Dit spel heeft groen licht gekregen van de community!

De community heeft haar interesse getoond voor dit spel. Valve heeft de ontwikkelaars benaderd om de release op Steam in gang te zetten.

Mortal Online: The Awakening
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Anselm 3 mrt om 1:36nm 
Recommended with a caveat: A) combat is fun, intuitive and relies on player skillB) crafters are in high demand, C) resource gathering is a challenging balance of risk/ reward, D) committed game dev

1) skill grinding can get tedious
2) you need to subscribe to make crafting viable
3) you will die a lot in this game, and when you die, your killer(s) can loot _everything_ you were carrying. That said, basic precautions make the risks manageable - my traders and miners make regular runs between cities without too much trouble.
4) graphics are nice enough, but won't blow you away. Game is also quite resource intensive.

It's free to download, and there are a ton of viable playstyles - fighters, merchants, miners, chefs, hunters, butchers, used horse salesmen, smugglers...!
Bassam 28 feb om 3:53vm 
nice game , nice setting ....
but full of cheats , bugs , even worse , gm protect their long term customer .... as hell ....

if this shit can release by greenlight
it would be a joke
Bruni 21 feb om 7:52vm 
Best sandbox MMORPG. Cant wait for the release in Steam.
Cobra 18 feb om 9:41vm 
The best PAY2WIN game i never played
Buttfunkle 11 feb om 1:48nm 
i cannot download this game, even thru Destura. always problems when i get to patching, so i used Utorrent and downloaded it, still stops at 99% download on patching..never completes. i loved this game in 2013, really liked playing a thief although i think thieving might be dead since TC came out i hear nobody lives in towns instead they live in their player made cities safe from the now dead class of a thief. PARADA you've been green lit of years and never made nothing of it. why cant you get on steam already
[LOKI]Psychogen 10 feb om 9:54vm 
Best MMO sandbox ever! Bestes Sandbox spiel aller zeiten! sowohl für pve`ler oder pvp`ler!
RKS 2 feb om 3:46vm 
Best MMO sandobx Ever! El mejor MMO Sandbox que e jugado hasta la fecha tiene sus fallos buggs pero se están dando prisa en arreglarlos vale la pena jugarlo.
DIE_by_SCI-FI 30 jan om 3:33nm 
[666] Miauen Mischen 2 , oh, yeah))) well said! I very love MO, for me its one of the best game for all fucking years! But at the same time i hate it with all my heart at moments :;-) May be this mix of love and hate make this game to me unique)
Die Schlingpflanze 26 jan om 10:08nm 
Remember - Not a casual game. If you die, you lose everything.
This game is complete garbage... if you don't like restarting over and over. You will be trolled, killed, and have everything you've ever earned stolen. You will be harassed, you will be frustrated with a very small, and often incompetent in-game supports. You won't like how the higher ups don't talk an issue over - they're used to the MO community, and learnt to just make one decision and stick with it. But if you dig through all that SHIT, you find a fucking metorite diamond of awesome.
Want to cut trees, make weapons OR SHIELDS OR BOWS OR ARMOR. Want to be a miner? Want to be a refiner, tamer, mage, warrior, ranger, Mounted Warrior, Mounted Fat Mage, Mounted archer.... Or a mix of just about everything?
Then welcome to mortal online. (Btw, you'll probs quit a few times before even starting to get good)
m0zone 24 jan om 11:32nm 
i played this game when it first came out and it was horrid . i just loged back in today and its pretty nice quests got a sword and make myself a robe in first 20 mins not to bad
DIE_by_SCI-FI 17 jan om 1:23nm 
Set, i think that you just misunderstand a type of this game. It's game about cooperation. Even if you want to do something solo (mining, gathering, exploration) you must be careful and always listen to street talking and try find out yourself - are there any PKs around the city, what's going on, is it some pvp around and so - so you dont get yourself killed because you walk just in PK reconnaissance group. And of course read the forums, if you playing solo. MO is not just another casual "brain-off" game.
Set 15 jan om 11:03vm 
Oh please! This game no......it's full of trolls, you can't do a thing because every time you go out of a city a guy full plate and a two handed sword will instakill your new character (and lose all you have in your inventory), and you have a little club or a short sword if you did quests and rags to fight him.....
BloodyEdge 10 jan om 9:05nm 
game is awesome... that said, the GMs are trash in this game. They blatantly let people hack and kill others through walls and act like its not happaning. And the hacking is all over. But even with all that i still had fun haha. Will play some time when they care to have a fair and balanced game where GMs dont just give there friends things and let them hack. I still have all the screan shots and videos of this all going on and they won't even recognize it as a problem. That and getting hit by 12 arrows in 1 second by one guy is also jsut silly blatant hacking. This game in a nut shell.
Unclean Nurgle 3 jan om 12:12nm 
Game is quite unbearable to anyone with a sane state of being, or anyone without lots of cash, Support teams ignore most players, and as proof, http://s4.postimg.org/3roz5rd65/discord.jpg is usually how most arguments end. Read for yourself.
The BowPro 3 jan om 4:37vm 
Damn it steam, put this game on already
DweebotheGeek 2 jan om 9:09vm 
put on steam now and ill resubscribe
ForKill 1 jan om 11:33vm 
This game is just AWESOME ... It's hard if you have not a good mindset for hardcore things but you can acquire that kind of mindset and you will love this game, I play it the last 2 years and is just awesome , you explore much , you kill, you do everything you want ...

