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Astroloco: Worst Contact
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HungryPlanetGames  [autor(a)] 30/jan/2016 às 10:12 
Hey guys - apologies for the lengthy time between being greenlit and our final release! Real-life has been getting in the way in all manner of different ways, but we're now getting the last few things done to get A:WC finished and on Steam!

Achievements & trading cards WILL be a thing, 100%.
Frozen Fry 19/jan/2016 às 5:11 
So, any ETA on Steam release???
flitterish 10/dez/2015 às 17:40 
Congratulations on your Greenlight!
In light of Desura's bankruptcy, will those of us who purchased via IndieGala Greenlight Bundle 4, who received a Desura key, still be able to get a Steam key through IndieGala or some other distribution method if Desura becomes defunct before this game becomes active on Steam?
ferret 14/nov/2015 às 14:17 
Looking forward to steam release ... please add achievements and trading cards during release :)
daviddoane  [autor(a)] 25/ago/2015 às 13:46 
Hey everyone, we are working on it, we're just dealing with jobs and that we now live on different continents. But we fully intent to have the game out this year, sooner rather then later!
DeathSaves 21/ago/2015 às 12:52 
I take it they have no plans to release on Steam even though they were Greenlit ages ago....
estebanr37 14/ago/2015 às 13:32 
Para cuando ?????
AndrewIsOffline 29/jul/2015 às 11:51 
Many months later...
itsNinjaToast 3/jan/2015 às 10:21 
Prepare for penetration people, they got Greenlit!
burntreynolds 3/jan/2015 às 3:38 
great news, congrats!
MurrayL  [autor(a)] 2/jan/2015 às 15:46 
Hey, we got Greenlit! Thanks everyone!
xSMWHOREx 18/dez/2014 às 7:49 
Voted. Good luck guys!
lostcraft 16/dez/2014 às 23:02 
Get this going; best of luck
itsNinjaToast 10/dez/2014 às 22:43 
This waiting is killing me, i want this master piece on Steam so bad.
Come on people, start those engines and vote.
qptain Nemo 7/nov/2014 às 15:54 
Can't wait to see it on Steam, easily one of the best comedic games in a long while.
KITSUNE up !! 31/out/2014 às 3:36 
Good point and click!
Zuleica 13/out/2014 às 10:48 
Good Game !!!
Trasant 3/out/2014 às 6:30 
Point and click is always welcome. Voted up!
itsNinjaToast 30/set/2014 às 18:03 
Just bought it too, hope i do get my keys, im so excited to play this one :3
v4victory501 30/set/2014 às 16:41 
Voted Yes ! bought it from Indie Gala....enjoying it..TY !
AltairDragon 29/set/2014 às 17:59 
Raigeki 28/set/2014 às 7:59 
Slayer 26/set/2014 às 0:03 
It looks interesting
MurrayL  [autor(a)] 25/set/2014 às 10:16 
Thanks for the support everyone! In case anyone wasn't aware, Astroloco is currently in the Indie Gala 'Greenlight Bundle,' with just under 8 days remaining to grab a copy!
Eqnx8TH 24/set/2014 às 13:12 
spanish traslate, please!
DeWitt 23/set/2014 às 16:45 
Looks very fun +1 :)
WanderRook 🅷🆀 23/set/2014 às 4:17 
Voted +1 yes :)
StealthMomo 22/set/2014 às 10:24 
Artwork hands down.
Shafylus 22/set/2014 às 4:46 
BaueR 20/set/2014 às 9:56 
Vaagur 19/set/2014 às 21:07 
Looks quite fun, voted yes!
lovulol 19/set/2014 às 13:07 
derrida 19/set/2014 às 9:17 
Mac/Linux versions, PLEASE!
Mari 19/set/2014 às 8:42 
Looks fun :D Voted!
☬ ZzProphet ☬ 19/set/2014 às 7:38 
Voted is a nice game
LittleCroqueta 19/set/2014 às 7:31 
Good game! Voted!
1KAPY 19/set/2014 às 6:46 
meito_masamune 19/set/2014 às 4:52 
Voted! Cheer
sikerz 19/set/2014 às 4:07 
THE_MAN 19/set/2014 às 4:00 
kalimandzari 18/set/2014 às 19:52 
thanks, voted.
love;McPixel 18/set/2014 às 19:30 
like it!! Voted!!!
Kuon 18/set/2014 às 18:56 
look funny.
danalyze 18/set/2014 às 17:35 
Awesome game!Voted and bought it through IndieGala's Greenlight Bundle 4.Best wishes!
TheZodiac 18/set/2014 às 16:39 
looks fun good luck
StealthMomo 18/set/2014 às 15:34 
Artwork is cool.
isluji 18/set/2014 às 15:01 
Great! I laughed with the trailer, upvoted :D
janner66 18/set/2014 às 14:53 
me likey
Sepal 18/set/2014 às 14:40 
inFamou$! MvP 8 #ŻK 18/set/2014 às 13:54