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Спільнота продемонструвала свою зацікавленість цією грою. Valve зв’язалися з розробником та розпочали підготовку до релізу гри у Steam.

Greenlight виводиться з ужитку. Для отримання додаткової інформації про надсилання ігор у Steam посилайтеся на цей допис.
Metacell: Genesis
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artsoboy  [автор] 7 вер 2016 о 19:20 
Hey folks, we are still alive! Stay tuned for more Metacell updates :D
n00ban ganley 11 лип 2016 о 15:01 
Are you still alive?
slowkidatplay  [автор] 16 лют 2015 о 10:21 
Thank you guys so much for believing in us and our project. It has been a long hard road but we have made it to the summit. Now before we begin our decent we are just gonna sit and enjoy the view a few more. Starting this week we will be shifting a lot of our time around to increase our development time.

You guys got us to steam now its our turn to get you the finish product.

Again this is such a cool moment in our journey, thank you.
cheese.9898 5 лют 2015 о 23:52 
It looks like a mixture of bullet hell and that one bubble pop game.
Seems like a cool idea, voted :D
Random Idiocy 5 жов 2014 о 16:53 
I will say it has a very interesting look to it...
Products for Robots  [автор] 10 вер 2014 о 17:52 
Keep mentioning us to your friends and sending the love and support ya'll are giving us.
Stef 8 вер 2014 о 8:43 
Mr. Puffle 7 вер 2014 о 8:43 
it looks very interesting... :3
Products for Robots  [автор] 30 сер 2014 о 17:08 
Thank you all for the comments and support everyone! We are hard at work on this game and other neat new ideas. Continue to spread the word of us! Only with your help can we make this come out!
pawman 24 сер 2014 о 5:17 
I think this game is so unique. :-)
Catbug 19 сер 2014 о 22:28 
I enjoy this time of game. Reminds me of Peggle, and I enjoyed Peggle. It doesnt seem overly puzzly. Is that a word? I DUNNO! But I do know I'm interested
jrizzle8769 12 сер 2014 о 23:11 
Im not really into puzzle games but this one looks unique! voted yes!
Security Cam-DRESDEN 11 сер 2014 о 12:12 
I really want to see this released. Seems like it is really nice. Also seems like it would warrent a 5-10$ price tag
slowkidatplay  [автор] 11 тра 2014 о 0:21 
Dear krazedlion,

I would say publicly passing unnecessary judgement and improper criticism on a person and their project, solely based on the way they speak isn't quite "professional" and not very nice.

It's totally ok that you don't like my project. Everyone has different tastes.

I really do enjoy hearing peoples thoughts and perspectives on my projects so tell me what you don't like about it, not what you don't like about me. After all, my project is the one that is on display, not me.

Lets stop the judgmental meanness of the internet, society is counting on us.

Love with all my heart,
Krazedlion 20 кві 2014 о 1:49 
Your language is unprofessional, immature, and offensive. I would not upvote this game even if I thought it was good, it sucks like your language. Obviously nobody else likes this pile either. NO
Kr4shh 6 кві 2014 о 0:48 
good interesting..
MarseL^^ 3 лют 2014 о 3:56 
nice :D:csgohelmet:
all13 16 січ 2014 о 12:08 
Looks interesting.
Phünøs 15 січ 2014 о 7:59 
slowkidatplay  [автор] 8 січ 2014 о 12:39 
Thanks for all the supportive comments guys! It is really cool seeing people interested in what we are doing; you guys keep us going :D