winnie the pooh 26 dec 2014 om 3:41vm 
cant wait for it to come available on steam
DeadHeretic 25 dec 2014 om 2:54nm 
amazing game with stupidly support. Why they dont update info about game?
Sniper Johnny 20 dec 2014 om 1:57nm 
ignor my last comment.

This game is ******* amazing i play this i a`m a member on this and it 1000000% should b on steam every 1 should try this game and know about it. it is such a good game and i would love it to b on steam
Sniper Johnny 20 dec 2014 om 1:55nm 
this game is amazing and 100% should be on steam
Widfild 19 dec 2014 om 8:08vm 
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DIE_by_SCI-FI 13 dec 2014 om 11:47vm 
I hope that Mortal Online will be released at Steam. I very want devs to have more money.
Captainflawless 12 dec 2014 om 9:06nm 
Valve add this fuckin game
Splooshii 5 dec 2014 om 10:42vm 
I've played this game on and off since beta. It's gone though many changes and yes for a time it was unplayable. Over the years the devs have slowly improved the game and it's quite good in my opinion.

This is one of the only games I've ever played in which there is the possibility for true discovery; in fact there are crafting recipes that haven't been discovered yet as well as mysterious items that not a single person in game has figured out how to use. I personally find that cool as hell. Basicly zero hand holding. If you get frustrated easily I would suggest you stay away. That being said, if you're into the hardcore aspect of gaming give this game a go.

This game is best tried for a week at least, it takes some time to see how deep is goes.
DIE_by_SCI-FI 23 nov 2014 om 2:29nm 
Hello, guys! I playing in Mortal Online more then 3 years now. Your game is pretty one! But i can't waiting for the Steam release? Why? Because i very want you to success and have a good money :-) I have been seeing how your team work all this time and i can say that you work good and hard. Really a lot of improvements was maked for this years. But one of the things that slows your speed it's a lack of money, how i suppose. So, please, don't be afraid of crytic from casual buyers. The best way is to be honest - write frankly about the game, about all "plus and minus", make a accurate description. But if this delay is for Steam, then can you explain why they won't let you release your game in Steam?
Best regards and greetings from Russia,
RadicalEd =[Elexatur]= 5 nov 2014 om 7:29nm 
You can search player if you search at google the map: www.mortalonlinemap.info here you can see last kill stations. This make "Random player killer" easy way to find you. if you die out from tindrem. Player comming and kill you. Funnny for p2win and bad for free players. (the red points)
RadicalEd =[Elexatur]= 5 nov 2014 om 7:24nm 
Hello. I have played this game. At day 2 i have see the first proplems. If you go to Zombies for Leaning to fight, you get killed at the Graveyard by other People with higher Skills. If you go out of the Town.You get killed out from Town by other people with higher skills. If you pay money you can up your skill from 60 to 90. This is hard if you don't p2win. The Biggest proplem is this. You have Politics in this game. The Guilds Attacks you how much he can. All player attack you how much he can. If you join a guild you get killed by other Guilds. So it make no sense to join a guild. YOU NEED PVP in this game. And the Most player have Heavy armor. you can have heavy Armor with 90 Armor training. But you need pay money first. Here is the best map i see. So, you have 0 chanche to fight this Player if you don't pay Money.
iGREETwithFIRE 5 nov 2014 om 12:23nm 
to play this game you need the same mindset you would havein DAYZ always looking over your shoulder trying to avoid people the best you can if you run into someon you always get ready for a fight cause you can be killed anywhere even while your looking threw your bank your best bet is to guild up and start making walls around a city that you and your friends make all in all the danger is what makes it fun practise your pvp often with someon who wont kill you and always be ready to defend yourself being the nice guy will get you killed most of the time you look out for yourself and guild mates and allies by helping to defend there lands from hostile roamers or posibly a siege on a friendly keep/palisade

