Portal 2
Trips' Second Try
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jam.lab1 24 okt 2014 om 8:43vm 
Kind a different but fun. Good job.
vioray 15 aug 2014 om 6:03nm 
some very nice puzzles here and a fun map to play through. shouldn't be too challenging for begginners but shouldn't be too easy to bore experts either
as to ratings, personally I usually give a thumbs up if I enjoyed it, no rating if I didn't and only a thumbs down if it was really bad or the description was blantant lies (haven't had call to give many) and always try to leave a comment with more details of what I liked/disliked when applicable and relevant. or if I have something witty to say
Petutski 24 jun 2014 om 9:58vm 
Oh... and would someone please tell me where the GENERAL RULE about puzzle/map design is documented? The voting system tries to reflect the entertainment value of the map. If only the hardest maps were rated high, then an esoteric, impossible to solve, map would be the goal. The map creator for a computer game should rightly be evaluated on the whole package, reflected by how many people really liked it and had fun. Maybe there is room for a second searchable difficulty rating, but I suspect most players would want an enjoyable mix of logic, adventure, and difficulty.... as this map certainly is.
Petutski 24 jun 2014 om 9:41vm 
Excellent Logical Adventure!
-ßЯҢ- thetripscaptain [sg]  [auteur] 10 apr 2013 om 6:49vm 
Yeah you're right member11, I guess the 5 stars just relfects a high percentage of thumbs up votes. They should change that system and allow you to give a specific star level as your rating. Anyway thanks for trying my map, glad you enjoyed it. :)

- trips
member11 9 apr 2013 om 9:10nm 
I thought it was fun.

I think there are so many 5 stars because of the voting system. When I complete a map I get to choose up or down thumb only. How could I not give this a thumbs up? I enjoyed it and I can appreciate the effort it takes to make a map like this. Would I give it 5 stars? No, that would have to be reserved for the best of the best.
.sheridan .vespo 11 feb 2013 om 7:52vm 
Ok, I have played the map. There is a general rule about puzzle design:
If you have two completely separate rooms in a map, they should contain puzzles, which build on one another. You chose to put two maps in one. Don't.

Another rule is, that you should ONLY use a companion cube if it does actually accompany you. (Or in rare cases, if it is meant as a joke.) The CC in this map does not do anything but sit on a button. Once.

You made a couple questionable design choices, though the design is not as bad as some other chambers I have seen.

The first puzzle is interesting, the second is not (at least in my opinion). The map is not as bad as it seemed, but not good enough to be considered a "good map", which the ratings would suggest. So I stand by my initial words: "Why does stuff like this get 5 Starts... It's just unfair."

