Portal 2
YOM2's Test 2
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Petutski 10 feb 2015 om 5:20 
Nice, fun, logical map! Thanks!
Lord Wyrtz 15 dec 2012 om 12:35 
Worth trying! Original and creative, but short :)
DeathWish808 15 dec 2012 om 11:00 
Mind trying one of mine and letting me know what you think? They vary a lot. I try to accomodate many different playing levels and tastes. Thanks!
DeathWish808 14 dec 2012 om 13:22 
Jumping instead of just falling in seemed to be the difference for me. If I just fell then I could get there if I crouched. Crouching for flings is just second nature for me though. On some maps it's too much unless you have a wall to stop you or you're trying to hit an access spot like that one, but either way worked everytime for me.
YOM2  [auteur] 14 dec 2012 om 13:11 
I don't know why sometimes the momentum fails when trying to get to the corridoor... I've experienced it too, but just try again if it fails.

As for the piston, I realize that it's a bit confusing, but the only thing you can get to is what triggers it! :P
JimsArcade 14 dec 2012 om 11:33 
Nice map, thanks
DeathWish808 14 dec 2012 om 9:55 
2/10 on difficulty. The only reason I found out the sideways elevator moved out of the way was because I took the cube in there to use to jump up in the area where the funnel was. lol. Fun little map overall though. Nice job!
ShyOne 13 dec 2012 om 9:55 
Really nice puzzle idea, but I experienced the same issues that have been mentioned by korktur and KennKong: I sometimes did not jump far enough to reach the tunnel and I got confused about what button had what effect.
hunter.reeves 13 dec 2012 om 7:50 
Nice map. I liked how you put everthing together there!
korktur 12 dec 2012 om 12:06 
nice little map, need to agree with some other comments about the piston though, took me a few minutes to realise what moved it out the way, also found that sometimes i wasn't traveling far enough to make it up to the room with the piston and other times made it up no issue even though i thought i was doing the same thing each time. might just be me.
Colonel_Camel 12 dec 2012 om 9:16 
Clever and fun! :D
daloboy 11 dec 2012 om 21:58 
Really well done! Liked the piston mecanism!
Please try mine and comment! Thanks.
A.Little.Crazy 11 dec 2012 om 16:07 
The Optic Cube part was cool...Amazing!
Yavie 11 dec 2012 om 11:40 
Interesting... not sure how I moved the piston... lol.
el Fuego [SVK] 10 dec 2012 om 14:28 
i like it :) especially the idea with the optic cube :)
ZER0 10 dec 2012 om 5:04 
ZAEROS 10 dec 2012 om 2:41 
Good fun, Thank you.
toncica 9 dec 2012 om 17:25 
Can't deny that it was fun. Excellent test, thanks! :D
__Brood 9 dec 2012 om 10:04 
So good, the problem was the piston that not indicate what activate it..
George67 9 dec 2012 om 5:49 
Had a lot of fun testing. Thanks a lot!
KennKong 8 dec 2012 om 16:34 
Some indication of what activates the piston might help. I wasted a lot of time trying to strafe jump into the hall with the funnel. IMHO, any map with flings can't be half bad.