Buttfunkle 29 okt 2014 om 11:59nm 
This game is amazing! it has bug issues but easy to look past and enjoy the great gameplay, first person immersive, this game is more SKYRIM than Elderscrolls Online, this game is free to check it out, but a monlthy sub is needed to really be a part of PVP, which is the name of the game here, PVP with a purpose, what i mean by that is pvp isnt about scores its about loot, being full loot really brings purpose to pvp and makes it rewarding, gear isnt too hard to get as to worry too much about losing it in a loss, but you cant have highs without lows, or you can but that shit gets old! crafting is above and beyond, seems tough at first but its not, JOIN A GUILD IF YOU TRY THIS GAME FOR THE FIRST TIME. find people and inquire about joining their guild, then the game will really open up to you
RKS 29 okt 2014 om 10:17vm 
Best Hardcore MMo
{BBG} Axel 25 okt 2014 om 5:30nm 
Buggy as hell
mustardseedliving 23 okt 2014 om 5:44nm 
wierd its under freetoplay but when you look the game up its not free
Hollywood Hank 17 okt 2014 om 8:58vm 
Really good hardcore mmo
Jeep 16 okt 2014 om 9:43vm 
This game is some real buggy shit. I played this a few years ago, and it's in a even worse state today...
Imazombie14 9 okt 2014 om 6:29nm 
Yeah this game is buggy as shit. Don't waste your time in it. I died 3 times and every time I have to reroll a room because this game was coded by fucking retards.
Gravy 25 sep 2014 om 10:41nm 
in a much better state than DAYZ
IRONCLAW 22 sep 2014 om 4:17vm 
i have played since 2010...I play a very MMO...the best MMO that you can play
Deckard 17 sep 2014 om 11:08nm 
У кого есть вопросы по игре, пишите.
MEGA CHILL 16 sep 2014 om 1:30nm 
broken as shiz don't play.
CMDB|RocKer==# 15 sep 2014 om 8:11vm 
Um universo bem complexo, com muitas coisas para fazer.
Guiflick 11 sep 2014 om 10:53vm 
Best MMORPG Hardcore I ever played !
its a spy 11 sep 2014 om 5:48vm 
god dammat i hate waiting but that game is the best i can wait for
GRENDIZER 10 sep 2014 om 10:28nm 
i like it .
AMZ.Onai 7 sep 2014 om 11:36vm 
Does this game even have anyone paying attention to it anymore?
AMZ.Onai 4 sep 2014 om 2:26nm 
It won't be added to valve until they fix all their bugs and crap and thus far have added content which is all well and good but no bug fixes yet. Plus pritty sure the game has a server pop of maybe 50 players. Not very inspiriing for them to add it to their store. Anyways want it on valve get Star Vault to fix the games bugs otherwise its gonna sit here in limbo forever. Last I looked at this one it was still being voted on in 2009 think it was.
Gollond 4 sep 2014 om 2:00vm 
looks good can't wait to try
█ Smoked Master █ █ █ 30 aug 2014 om 11:49vm 
codeman1818 28 aug 2014 om 1:55nm 
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沙鱼 26 aug 2014 om 2:41vm