Tato hra dostala od komunity zelenou!

Komunita projevila o tuto hru zájem. Společnost Valve je nyní v kontaktu s vývojáři, aby se věci pohly správným směrem a hra byla vydána ve službě Steam.

Black Annex
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Man Fight Dragon  [autor] 14. dub. v 4.48 odp. 
Hahah, thanks, warrislv. Hopefully you'll be able to drop a few dollars on it in the near future :)
wharrislv 14. dub. v 1.34 odp. 
I REALLY want this game, it looks amazing. I'd pay a AAA price to play this, for sure.
Man Fight Dragon  [autor] 8. bře. v 4.27 odp. 
Heya, Vasudan. The game's in closed alpha testing at the moment with about 20 testers. I'm really hoping the game is a matter of "a few months" away, but I'm basically just grinding along. It's almost been 1 year since the trailer was released, so I'll try to push some new media out soon :)
Vasudan 8. bře. v 4.18 odp. 
Played some of this at PAX Australia, looking forward to release but it's been awhile since the last announcement, status update?
Okman 17. led. v 4.50 odp. 
looked the minivideo and Its like syndicate wars
Wilson 7. led. v 2.22 odp. 
This game seems down right awesome for all Stealth Fans, such as of the Spy, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell, etc. I am rooting for you, PROJECT ANNEX! Let's show all these fans what you are made of!

HappyTime` Eagle_CounterStrikeGO 16. pro. 2013 v 9.42 odp. 
yellowface7 15. pro. 2013 v 5.33 odp. 
I can't wait until this game comes out!
[-owa-]Sparkles 8. lis. 2013 v 12.00 odp. 
: (
ramwow 28. říj. 2013 v 5.30 dop. 
Very good!
clivewil 18. říj. 2013 v 6.30 odp. 
cool. definitely getting this when it's available.
RazorAssassin 11. říj. 2013 v 9.44 dop. 
Very good concept, classic retro graphics, and of I saw a challenging stealth gameplay. Can't wait until it released.
Lovag 9. říj. 2013 v 6.09 odp. 
theresajayne 5. říj. 2013 v 7.51 dop. 
Goooo Goons, I have been awaiting this release since i saw the dev discussing it on SA forums. Amazing what you can do in Basic..
Archangel 15. zář. 2013 v 3.23 odp. 
A. Sounds like "Syndicate" meets "X-COM." Sign me up! :)

