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Mortal Online: The Awakening
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NoA (John) 2 minute în urmă 
ignor my last comment.

This game is ******* amazing i play this i a`m a member on this and it 1000000% should b on steam every 1 should try this game and know about it. it is such a good game and i would love it to b on steam
NoA (John) 4 minute în urmă 
this game is amazing and 100% should be on steam
Widfild 19 dec. @ 8:08am 
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DIE_by_SCI-FI 13 dec. @ 11:47am 
I hope that Mortal Online will be released at Steam. I very want devs to have more money.
Captainflawless 12 dec. @ 9:06pm 
Valve add this fuckin game
Splooshii 5 dec. @ 10:42am 
I've played this game on and off since beta. It's gone though many changes and yes for a time it was unplayable. Over the years the devs have slowly improved the game and it's quite good in my opinion.

This is one of the only games I've ever played in which there is the possibility for true discovery; in fact there are crafting recipes that haven't been discovered yet as well as mysterious items that not a single person in game has figured out how to use. I personally find that cool as hell. Basicly zero hand holding. If you get frustrated easily I would suggest you stay away. That being said, if you're into the hardcore aspect of gaming give this game a go.

This game is best tried for a week at least, it takes some time to see how deep is goes.
DIE_by_SCI-FI 23 nov. @ 2:29pm 
Hello, guys! I playing in Mortal Online more then 3 years now. Your game is pretty one! But i can't waiting for the Steam release? Why? Because i very want you to success and have a good money :-) I have been seeing how your team work all this time and i can say that you work good and hard. Really a lot of improvements was maked for this years. But one of the things that slows your speed it's a lack of money, how i suppose. So, please, don't be afraid of crytic from casual buyers. The best way is to be honest - write frankly about the game, about all "plus and minus", make a accurate description. But if this delay is for Steam, then can you explain why they won't let you release your game in Steam?
Best regards and greetings from Russia,
RadicalEd =[Wrackyland]= 5 nov. @ 7:29pm 
You can search player if you search at google the map: here you can see last kill stations. This make "Random player killer" easy way to find you. if you die out from tindrem. Player comming and kill you. Funnny for p2win and bad for free players. (the red points)
RadicalEd =[Wrackyland]= 5 nov. @ 7:24pm 
Hello. I have played this game. At day 2 i have see the first proplems. If you go to Zombies for Leaning to fight, you get killed at the Graveyard by other People with higher Skills. If you go out of the Town.You get killed out from Town by other people with higher skills. If you pay money you can up your skill from 60 to 90. This is hard if you don't p2win. The Biggest proplem is this. You have Politics in this game. The Guilds Attacks you how much he can. All player attack you how much he can. If you join a guild you get killed by other Guilds. So it make no sense to join a guild. YOU NEED PVP in this game. And the Most player have Heavy armor. you can have heavy Armor with 90 Armor training. But you need pay money first. Here is the best map i see. So, you have 0 chanche to fight this Player if you don't pay Money.
iGREETwithFIRE 5 nov. @ 12:23pm 
to play this game you need the same mindset you would havein DAYZ always looking over your shoulder trying to avoid people the best you can if you run into someon you always get ready for a fight cause you can be killed anywhere even while your looking threw your bank your best bet is to guild up and start making walls around a city that you and your friends make all in all the danger is what makes it fun practise your pvp often with someon who wont kill you and always be ready to defend yourself being the nice guy will get you killed most of the time you look out for yourself and guild mates and allies by helping to defend there lands from hostile roamers or posibly a siege on a friendly keep/palisade

