TDMCars - Base Pack
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Karatix 10 hours ago 
can anyone help me here with Bodygroups when ever i select one it says "property disabled for now" whats the fix to this ?
DiceCrysis400 Jul 23 @ 3:25am 
but one last thing. how do you attach car trailers to cars?
DiceCrysis400 Jul 23 @ 3:22am 
never mind. i figured out how to fix it. if you mess around with the model detail and the resolution, you pink and black should go away when you apply the changes. you dont need to lower the quality, you just click on the same one if you want and it will still work.
DiceCrysis400 Jul 23 @ 3:07am 
can anyone here please tell me how to fix the pink and black on the cars? mine and my friends were fine, until after a while they stuff up adn ALL turn pink and black. please help
XxDoge MarstonXx Jul 21 @ 11:52pm 
[ZHG] Beastie4evr Jul 20 @ 9:22pm 
How do you turn the lights on?
Soldier1312 Jul 20 @ 7:11pm 
It indeed crashes. Guess that's because of gmod updates that were released lately. We have to wait for mod to be updated as well.
Link Jul 19 @ 3:43pm 
game crashes!!!!! wtf tdm!!!
Ghost Knight==酷超敌侠 Jul 16 @ 9:06am 
prefer TDM.... better than Scars :3
SCars are better, because they have lot of better control
green9old Jul 13 @ 9:53pm 
everything is good except for the ford focus svt, which sucks, cuz thats my car
Bludacious Jul 12 @ 4:58pm 
kieran scars may be customizable but the model detail sucks
RAYEZ Jul 12 @ 10:51am 
i got this one cuz scars is in my menu but it wont spawn me a car
Clicktman Jul 10 @ 2:10pm 
BUG: whenever i fire an m202 from m9k specialties at a truck the game crashes. help
Kieran Mine 1 Jul 9 @ 11:19am 
scars is better
Razgriz Ace18 Jul 8 @ 4:53pm 
@ Jake From State Farm The model detail under settings MUST be high. Under almsot every car pack its in the description too.
Jake From State Farm Jul 7 @ 3:36pm 
everytime i spawn something like a lambo the car looks like a wite and black blob please help!!!!!!
Gatorage Jul 3 @ 12:20pm 
This won't be some sort of texture/addon complaint or whatever, but whenever I slide, my GMod crashes. Are there some sources that cause it to crash?
TehMoeyFTW Jul 3 @ 9:08am 
I have the white checkered error texture! And why some of the cars skin just white? And is there any shiny cars?
Boon Jul 2 @ 4:25pm 
if your tdm car base set this page is in a different language then copy the link then got to garrys mod and click add-ons then click open workshop. then youpaste the link you copied and it is in your language
monstdrewfett Jul 2 @ 11:23am 
Does this pack require any games cause all the cars are white and some are errors and most of them i can see that pink and black checkers texture on some of the cars.
Ze Engineer Jul 1 @ 5:53pm 
tdm cars has my two favorite cars in them; which are the Hummer H1 Alpha and the Ford F-150 Raptor pickup truck
videogameking0 Jul 1 @ 7:37am 
I think this looks better than SCars. I only wish you could see your character's hands like in SCars.
Ryan Jun 29 @ 12:18pm 
where do you download them
Meaty M8 Jun 27 @ 7:01pm 
Magma Soldier 10 Jun 27 @ 2:05pm 
i downloaded this and everything still is pink and black
The Mindflayer Jun 25 @ 4:35pm 
My TDM is in german?
ZippedBasilix442 Jun 24 @ 12:01pm 
I have some missing textures, some cars are 100% flawless while others are a mess
| VIP+| elnegron Jun 23 @ 7:10pm 
the 350z dont work
| VIP+| elnegron Jun 23 @ 7:02pm 
| VIP+| elnegron Jun 23 @ 6:56pm 
Help me and download its all time and iam reset page and say for download again
[UFO] Rizzle Jun 23 @ 12:36pm 
Help me please I have two cars while I have every download. (Grieve if there are wrong words but I'm french so I have a little trouble)
Tuute Jun 21 @ 10:30pm 
help i can't spawn cars with my cardealer, i can spawn the prop of the car and a airboat in the cardealer but when i try to spawn any tdm car it doesnt come out
can you make the 200sx or 240sx s14 (the coupe)? the models are in forza 4 for the 1996 one and nfs shift for the 200sx (better headlights).
Servernuggets Jun 19 @ 6:06pm 
Can you make it so they take damage and blow up like SCARS please i've seen tdm blow up in DarkRP servers
Jesus's Pet Gopher Jun 19 @ 2:22pm 
@ ●|DonMaxine|● What? Yo- yo- you CANT CAR! YOU CANT CAR! WHAT HOW DO YOU SURVIVE!
Me_Goes_RAWR Jun 17 @ 9:40am 
Does anyone know how to stop gmod crashing when TDMcars and bugbait mix?
Mr A-10 Warthog mun Jun 14 @ 9:04am 
please make a top gear uk pack
●|DonMaxine|● Jun 14 @ 7:48am 
why i cant the car?
JOETWIN1 Jun 10 @ 11:22am 
therer should be no missing textures but no what the hell is wrong it is bugged (NEED BUG FIX)!
JONTWIN2 Jun 10 @ 11:05am 
bit-runner Jun 9 @ 5:18pm 
theres still missing texturs
Regi524 Jun 8 @ 11:48pm 
I still have pick and black squares D: Haalp
gtamaster Jun 6 @ 7:05pm 
DO you smell what da rock is cooking
ImGilded K Jun 4 @ 4:37pm 
SVN he means the Tortoise SVN. Download it.
Ziant Jun 3 @ 8:07am 
what is SVN? I'm new to Garry's Mod so I've got to ask this. Sorry...
Officer Samuelthetank May 31 @ 6:00pm 
wtf is svn?
i got it but some of my cars are still messed up
Mexassassin07 May 24 @ 4:32pm 
i installed the addon but it still has the pink and black checkerboard textures can u please help