Team Fortress 2

The Headware Before Smissmas
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ruediix 25/dez/2012 às 18:03 
Great idea! Definately workable!
Biloulechef 24/dez/2012 às 1:39 
nightmare christmas !!!
kim- 22/dez/2012 às 17:12 
SWER 22/dez/2012 às 6:46 
KeithNibbz™ 22/dez/2012 às 1:12 
Okay, I don't get excited about hats on a basis, but I want it :3
Love NMBC and this hat is the best throw-back to it.
Shadow_Night 21/dez/2012 às 14:36 
(COCO-KILLER) 21/dez/2012 às 11:19 
cask 21/dez/2012 às 7:55 
로드킬비둘기 21/dez/2012 às 6:35 
BeefJStag 20/dez/2012 às 23:26 
Its a Nightmare Before Christmas Reminder. WANT
Devol 20/dez/2012 às 15:53 
░█▀▀ ░█▀█ ░█ ░█▀▀ ░░
░█▀▀ ░█▀▀ ░█ ░█ ░░░░
░▀▀▀ ░▀ ░░░▀ ░▀▀▀ ░░
FlayƦð 19/dez/2012 às 19:51 
m e m e 19/dez/2012 às 16:50 
Domesticon 19/dez/2012 às 13:42 
Nightmare Before Christmas for those of you who haven't seen the movie.
Chet Ubetcha 19/dez/2012 às 11:01 
Looks nice.
Jyva 19/dez/2012 às 2:54 
Silent Hill?
It also remids us of a peculiar little hill from some movie we can't remember the name of...
Trogdor the Burninator 18/dez/2012 às 18:23 
i love this
Arcturian 18/dez/2012 às 15:28 
can you make it to where it's a solid color too? like a different style?
ike 17/dez/2012 às 15:18 
Headwear* but otherwise, this is fantastic!
Mr Hatoe 17/dez/2012 às 14:38 
I would wear this hat.

Can it be used for all classes, or only the Pyro?
Merczy  [autor(a)] 17/dez/2012 às 13:53 
@Santa Twist SHOOSH they musn't know...
JayTea 17/dez/2012 às 13:52 
love that its based off of nightmare before christmas. you will get a like and a fav from me
Pieflip☆ 17/dez/2012 às 12:54 
This hat belongs in the game- it's cool enough for christmas.
Über Kirbeeh 17/dez/2012 às 10:53 
enough cute to be cute C:
Der Arschschmerz 17/dez/2012 às 7:01 
This hat at the christmas,christmas hat too cool...
Merczy  [autor(a)] 16/dez/2012 às 10:00 
@FPS Pinkie I did that on purpose because it makes more of a connection to the word Nightmare.
Der Arschschmerz 16/dez/2012 às 8:33 
cool pyro,all right
Captain Toast 16/dez/2012 às 8:03 
Not sure if misspelled Headwear, or purposely speeled t like that...
-MoD- Agent Phaser Rave 15/dez/2012 às 20:32 
Do want.
Merczy  [autor(a)] 15/dez/2012 às 20:32 
@A bunch of furious prawns Thank you :)
Bergholt Stutley Johnson 15/dez/2012 às 20:32 
The new images are awesome
Merczy  [autor(a)] 15/dez/2012 às 20:27 
@A bunch of furious prawns Yeah I had to due to file issues. But i got that all sorted out and got some new images up.
Asia's #1 Potato 15/dez/2012 às 20:22 
Bergholt Stutley Johnson 15/dez/2012 às 20:21 
I saw it before, did you reupload it? Anyways, good job
NoTEA 15/dez/2012 às 20:21 
Dat Hat