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B Carefull
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Tod  [autor] 15 grudnia 2012 o 12:31 
thx all for your comment
Cho.K 15 grudnia 2012 o 11:43 
Nice one. hehe. I like this test.
tman507se 14 grudnia 2012 o 16:28 
I died the first time. Good job. I enjoyed this one. Very easy, but unique at the same time.
Colonel_Camel 14 grudnia 2012 o 8:24 
An interesting level with a nice, systematic solution process. Well done. Oh, and great title, too! The warning is appropriate, but vague enough to be fun!
lossen 11 grudnia 2012 o 11:11 
good on..
LeAchimas 11 grudnia 2012 o 8:31 
Good Test.
el Fuego [SVK] 10 grudnia 2012 o 14:36 
nice and easy :)
KennKong 8 grudnia 2012 o 13:35 
Good title. The puzzle is simple, but not trivial. Why anyone would need a solution video for this, I don't know, but since it was already done, here it is: B Carefull solution