This year I will be spending more time talking to you guys about the project and what is going on with it and its plans. So get ready for a fucking awesome year.
Killjoy8001 3 січ 2014 о 15:53 
looks cool,good luck guys
乌璐兹 1 січ 2014 о 1:41 
It look likes cool . Although i can not to see the movie.
Snorlax 29 гру 2013 о 18:46 
why not :)
Picininhu 27 гру 2013 о 14:15 
Looks cool
gerritcar 31 сер 2013 о 1:53 
Looks great, I like it. Good luck!
Strodemeister 27 лип 2013 о 5:40 
Looks like fun, I'm down for it!
Kano 25 тра 2013 о 16:41 
If it has any resemblance to puzzle quest, i'll enjoy it.
boyskissingboys 19 тра 2013 о 11:54 
Looks like it could be a fun game.
Lynnea 16 кві 2013 о 18:05 
Whatever douchebag put this on here clearly doesn't know how to choose genres very well.
Reiner013 31 бер 2013 о 2:32 
Camon!" Seguir asi chicos!
Jermaphobe 29 бер 2013 о 16:35 
id like to have this game
Slack 15 бер 2013 о 21:06 
You sure are trying to overmarket a bubble bobble clone ("with a twist!!!") with "elaborate" story elements and dramatic music. Nice try, but no thanks.
Grantly 8 лют 2013 о 10:30 
I like the idea of 360 bust-a-move with some puzzle quest style leveling, but I personally couldn't see myself paying any attention to the story mode in a puzzle game. Is "hard sci-fi" a term that I should be aware of? I'm not sure I understand the difference between "hard" and normal sci-fi
NemesisZidar 20 січ 2013 о 9:04 
Bubble Bobble in 360?Hmmmm.But its looking good from Art and everything. Really it could be good, but the gameplay is just like so many others.Wasting ur talent.
kazereal 15 січ 2013 о 2:15 
There's already a lot of similar casual-arcade games, including on Steam. For a $5 casual game it seems ok, not much more.

Description and plans are a mess though and that there are links to completely irrelevant articles, which makes me really doubt if this will ever get beyond "grab money and run" stage.
Also, if it's still beta it's way too early to be voting for release, especially if content is still being added to it.. I'm voting no, it's too much of a mess and incomplete.
daffodil 13 січ 2013 о 12:32 
360 degree Bust A Move? Alright
Naisen Puplow 10 січ 2013 о 0:07 
such an interesting use of artwork and concept
S T O P ▲ C A L L I N G 9 січ 2013 о 9:18 
Its looks like Puzzle Quest...
BananaJane 9 січ 2013 о 9:11 
I wish this game was as good as its artwork =c
Xnerdz 7 січ 2013 о 15:23 
Putting rock music on an old game doesn't make it better
Baby Jager 3 січ 2013 о 16:22 
@Otend Not original (See: Bubble Spinner), but still a very original take. It seems like a much more hectic and fast paced game.
Otend 26 гру 2012 о 2:22 
Highly original concept and gameplay, cross-platform, voted up, anticipating.
Kana 25 гру 2012 о 13:06 
You think that's enough videos of a game with 3 minutes worth of gameplay in it? No.
Jerry 21 гру 2012 о 15:51 
There's a chance I would have liked this, but with so many other games who I know are good, sorry.

I can tell you though, if I was locked in a room and I had to play 25 games on Greenlight, this has a good chance of being one of'em :p

darky 20 гру 2012 о 21:58 
Should i spect the game to be full of metal music? upvoted |m|
Dr. T. 18 гру 2012 о 10:27 
Looks great, would be a fine addition to STEAM!
Catscratch 18 гру 2012 о 7:42 
Multi-OS, Multi-language, Multi and cross-platform.
I believe this game would make a fine addition to the Steam Library.
ACTION_BASTARD 17 гру 2012 о 23:43 
A lot of games that try to pull of this type of shooter fail because the game stuttering makes it pretty much unplayable. I however was pleased to see that all the gameplay in your trailers was as smooth as butter.
Products for Robots  [автор] 17 гру 2012 о 22:44 
@Beta We are excited to see them unfold, we have been designing and writing.this saga for years now. @shadow... <3 there will be even more glorious space metal by the Space Vikings soon!
RAGEMOUTH 17 гру 2012 о 22:26 
For the offbeat style of gameplay with little colored orbs and fighting evil ok "UpVote". For the metal grandiose soundtrack in the second video. I love you... =I