Buttfunkle 29 oct. @ 11:59pm 
This game is amazing! it has bug issues but easy to look past and enjoy the great gameplay, first person immersive, this game is more SKYRIM than Elderscrolls Online, this game is free to check it out, but a monlthy sub is needed to really be a part of PVP, which is the name of the game here, PVP with a purpose, what i mean by that is pvp isnt about scores its about loot, being full loot really brings purpose to pvp and makes it rewarding, gear isnt too hard to get as to worry too much about losing it in a loss, but you cant have highs without lows, or you can but that shit gets old! crafting is above and beyond, seems tough at first but its not, JOIN A GUILD IF YOU TRY THIS GAME FOR THE FIRST TIME. find people and inquire about joining their guild, then the game will really open up to you
[ES]ReKSx 29 oct. @ 10:17am 
Best Hardcore MMo
{BBG} Santa Sparx™ 25 oct. @ 5:30pm 
Buggy as hell
mustardseedliving 23 oct. @ 5:44pm 
wierd its under freetoplay but when you look the game up its not free
Fave 17 oct. @ 8:58am 
Really good hardcore mmo
Jeep 16 oct. @ 9:43am 
This game is some real buggy shit. I played this a few years ago, and it's in a even worse state today...
Imazombie14 9 oct. @ 6:29pm 
Yeah this game is buggy as shit. Don't waste your time in it. I died 3 times and every time I have to reroll a room because this game was coded by fucking retards.
Gravy 25 sept. @ 10:41pm 
in a much better state than DAYZ
IRONCLAW 22 sept. @ 4:17am 
i have played since 2010...I play a very MMO...the best MMO that you can play
Deckard 17 sept. @ 11:08pm 
У кого есть вопросы по игре, пишите.
MEGA CHILL 16 sept. @ 1:30pm 
broken as shiz don't play.
CMDB|RocKer==# 15 sept. @ 8:11am 
Um universo bem complexo, com muitas coisas para fazer.
Guiflick 11 sept. @ 10:53am 
Best MMORPG Hardcore I ever played !
its a spy 11 sept. @ 5:48am 
god dammat i hate waiting but that game is the best i can wait for
GRENDIZER 10 sept. @ 10:28pm 
i like it .
AMZ.Onai 7 sept. @ 11:36am 
Does this game even have anyone paying attention to it anymore?
AMZ.Onai 4 sept. @ 2:26pm 
It won't be added to valve until they fix all their bugs and crap and thus far have added content which is all well and good but no bug fixes yet. Plus pritty sure the game has a server pop of maybe 50 players. Not very inspiriing for them to add it to their store. Anyways want it on valve get Star Vault to fix the games bugs otherwise its gonna sit here in limbo forever. Last I looked at this one it was still being voted on in 2009 think it was.
Gollond 4 sept. @ 2:00am 
looks good can't wait to try
monchito_master 30 aug. @ 11:49am 
codeman1818 28 aug. @ 1:55pm 
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沙鱼 26 aug. @ 2:41am 
Stanist 23 aug. @ 6:24am 
but it still exist... and if it is so... may be one more 11 evro to star vault?
i really want to return to this game, but first, i want to know, is there any change since 2012?
Stanist 23 aug. @ 6:24am 
i played this game for 2 years, abandoned it 2 years ago (i am not a great writer, i know). i thought that i will never return in MO, but now, after terrible TES online and strange Neverwinter, and, how to say, ' too korean' arch age
i understand that Mortal with all bugs and empty world is the best mmo i have ever played. i abandoned it because of great bugs, weak server, which can crush only because some guy put 4 campfires in one location, crushs and lags every time when you enter another location,
disbalanced gameplay where victory is only question of having cheaty like health potion, terrible community and devs, who understands that the main problem of the game is bugs,
instead of fixing making addons, thereby multiplying the bugs. in fact i thought that game is near closing: 45-50 gamers on server, no gameplay development, inability of the server to work even with curent number of clients. ohh... yes... AND BAD GRAPHIC...
Here Comes The Sun 21 aug. @ 9:34pm 
on the main website FREE 2 PLAY this game is just sooo NICE !@@@@@
△ Vern Fonk 18 aug. @ 2:01pm 
╚═( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)═╝ < Where can i play it ? )
EvoGAzriell 18 aug. @ 9:02am 
Is it down ? website is down launcher is down
Max 16 aug. @ 10:26am 
Best hardcore MMORPG I ever plaied. I realy like it!
BluJay Alpha 11 aug. @ 4:08am 
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Thurkal 7 aug. @ 4:51pm 
Nashtak, all veteran players who played before awakening says the gameplay was great and there weren't many bugs, but after awakening AI and lots of other stuff has been broken and never fixed. They are currently pushing updates like TC and non-important things like AI are not being worked on atm. Only thing that is working is pvP, but even that has some issues like client side prediction and some other stuff. It's a fun game but far from being worth the subscription fee. I subbed for 3 months some time back and got bored in about a month because of all the bugs and broken/missing features.
[CERB] Nashtak 7 aug. @ 2:00pm 
I remember trying out over two years ago and it was playable. Barren and empty, but the gameplay was there. At least they were working hard on it.

What content did they add since? Is there more sand in the box?

I understand Starvault is a small dev team and Mortal Online is ambitious. There will always be bugs here and there. But let's say i get back into the game after 2+ years of inactivity, can i expect a little sand in the box? As much as gameplay and seamless world to explore is nice, i don't want the power of my imagination to be the main feature.
Thurkal 6 aug. @ 2:24pm 
The people who are wondering when it's coming out should spend some time at the MO forums. It's not going to be available on steam for a good while. Also the game is currently extremely buggy, pvE is hardly working, nodeline bugs, graphic bugs, crashes etc. just to name a few. Just be patient, it will be on steam when it's ready.
[EB]H-Metall 6 aug. @ 9:01am 
Alguem tem alguma previsão real de quando sera adicionada na steam este Jogo?
Mortal Online!! Algo concreto?
Isaac van Dike 5 aug. @ 7:28pm 
so when is this coming out on Steam?
GreenIsTheBest 29 iul. @ 3:25pm 
cmon to register to that game u need give themm all info about u
its a spy 28 iul. @ 8:15am 
█░░█░█░▀▀█▀▀░█▀█ ░ █▀█
█░░█░█░░░█░░░█▀▄ ░█▀▀█
▀▀▀▀░▀▀▀░▀░░░▀░ ▀░▀░░▀
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olbremar 23 iul. @ 1:54am 
Epic game..You will never make the same mistake in this game. I died 1billion times and i still like it. You need a lot of skill to be good in this game :P
Mr419guy 18 iul. @ 6:57pm 
sounds good
Wolfkin 16 iul. @ 11:34am 
WilhelmTheKnight 16 iul. @ 4:15am 
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Comrade 16 iul. @ 2:45am 
definitely the game concept real gamers have been looking for.