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Sergeant Sunflower 21 août 2013 à 0h53 
Also, PLEASE make this paintable and Gold Star'd...
Sergeant Sunflower 21 août 2013 à 0h52 
The thumbnail poster reminds me of the villain from The Rescuers Down Under...
uNk. 25 mar 2013 à 6h45 
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poin 24 déc 2012 à 3h26 
This so gooooood hat!!:D
Colteh  [créateur] 23 déc 2012 à 5h18 
Thanks! I uses mainly the same classes as you do in TF2!
Acaleus 22 déc 2012 à 20h56 
Be pretty cool to have, especially as I am a main Sniper or scout for my games, great work!
xR1 20 déc 2012 à 18h28 
Colteh  [créateur] 19 déc 2012 à 14h24 
Artorias 19 déc 2012 à 11h52 
that is one big hat...
ElDuderino 18 déc 2012 à 9h30 
Gunslingin' Greasehound 16 déc 2012 à 14h20 
Eets good.
Younglings (2) 15 déc 2012 à 23h17 
clever girl..
Doctor Crane 15 déc 2012 à 16h06 
this is good, but it doesnt seem to fit on his head right... also maybe make it more brown than green
[FP] Isles #dashcon2015 13 déc 2012 à 18h22 
Skeletor 12 déc 2012 à 16h08 
Good Job
Colteh  [créateur] 11 déc 2012 à 15h54 
Thanks! If i make a V2 ill follow your advice, and I've been modelling this stuff in blender for 1-2 years or so, really appreciate the feedback. c:
float 11 déc 2012 à 15h46 
Tone down the yellow studs on the hat, maybe to a greyer, less vibrant shade. This is a great idea and looks amazing, You're a great modeler! I hope to see more from you
Mucinex 11 déc 2012 à 15h14 
Colteh  [créateur] 11 déc 2012 à 15h05 
Ill add more pics shortly
Theodore Broosevelt! 11 déc 2012 à 13h07 
In-game screens would go a far for this hat.
Mucinex 10 déc 2012 à 18h17 
Could you add some more images. Looks pretty good, just wanted a better look.
Nega johannes 10 déc 2012 à 15h28 
Nega johannes 10 déc 2012 à 15h28