Feel free to try some of my stuff, but I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't, after all that I have written.
-ßЯҢ- thetripscaptain [sg]  [auteur] 9 feb 2013 om 3:24vm 
Thanks for the tips but you might actually play it through before announcing that it cannot possibly be fun. I don't personally believe it's overly complex or cluttered, in fact that was a major focus of mine during development of this map.
.sheridan .vespo 5 feb 2013 om 5:50vm 
I actually didn't try to solve it. This map is too cluttered to be fun. Take a look at my workshop and you will realize what the opposite of cluttered maps is.
Also I suspect that this map involves several puzzles involving different elements. With some exceptions my workshop consists of maps that use one puzzle or at least one type of puzzle element in one map. If you have many ideas, make many maps, but don't put them all in one. There are several reasons why you should do it like that:
- Different people have different perception of diffculty, if you require people to solve A, they might not get to B, while some could solve B, but not A
- It is discouraging to fail at the first puzzle in a map, if maybe you could solve all the others
- Different puzzles in the same place may distract from the main idea -> downvotes
- People might not like one of the puzzles, but love another, that way you don't get clear ratings, on what you did well and what not.
-ßЯҢ- thetripscaptain [sg]  [auteur] 4 feb 2013 om 11:47nm 
I myself was surprised (pleasantly) by the high ratings as well. I'd be curious what exactly your problem with the map was. I myself thought it was a bit too easy so I added the 2nd button at the exit which caused the # of upvotes per day to plummet. I'm thinking people might just downvote maps they can't solve.
.sheridan .vespo 3 feb 2013 om 6:43vm 
Why does stuff like this get 5 Starts... It's just unfair.
mikemoody 30 jan 2013 om 2:22nm 
Hey I really liked this map, was very large and took time to figure out. Thumbs up.
Here are some Great maps made by (Bbeoggjay2) a good map builder.
Mitch McWiggins 5 jan 2013 om 12:49nm 
Fun, thanks.
DTKinetic 18 dec 2012 om 5:03nm 
I like the vertical design of this map! Fun to navigate and nicely put together =)
If it's not too much to ask, I'd like someone to check out my map Turret Nest http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=112299873 It has some similarities to yours.
Despectus 15 dec 2012 om 5:23nm 
Nice !
stormsend 15 dec 2012 om 2:55vm 
Very nice map. Not too hard but complex enough to keep you thinking. Layout looks good. Keep 'em coming.
DeathWish808 14 dec 2012 om 5:36nm 
I have an idea of what wrangler was talking about, but I played the most recent version to start with and saw no other exploits or breaking points. I think you have it locked down. ;-)
-ßЯҢ- thetripscaptain [sg]  [auteur] 14 dec 2012 om 5:07nm 
made another small update last night to fix the issues mentioned by wrangler (thanks). also you now need to use two cubes to open the exit. ;)
LightningBug 14 dec 2012 om 3:14nm 
it looks ok, i might like to try it
DeathWish808 14 dec 2012 om 10:22vm 
Fun map. 3.5/10 on difficulty. Nice concepts.
Mr.AtlasLP [GER] 14 dec 2012 om 4:38vm 
libroten 13 dec 2012 om 10:59nm 
I really liked this test. Thanks )
Miami Mike 13 dec 2012 om 5:48nm 
Why did we have to leave a companion cube behind?
ScrotoBaggins 13 dec 2012 om 2:40nm 
cool puzzle
StomachBug 13 dec 2012 om 9:07vm 
nice puzzle, nothing too complex but still enjoyable
wrangler1405 13 dec 2012 om 2:18vm 
first of all a fairly nice map, however two issues one I can portal 'bump' the first fizzler and secondly I was able to through the first cube through the lasers to land it on the switch which one opened the second laser grid but also 'broke' the level (should not be able to break levels), both failry easily fixed. I really enjoyed the level nice simple not over complicated
JimsArcade 12 dec 2012 om 11:06vm 
That was a fun one!
⎛Mr Beans ⎞ 12 dec 2012 om 4:20vm 
its a fun little puzzle. I would give it a easy rating. #F4F
sadubone 12 dec 2012 om 2:47vm 
challening and fun. thank you.
Arioscen 12 dec 2012 om 2:02vm 
JackPliskin 11 dec 2012 om 11:50vm 
If you want try my hardocre logic map :
OldManBob 11 dec 2012 om 9:32vm 
took a while but really god fun
Metzger Ben | GER 11 dec 2012 om 5:38vm 
Choppy 11 dec 2012 om 3:56vm 
Nice One
Puppetz 11 dec 2012 om 2:42vm 
used the laser cube to open the door. never needed to press the button.
Warbear 10 dec 2012 om 9:36nm 
Ineruditus 10 dec 2012 om 9:17nm 
hey tomcraft52, you get it by clicking the subscribe button
Tomo 10 dec 2012 om 8:44nm 
Where on earth is the download link? How do I get it?
£CsK£ iamontda 10 dec 2012 om 3:30nm 
-sad squid sits there- It looks really good... -squid adds into computer/ game- -we take it back from them to put in our game- look at that sad squid! XD
Omgtrees 10 dec 2012 om 1:29nm 
Redonesgofaster 10 dec 2012 om 8:35vm 
Very well done. Some of the turret placement is non-threatning because they are on portablable surfaces, and as someone said before the second faith plate isn't needed (but making it necessary would be cleaner) On the whole I think there are too many portalable surfaces to prevent cheating the logic puzzles. The cave intro was great!
Coherent Chronicle 10 dec 2012 om 4:19vm 
well made but bit annoying !!
ZAEROS 10 dec 2012 om 2:52vm 
Good fun,Thank you.
Mr.SimSim 9 dec 2012 om 11:11nm 
tman507se 9 dec 2012 om 9:30nm 
I enjoyed it, especially the last part with bridges and turrets. One little thing you might want alter, the second faith plate isn't actually necessary, as you can portal up to that spot. Good chamber overall.
daloboy 9 dec 2012 om 8:25nm 
Easy enough! You could take out the last cube!
Please try one of mine and comment. Thanks.
FALAJOW 9 dec 2012 om 5:41nm 
Cool, but easy. from 0 to 10, 6.5 to organization, and 2 to difficultility.
Vikom 9 dec 2012 om 9:30vm 
Piece of cake.
Anyway great map.
It is not too easy but you can solve it without restart.
__Brood 9 dec 2012 om 7:57vm 
good job! Simple and cool.. not too simple.. =P
Mr Fraggle (UK) 9 dec 2012 om 7:46vm 
Nice map,added to favorites I enjoyed it so much.well done.