B. Will the missions be real time or turn-based? My preference would be for the latter, but I think it could work either way.
bl33ding_silence 28. srp. 2013 v 10.50 dop. 
Congrats! Please don't forget your promise for Linux support!
a baby bario 28. srp. 2013 v 9.45 dop. 
Zudrag 28. srp. 2013 v 9.32 dop. 
Hey been following since reading about this in the Making Games SA thread, congrats on getting Greelit! Looking forward to playing!
pennerjoel 11. srp. 2013 v 6.18 odp. 
I am REALLY looking forward to this game. I also started in QBasic and am currently working on my own game, albeit in a very different environment. Hurry up and take my money!!!
jonathanjsample 8. srp. 2013 v 11.35 odp. 
I've been a big fan of QBasic since my first computer programming class. This is a great achievement. I look forward to purchasing a copy when Steam makes it available. Congratulations!
l=TH>L4-Stef 2. srp. 2013 v 2.22 dop. 
looking forward to this awesome game
Text-Based Ruffian 31. čvc. 2013 v 8.56 dop. 
<3 This video is the persuadatron to my heart and wallet. <3
Glordu 30. čvc. 2013 v 1.47 odp. 
keep it up, wanna play it :D
TheRealzMatt 28. čvc. 2013 v 11.13 dop. 
This game looks AWESOME! I love the art style and I can't wait to see it on steam, good luck guys
Dab0tch 25. čvc. 2013 v 3.13 odp. 
Its everything an indie gamer could hope for... and more.
NolanCrispus 25. čvc. 2013 v 8.04 dop. 
Man, there are some pretty sweet indie games coming from Australia :D
DanSpanner 24. čvc. 2013 v 3.55 dop. 
This looked awesome guys, addictive too. Played it at PAX Aus and really hope it gets off the ground in a big way
sh0tmaker 23. čvc. 2013 v 10.37 dop. 
Awesome! Looking forward to this.
M1KeD ^^! 23. čvc. 2013 v 5.51 dop. 
Un poco raro, me recuerda algo a pokemon las mesas y tal. le falta soporte en multi-idioma.
snow.lozenge 23. čvc. 2013 v 4.18 dop. 
Had a look at PAXAUS and looks great.
mannhael 23. čvc. 2013 v 1.45 dop. 
Saw this at PAXAUS and it looks like the sort of thing I could lose myself in for a lot of time! Looks fantastic!
UberWiggett 22. čvc. 2013 v 10.22 odp. 
tried it out at PAXAUS, was slightly interested before attending, but definitely sold on it once I got a go. Was worried the controls might not match the pace, but the learning curve was pretty easy to handle and found the pace to be a bit of a mix. Looking forward to grabbing this on release!
Man Fight Dragon  [autor] 22. čvc. 2013 v 9.01 odp. 
Thanks so much to everyone who played the alpha demo at PAXAus and everyone who's come over from the Satellite Reign kickstarter update to check out Black Annex! You're all awesome!
ArthurEloi115 22. čvc. 2013 v 8.35 dop. 
I'm a huge fan of Syndicate but, for being only 15 years old, I couldn't enjoy when it released. Really looking forward to Black Annex :D
psy^ 22. čvc. 2013 v 7.57 dop. 
this looks so awesome!! reminds me a lot of the original syndicate game(s) of the 90s. I'd play this out of this game. aw yeah baby. yolo swag ##
Fargle 22. čvc. 2013 v 12.53 dop. 
I also played this at PAX AUS this weekend, its a great game and everyone should get on-board!
funky.sandwich 21. čvc. 2013 v 12.54 dop. 
Played this at PAX Aus and it looks great.
SpikePuppet 20. čvc. 2013 v 8.36 odp. 
Played this at PAX Australia yesterday, fucking amazing, will buy ^^
Velvet Mark 82 20. čvc. 2013 v 12.18 dop. 
Saw this on the Satallite Reign kickstarter http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/5livesstudios/satellite-reign/posts

Gets my vote 100%! Looks fantastic. Ill vote on GOG too.;)

Wish you complete success with your project Mr McDonald!
The Rain Dog 19. čvc. 2013 v 5.31 dop. 
Lance McDonalds story of the effort one man is putting into make this game while still holding down a full time job and family is awe inspiring. Steam needs a lot more Lance McDonalds. Hell gaming in general does.
ValoWay 18. čvc. 2013 v 5.39 dop. 
FYI, couldnt find out whats this game about by just watching the video.
Herring 17. čvc. 2013 v 1.13 dop. 
With this and Satellite Reign my Corporate Dystopia cup is running over!

Looks awesome.
DiDok 15. čvc. 2013 v 11.27 dop. 
First thought after looking at vid - "Damn, this looks like Theme Hospital!", don't know why since it has nothing to do with it
Man Fight Dragon  [autor] 14. čvc. 2013 v 6.18 odp. 
Thanks for the awesome comments! We're not quite in the top 100 yet, but we're slowly getting closer :D
Nick the Baker 14. čvc. 2013 v 9.25 dop. 
I found this from GhostRobo and it looks amazing! Looking forward to it!
ForestLomn 13. čvc. 2013 v 10.03 odp. 
looks quite awesome
maxstoop1 13. čvc. 2013 v 4.14 dop. 
yeffor.23 13. čvc. 2013 v 2.04 dop. 
Gotta support a fellow Australian +1 vote
sa_scott 10. čvc. 2013 v 4.34 dop. 
Having come from programming in BBC Basic on the BBC Micro, and later, BBC BASIC V on RISC OS (now on Raspberry Pi), I would love to see the source code for this - if only to see how feasible it would be for the game to be ported to the Pi :-) It looks a fantastic piece of work - definite Yes vote from me!
McSpidey 9. čvc. 2013 v 5.27 odp. 
<3 QBasic