Daedric Punishment for Insults Related to Sweetrolls
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concretemonk 5 бер о 10:30 
i knew there was a reason i liked Sheogorath
scoutmaster 21 2 лют о 10:06 
everyone says let me guess,someone stole your swe-(everyone dies)THEN THEY DIE!!!
[R] Hint Salesman 27 січ о 13:35 
I shall now pelt Sheogorath's shrine with cabbage and cheese in thanks for this mod.
Mazeltoph 27 гру 2014 о 20:48 
"Let me guess: someone stole your -" [dies]
mitchellanstett09 21 гру 2014 о 9:43 
leannaray 6 лис 2014 о 15:37 
Actually, I'm using *all* your mods, because they're *all* wonderful! Ten out of ten for each one!
leannaray 6 лис 2014 о 15:34 
This is one of my two favorite mods! (The other one being Divine Punishment for the Mention of Arrows in the Knee!) Both of them are absolutely *hilarious*!
{GENDERBENT} AFF 28 сер 2014 о 7:52 
...Does this mod just throw sweetrolls at the guards constantly or does it turn them into a sweetroll?
Just wondering because if it throws deadly sweetrolls at them then that is funny, because I could like spawn in a bunch of guards and have one say the line... Then all of the ones at the front get hit by sweetrolls... xD Also if they start fleeing from that, it would be hilarious...
Someguyfromtheinternet 16 сер 2014 о 20:55 
This is now my new favorite mod. 10/10 Download now.
Yxquillio 15 сер 2014 о 20:46 
make that 6th for echo
Ataku Hikaru, God of Insanity 7 сер 2014 о 11:30 
to take an arrow in the knee = to get married so i don't have a problem with that. BUT GOD DAMMIT IF YOU SMACK TALK ABOUT MY LOVE OF SWEETROLLS I WILL STAB YOU
Turn_on_a_Dime  [автор] 25 лип 2014 о 17:38 
It does not remove the dialogue. But it is meant to be a surprise :) Try it, and see!
michelle.bourgoyne 25 лип 2014 о 16:18 
What exactly does this mod- and the "arrow to the knee" one- do? Does it remove the dialogue?
smiley 23 лип 2014 о 10:48 
5th for Echo
krakvreten 7 лип 2014 о 10:55 
The Almighty Double Helix 22 чер 2014 о 9:46 
I actually found this insult more annoying than the arrow in the knee thing, thanks for the mod.
Sepulgurath 13 чер 2014 о 8:46 
An arrow coming out of nowhere to pierce the knee of a guard who says: I used to be an adventurer like you, but then I took an arrow to the knee.
MotoGod115 12 чер 2014 о 19:37 
4th on echo
DarkAngel12893 11 чер 2014 о 17:23 
i third on Echo's idea lol
Hidan 9 тра 2014 о 21:25 
Echo's idea.
PyroLady 23 кві 2014 о 11:54 
i second echo's idea.
wraith 10 кві 2014 о 20:56 
he's actually a little over the doctor (madman with a blue box) on the scale of madness
wraith 10 кві 2014 о 20:55 
has anyone noticed how sheogorath is actually not that bad / mad
TemerLaGargola 22 бер 2014 о 23:56 
I. Love. This. And its companion mod, about the you-know-whats in certain body parts.
echo 18 бер 2014 о 18:26 
A non hostile dragon snatches any guard for saying "Maybe I'M the dragonborn, I just don't know it yet?"
BRB Poopin HERD 16 бер 2014 о 5:29 
Make a punishment for the gaurds who talk to you about shouting in cities, im dragonnorn i have the right!
Draugrborn 2 бер 2014 о 21:26 
I second Ghost's suggestion.
Left Shark 23 лют 2014 о 13:02 
i think a mod that would make a ton of redguards attack when mentioning of curved swords would be awesome.
Zuthulu The Nechu 1 лют 2014 о 9:51 
Make A punishment related to insults realted to iron swords
bourkie 8 січ 2014 о 5:35 
Need something similar to happen to the Jarl's daughter every time she talks about sweet rolls and skeever holes...
★MattTheSheep★ 27 гру 2013 о 9:24 
I agree with inoshikatcho! It should make that one dragon [SPOILER ALERT] that you befriend come and kill him.
Dragontamer39 14 гру 2013 о 14:05 
Well can you just to add a bonus in this about the elf thing i'd like being insulted about it.
Dragontamer39 14 гру 2013 о 14:05 
Turn_on_a_Dime  [автор] 14 гру 2013 о 14:04 
Sorry for deleting comments, Dragontamer39, but that was technically a spoiler :)
Dragontamer39 12 гру 2013 о 17:23 
This is going to be really funny!!!
fk.zajko 5 гру 2013 о 15:03 
Hilarious - serves the sarcastic sods right!!!
Turn_on_a_Dime  [автор] 25 лис 2013 о 1:55 
Click the "Subscribe" button and the mod gets downloaded and activated next time you open the launcher.
Darkash 24 лис 2013 о 16:36 
where do you get it??
Zathmi 3 лис 2013 о 17:26 
Love it!
inoshikacho3 31 жов 2013 о 11:29 
try make one of these for weewolf comment (turn them to dogs) please :)
Foxxer 14 жов 2013 о 5:45 
good mod
Blastodion 28 вер 2013 о 15:17 
formorian5 10 вер 2013 о 10:29 
I was just thinking,"Yeah the arrow in the knee is annoying, but the sweetroll is just an insult! I'm the Dovah-fucking-kiin, slayer of gods and demons, and you talk to me like this!" This is perfect!
Kaffeeteria 4 вер 2013 о 4:41 
I love this mod. One of my most favourite. :)
9192631770 20 сер 2013 о 5:15 
I think a respawn needs more time than 10 hours (a few days or so) and maybe you should not visit the place in that time, or the time begins again (not sure if that is true)
Thadian 19 сер 2013 о 14:19 
so has the guard respawn thing been "cleared" (as an issue or, false alarm)?
Tim the Enchanter 15 сер 2013 о 21:05 
Great Mod.
ThatLocalArabicCamel 31 лип 2013 о 17:34 
I used the wait for 10 hours and no one was come to take the place. Maybe I didn't wait long enough? or something.
Turn_on_a_Dime  [автор] 28 лип 2013 о 23:16 
Don't they respawn? I thought they should be respawning!
ThatLocalArabicCamel 28 лип 2013 о 16:38 
I liked it, but after they say it no guards replace them so therefore i must unsubscribe. If you make it so guards come back then i will gladly subscibe again.