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Astroloco: Worst Contact
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KyleTheCreator Dec 18 @ 7:49am 
Voted. Good luck guys!
lostcraft Dec 16 @ 11:02pm 
Get this going; best of luck
itsNinjaToast Dec 10 @ 10:43pm 
This waiting is killing me, i want this master piece on Steam so bad.
Come on people, start those engines and vote.
☃ Lame Pussy Nov 7 @ 3:54pm 
Can't wait to see it on Steam, easily one of the best comedic games in a long while.
[MG]Notice Oct 31 @ 3:36am 
Good point and click!
CapGotinha Oct 13 @ 10:48am 
Good Game !!!
Trasant Oct 3 @ 6:30am 
Point and click is always welcome. Voted up!
itsNinjaToast Sep 30 @ 6:03pm 
Just bought it too, hope i do get my keys, im so excited to play this one :3
v4victory501 Sep 30 @ 4:41pm 
Voted Yes ! bought it from Indie Gala....enjoying it..TY !
Altair Sep 29 @ 5:59pm 
Raigeki Sep 28 @ 7:59am 
Slayer Sep 26 @ 12:03am 
It looks interesting
MurrayL  [author] Sep 25 @ 10:16am 
Thanks for the support everyone! In case anyone wasn't aware, Astroloco is currently in the Indie Gala 'Greenlight Bundle,' with just under 8 days remaining to grab a copy!
Eqnx8TH Sep 24 @ 1:12pm 
spanish traslate, please!
DeWitt Sep 23 @ 4:45pm 
Looks very fun +1 :)
Voted +1 yes :)
StealthMomo Sep 22 @ 10:24am 
Artwork hands down.
Shafylus Sep 22 @ 4:46am 
ßaʊєƦ - road to #CPBR8 Sep 20 @ 9:56am 
Vaagur Sep 19 @ 9:07pm 
Looks quite fun, voted yes!
Jesus Sep 19 @ 1:07pm 
derrida Sep 19 @ 9:17am 
Mac/Linux versions, PLEASE!
Cindy Sep 19 @ 8:42am 
Looks fun :D Voted!
ZzProphet ^(Kenpashi)^ Sep 19 @ 7:38am 
Voted is a nice game
Littlecroqueta Sep 19 @ 7:31am 
Good game! Voted!
1KAPY Sep 19 @ 6:46am 
meito_masamune Sep 19 @ 4:52am 
Voted! Cheer
sikerz Sep 19 @ 4:07am 
THE_MAN Sep 19 @ 4:00am 
kalimandzari Sep 18 @ 7:52pm 
thanks, voted.
love;McPixel Sep 18 @ 7:30pm 
like it!! Voted!!!
Kuon Sep 18 @ 6:56pm 
look funny.
danalyze Sep 18 @ 5:35pm 
Awesome game!Voted and bought it through IndieGala's Greenlight Bundle 4.Best wishes!
TheZodiac Sep 18 @ 4:39pm 
looks fun good luck
StealthMomo Sep 18 @ 3:34pm 
Artwork is cool.
isma94 Sep 18 @ 3:01pm 
Great! I laughed with the trailer, upvoted :D
janner66 Sep 18 @ 2:53pm 
me likey
Sepal Sep 18 @ 2:40pm 
kijib Sep 18 @ 2:39pm 
pls valve
MvP 8 Sep 18 @ 1:54pm 
332 Sep 18 @ 11:56am 
want this!
I{m}pulse Sep 18 @ 11:45am 
Moodbug Sep 18 @ 11:43am 
good luck
kelicottia Sep 18 @ 11:02am 
God Sep 3 @ 3:17pm 
Very funny and awesome art!
MasterAbbott Aug 29 @ 9:37am 
Hey Hungry Planet Guys, do you have an email we can contact you on about Astroloco: Worst Contact? Thanks :)
jswolfpack Aug 18 @ 1:12pm 
loved it
(*OpS_IsOl@I*) Aug 8 @ 6:29pm 
Good = Very funny, laughed a lot =D
Bad = The animations are quite poor, but the art is awesome
Irene the Henherd Aug 2 @ 1:51pm 
I laughed quite a bit at this.
Looking forward to seeing more.
Foforo Jul 19 @ 1:17am 
i like it