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Band of Drones
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Hon_Ki 27 сер о 22:06 
IXODUS 22 сер о 6:20 
looks intresting sir!
lets see how well ti goes when its greenlit :)
MiyaguiSan 15 лип о 2:21 
Lion 1 лип о 3:35 
good game
Ray Majick 22 чер о 22:45 
This looks rad! Voted.
TheStimPL 22 чер о 6:04 
cool :) I voted :D
TheycallmeDave 21 чер о 20:41 
seems really cool, like a worms with an advanced strategy in mind, throw in awesome robot voices and I'm sold.....
[G]host 18 чер о 15:58 
Kiritsu Games  [автор] 27 тра о 15:24 
A demo has been released, get it:http://www.bandofdrones.com/files/BandOfDronesDemo.exe
Very alpha at this stage. Want to help out? Please let us know your opinion.
ionutudor2012 23 тра о 5:32 
CYKA 21 тра о 5:08 
fralcool 24 кві о 6:34 
good idea
Disclaips 24 бер о 4:54 
mihail.bliner 23 бер о 1:30 
セクハラパンダ 27 лют о 10:25 
very interesting
CEPS 5 січ о 1:25 
Nice Work
Nakrenen-ta 1 січ о 5:10 
Happy New Year!
DracOCZ 25 гру 2013 о 19:22 
caboose180 20 гру 2013 о 7:28 
Biggest things that comes to mind are memories of Final Fantasy Tactics and DnD, in a sense, when I see this. Looks like it has some potential for all the strategy enthusiasts out there. It’s got my vote.
Killian Darkwater 16 гру 2013 о 3:01 
I hope you are not going to add donate in this game. Looking for a good multiplayer TB-game for long time. GL and greenlight.
Sveinbjörn 12 гру 2013 о 20:55 
Экшен, нужно больше экшена
Kuznetsowski 14 лис 2013 о 1:50 
Good work!
† Dark =-NeOs-= 22 жов 2013 о 21:07 
Purple Fiction 15 жов 2013 о 20:56 
Looks like is has potential
Nakrenen-ta 21 сер 2013 о 5:33 
Мне очень нравится.
Angry_AnGri 11 сер 2013 о 8:37 
Давно искал что-то подобное)
Kiritsu Games  [автор] 31 лип 2013 о 16:34 
@Hancho thanks, but what do you mean pseudo? I think it's fully :)
Hancho 26 лип 2013 о 20:14 
Looks pretty interesting and fun. Love the fact that it's pseudo turn-based
Aeroshmundel 28 чер 2013 о 0:14 
tea monster 27 чер 2013 о 0:39 
Lord Suckacock the 69th 12 чер 2013 о 0:12 
looks really nice! Hopes it gets Greenlit!!!
Dentorhedge_of_the_Victorious_Mu 25 тра 2013 о 8:56 
Well, there are two games I've dreamed of programming. This is one of them (or close enough to it to crush my dream). Thank you and curse you- you get the vote.
Vampirage 23 тра 2013 о 10:08 
super_n00b 20 тра 2013 о 16:42 
Tnks for the Linux support.
xJD127x 16 тра 2013 о 14:48 
Love coop games like this, would be both nice and chaotic to coordinate for this one.
Nakrenen-ta 30 кві 2013 о 0:20 
I very like it. Music is awesome. Can you port it on android?
NammewOw- #Volvi(My ser Arepa) 22 бер 2013 о 20:24 
SRS Independence State 19 бер 2013 о 11:03 
Levitating sci fi Lost Vikings kinda. Probably not for me, but won't down vote it either.
Blacktay 6 бер 2013 о 6:20 
Finally a good looking turn-based strategy game. However, this would be even more awesome if the upgrades for each drone modified the visual look of them, but that's just a small thing.
Dz™ 21 лют 2013 о 12:11 
looking good
BitmapBrother 20 лют 2013 о 13:18 
this looks fun Yes
Feraele 11 лют 2013 о 17:21 
game looks good nice graphics. Very smooth looking. I like the music too. Good luck! :)
666gruesel 9 лют 2013 о 9:52 
Very nice Idea, you earned my vote. An extra vote for the soundtrack - If only I could...
Bugivugimen 14 січ 2013 о 16:14 
Выглядит интересно.
Fill Phish 14 січ 2013 о 14:18 
No Nicholas Cage, no upvote.
Kiritsu Games  [автор] 12 січ 2013 о 17:55 
@irrevenant Blame it on the commander :)
stellarvision 11 січ 2013 о 23:31 
Oh the music is kickass
irrevenant 11 січ 2013 о 13:58 
LoL "A squad of elite drones is yours to command" followed immediately by footage of the drone getting blown away. xD
liminal18 22 гру 2012 о 16:29 
need more screenshots. usually browse greenlight via ipad hence no flash support.
CaractacusRex 21 гру 2012 о 8:22 
A micromanagement platformer? I adore X Com, but you need to allow real time with pausing.