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Band of Drones
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126 megjegyzés
PblCb 2015. márc. 19., 15:10 
Какого... я начинаю ненавидеть Steam из за вот таких принятых решений, принимают игры без атмосферности, какого-то сюжета, да и вообще игры по своей играбильности не более чем: Запустил игру, посмотрел 2 минуты, выключил игру и удалил steam...
Blink Vortex  [készítő] 2014. nov. 19., 14:33 
Thank you all so much! And stay tunned, lots of things coming on this game
C0untzer0 2014. nov. 19., 4:05 
Congratulations, it's been good watching you grow this one.
chickenhatgames 2014. nov. 15., 9:47 
I liked this one so much I'm going to give a copy to my new art guy for direction.
Blink Vortex  [készítő] 2014. nov. 9., 15:23 
@C0untzer0 Thanks for the tips, I added both to the todo list
C0untzer0 2014. nov. 9., 3:03 
Ruben, I loved the demo mostly, it had just the right feel to bring back the old Lazer Squad memories.

Just one or two things:

1 It's too easy to get distracted and accidentally end your turn. I'd feel happier with a confirmation on that function, and even more so with a Civ5 style taking you to unused units and not letting you end turn until you'd done something.

2 the text gets a little repetitive after a few kills, and could use some expansion. I know it's a minor thing, but the little things make for atmosphere.
Minibabybel 2014. nov. 5., 9:13 
Oooh, this looks very interesting!
Have a vote on me!
TimTaler 2014. okt. 20., 5:04 
SpyingSpyroBoy 2014. szept. 30., 14:40 
Looking forward to this game. You can never go wrong with strategy.
Blink Vortex  [készítő] 2014. szept. 18., 16:01 
Thanks for the support so far. The game is now available to purchase on other sites. Please give us your feedback even if you only played the demo so we can improve the game for you!
Volition and Capitalism 2014. szept. 18., 14:33 
Tactical games will always earn the Heart of those who like to test themselves everyday :D
Hon_Ki ^^! 2014. aug. 27., 22:06 
IXODUS 2014. aug. 22., 6:20 
looks intresting sir!
lets see how well ti goes when its greenlit :)
MiyaguiSan 2014. júl. 15., 2:21 
Lion 2014. júl. 1., 3:35 
good game
Kenzie Profit 2014. jún. 22., 22:45 
This looks rad! Voted.
TheStimPL 2014. jún. 22., 6:04 
cool :) I voted :D
TheycallmeDave 2014. jún. 21., 20:41 
seems really cool, like a worms with an advanced strategy in mind, throw in awesome robot voices and I'm sold.....
Ghost 2014. jún. 18., 15:58 
Blink Vortex  [készítő] 2014. máj. 27., 15:24 
A demo has been released, get it: http://www.bandofdrones.com/files/BandOfDronesDemo.exe
Very alpha at this stage. Want to help out? Please let us know your opinion.
ionutudor2012 2014. máj. 23., 5:32 
Wellsanin 2014. máj. 21., 5:08 
fralcool 2014. ápr. 24., 6:34 
good idea
Disclaips 2014. márc. 24., 4:54 
mihail.bliner 2014. márc. 23., 1:30 
Sam Vimes 2014. febr. 27., 10:25 
very interesting
CEPS 2014. jan. 5., 1:25 
Nice Work
Nakrenën-ta 2014. jan. 1., 5:10 
Happy New Year!
ElMejor 2013. dec. 25., 19:22 
caboose180 2013. dec. 20., 7:28 
Biggest things that comes to mind are memories of Final Fantasy Tactics and DnD, in a sense, when I see this. Looks like it has some potential for all the strategy enthusiasts out there. It’s got my vote.
||||||||||.♥ 2013. dec. 16., 3:01 
I hope you are not going to add donate in this game. Looking for a good multiplayer TB-game for long time. GL and greenlight.
Inspector Jack 2013. dec. 12., 20:55 
Экшен, нужно больше экшена
kzntswsk 2013. nov. 14., 1:50 
Good work!
† Dark =-NeOs-= 2013. okt. 22., 21:07 
Purple Fiction 2013. okt. 15., 20:56 
Looks like is has potential
Nakrenën-ta 2013. aug. 21., 5:33 
Мне очень нравится.
Angry_AnGri 2013. aug. 11., 8:37 
Давно искал что-то подобное)
Blink Vortex  [készítő] 2013. júl. 31., 16:34 
@Hancho thanks, but what do you mean pseudo? I think it's fully :)
Hancho 2013. júl. 26., 20:14 
Looks pretty interesting and fun. Love the fact that it's pseudo turn-based
Aeroshmundel 2013. jún. 28., 0:14 
tea monster 2013. jún. 27., 0:39 
Benji 2013. jún. 12., 0:12 
looks really nice! Hopes it gets Greenlit!!!
Dentorhedge 2013. máj. 25., 8:56 
Well, there are two games I've dreamed of programming. This is one of them (or close enough to it to crush my dream). Thank you and curse you- you get the vote.
CAM GOSPOD` 2013. máj. 23., 10:08 
marco_senhor 2013. máj. 20., 16:42 
Tnks for the Linux support.
xJD127x 2013. máj. 16., 14:48 
Love coop games like this, would be both nice and chaotic to coordinate for this one.
Nakrenën-ta 2013. ápr. 30., 0:20 
I very like it. Music is awesome. Can you port it on android?
NammewOw- #Volvi(My ser Arepa) 2013. márc. 22., 20:24 
Bangcat 2013. márc. 19., 11:03 
Levitating sci fi Lost Vikings kinda. Probably not for me, but won't down vote it either.
Blacktay 2013. márc. 6., 6:20 
Finally a good looking turn-based strategy game. However, this would be even more awesome if the upgrades for each drone modified the visual look of them, but that's just a small thing.