Test Chamber 320
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kimist108 17. jun 2013 kl. 11:41am 
What was the laser light for? I never could get a second panel to portal the light through. I ninja jumped around the panel barrier to get to the exit. Did the test chamber not load correctly? It looked like a panel was suppose to open so I could portal the light and the panel barrier would move, but that did not happen.
VisualBacon 13. feb 2013 kl. 11:09pm 
It's a minor thing. Seriously cool chamber.
smeenz  [ophavsmand] 13. feb 2013 kl. 10:46pm 
I wish I could do something about the volume of those smashers, but there doesn't seem to be any way I can
VisualBacon 9. feb 2013 kl. 9:29pm 
Little tricky at first. Awesome. The sound that repeats is a tad loud. Sweet chamber tho.