Tämä peli on nyt saatavilla Steamissä!

Kiitos, että autoit tätä peliä pääsemään Steamiin! Lisätietoja sekä linkin kauppasivulle löydät alta.

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Big DanZ 31. elo 22.01 
i cant wait till it goes on sale
Thiago 30. elo 10.25 
Berleon 24. elo 23.38 
ll buy this geim today with bioshock pack
Oh cool you fight ghosts with cameras and shiz

*watches gameplay*

Bonnie <3 MeowMeow 5. elo 21.52 
на PSP у друга играл, лично меня не впечатлило
Digital Happiness  [tekijä] 2. heinä 8.58 
Hi guys thank you for supporting us until this far, we couldn't do it without your kind support check out our community hub to see a latest updates about DreadOut
jhav1k° 2. heinä 8.47 
I hope that valve sell it!
Rangga 30. kesä 11.13 
parah deh tuh lagu awalnya
--|ᙿCTF_ꕔNineᙿ|-- 26. kesä 21.19 
Nice work, gan. Greetings from Indonesia :D :D :D
John_Muller 24. kesä 14.56 
powdered-snow 18. kesä 2.25 
Finally indonesian developer, we shall support you therefore in the future keep making compelling game!
-_-" 14. kesä 8.49 
Tech 14. kesä 4.46 
nice horror movieee
kamelya 11. kesä 0.42 
Spectre Ziggy 30. touko 10.23 
dont waste your money please. this is bs and not even finished.
TheHernanGames 28. touko 12.50 
Voted, please send me a key.
Steven10 26. touko 1.49 
map scary ma fo thuy minh see sợ khóc no go!
IL.dhanie 26. touko 0.45 
Mantappp gan !!!
[0GS] Papa Peace ☮ 22. touko 7.33 
More like "Ghost Selfie" the game.
Antonella ♥ 18. touko 0.03 
que este juego sea gratis para su primer lanzamiento y despues que cobren por que se ve bien el juego....sus verdaderos creadores son de indonesia.. bien steam al rescatar este juego..va tener mucha popularidad como dota 2 n_n
John Alone 17. touko 4.46 
29$ for this game too much
I'm Handsome Oh Thank You 15. touko 22.34 
Go Indonesia!!
Valve Add this :3
imjp1982 15. touko 12.59 
Hi to all...How much act Dreadout have and when 2nd act release date is?
juan 15. touko 10.59 
@Digital happiness great :D I will make sure of buy it when is out
Digital Happiness  [tekijä] 15. touko 10.58 
yes we will update on our next update regarding Linux/SteamOs, Win 32, and also Mac version :)
juan 15. touko 10.46 
I am happy that the game is out but were are the mac and linux version ?
Admiral Shinkirō 15. touko 4.06 
This is really creepy, i played the Demo and it makes me like cry with high volume
DoniX 13. touko 13.33 
it is already greenlit Iambofliam94...learn to read
Riku exams 2 months 12. touko 11.07 
how do you vote greenlight
Miao 12. touko 7.57 
game keren nih (y)
valve add this, valve add this :v
.MissYouHappyEVO 12. touko 7.38 
Topo 10. touko 3.12 
Valve add this! PLEASE!!!
.MissYouHappyEVO 10. touko 2.03 
INA Game
MbahCemplung 8. touko 22.46 
buat orang indonesia kasih murah dong akang... buat bule biarin mahal aja ...
Sn@keEater 7. touko 16.34 
Gefällt mir 1+
TheHernanGames 6. touko 15.06 
I need this game
TheHernanGames 6. touko 15.06 
Please send me a key of this good game
TheHernanGames 6. touko 15.06 
Good game
скарыч 6. touko 9.09 
Дайте русский язык!
DashMu 6. touko 3.10 
Game yang ditunggu" (y)
devproject 5. touko 23.06 
pada nanyain kapan release mulu -_-

mas tanya dong, kapan full game gratis ? :v

#Just Kidding
AlphaCore 5. touko 22.40 
It'll come out at May 15th, guys! Be prepared!
C=II:::::::> 2. touko 21.24 
berapa mei yah keluar nya :(
Revion 1. touko 23.32 
Should play it when has been released. Nostalgia dengan Fatal Frame.
Team Evil Bunny 30. huhti 20.41 
May thats sweet i cant wait!
MOVZX 30. huhti 19.15 
Siap beli ini, kayaknya lumayan buat macu jantung.
Lord Chin Chin 24. huhti 4.33 
om buat orang indo , murahin dikit ya hahahah
Chenergy 21. huhti 13.29 
Is it November 2013 yet?
Gretz Moretz 20. huhti 10.02 
gak sabar :(
aku cinta kamuuuu :(
kapan keluar :(
semoga cepat selesai masalah gono gini nya
cepet keluar, cepet keluar, banyak yang menanti mju

this game is great!
like pewdipie said : "wew melinda belinda" xD

#cant wait