Rose, Rose Tyler
Doctor: Hello then, Rose, run for life!
wendikyleen 24 февруари в 2:36 следобед 
This mod has saved many NPC lives in my game, I no longer have to go around resurrecting twenty people after a dragon attack, works just as promised. Thanks for that.
Rune Red 24 февруари в 4:41 сутринта 
The first time a dragon attacked after installing this mod, a guard said his usual line about '...everyone inside.' ; and people actually ran inside. Most cool.
Meat Shield on a Stick 19 февруари в 12:53 следобед 
@coyotl says the guy that can't spell "stupid"
Sickle 31 януари в 6:19 сутринта 
I don't know why when I was set the mod up,NPCs were not ran away. In River Wood,I was encountering the dragon,you know what? The erery NPCs which I saw was rushing and fighting with the dragon valiantly ! ! !Not only the guarders but also the villagers. It just like the dung beetle meets the shit romantically.Why?
Coyotl the gunslinger 25 януари в 3:07 сутринта 
Loved that animals won't run because they are stopid.
I HATE ST3AM 19 януари в 2:24 следобед 
sweet thanks :-)
AmaDraque 3 януари в 2:04 следобед 
"Please do not complain about NPCs who won't cooperate."

Please direct complaints to the NPCs instead - before they die! - and you may convince them to follow script. :D

I've been so annoyed with NPCs dying for this reason too. Thank you for creating this mod.
MLGeralt (Velox) 1 януари в 7:28 сутринта 
If i had a dime for every time Alvor died to a dragon i could probably buy steam off of Valve.
jansre16 - DEAGLE SPAMMER 30 декември 2014 в 1:59 сутринта 
This should be in the core game in the first place. I have lost so many quests because the quest givers were killed by a dragon.
boo9090 23 декември 2014 в 12:00 следобед 
is this compatible with ALL dlc?
EngineerMedic 22 декември 2014 в 3:43 следобед 
I just recently purchased the Steam version after seeing the many mods availible for it, (I used to play the XBOX360 version) and I saw this mod and I was like "YES! Now I won't feel so guilty for being unable to save them in the middle of a dragon attack."

I haven't started playing yet because I'm looking for a mod to let you see wild animals/enemies easier. Why? Well time for a story!
Back when I played the 360 version, anywhere that I would go that wasn't a town or a city, I would always be ambushed from behind, whether it was a Bandit, a Skeevers, or even those ugly looking Spiders.
And I've become traumatised by it. (Well, more like I flinch in fear for like 1 second, then I turn around and when I see who is attacking me, and I flinch again for another second. (If it is big like the aforementioned spiders or a troll, I'm panicing like crazy and running for my life.))
Seraphine 17 декември 2014 в 3:30 следобед 
Whats the dlc version of this called?, Im also tired of hellhounds killing everyone also cultists.
Valtheran88 14 декември 2014 в 7:29 следобед 
Ok well was an idea worth looking into...
Arthmoor  [автор] 14 декември 2014 в 5:14 следобед 
It's not really possible to do a generic modifier for something like this. The one for the Civil War is pretty specific in what it does, as are this one and the vampire one.

Best bet would be for the author of the random encounter mod to either not make them happen in cities, or to provide a system similar to what I've done here so that an encounter in a city will make the NPCs take cover. Or at the very least put them in protected aliases so they don't just die for no good reason.
Valtheran88 14 декември 2014 в 2:16 следобед 
Anyway you can modify this for ANY advanced combat? Maybe using the seige of whiterun ai structure?

I have a chance encounter mod which means that when I fast travel I have a % based odds of being ambushed/followed or attacked by bounty hunters..This means when I travel to a place like whiterun and 5 bandit chief level thugs and a bandit mage begin attacking me the entire town comes to my aid...As sweet as that is watching the local blacksmith and peasants get their faces cleaved open with a battle axe before me and my followers can save them...Makes it so i have to force resurrect people I would not like to.

Maybe a modifier that when an attacker is x levels stronger an npc seeks shelter.
BadReligionFan97 13 декември 2014 в 6:01 сутринта 
Great. I'm going to us this mod. I like mods like this, not much on adding new content because I love vanilla so much. But things that are annoying, like exetremely brave citizens taking on a fire breathing moster, well I mod for stuff like that. Now they will stop taking my kills D:< Improves the game a lot.
Shairen The Wolf 5 декември 2014 в 5:15 сутринта 
This mod saved me a lot of times...why? because I've being mad for all the time the citizien died during a dragon attack, and what if I needed them for a quest ? (this happened) or just wanted to talk to them or what about the merchants? GREAT just great idea, and it should be normal to run and hide from a dragon, unless you are too much curious or stupid xD